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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Hot Start Challenger 650 - Second Anniversary Group Flight (OFPs, Decal)
  2. Hot Start Challenger 650 - Second Anniversary Group Flight (OFPs, Decal) View File Hot Start Challenger 650 - Second Anniversary Group Flight (OFPs, Decal) Submitter ois650 Submitted 01/05/2024 Category Plugins and Utilities  
  3. Link in my signature is permanent
  4. @FYG001 just noticed the white box surrounding the active and preselected altimeter settings. Is this something that appears when approaching the transition level with local QNH preselected? The box doesn't appear in any of the manuals - curious to know so it may be implemented
  5. I'm 99.9% sure you have a breaker popped. Go through the panels behind the seats one by one.
  6. ATS isn't perfect and it's been tweaked to behave like the actual thing, although we've had no reports of ATS causing oscillations in the descent - video of this behaviour would be useful. Ground spoiler CAS message with overspeed is a new one - again, video would be useful here should it happen again. Thanks
  7. Checked on V1.8-beta33 using Navigraph AIRAC 2308. Suggest you re-install navdata.
  8. Hot Start doesn't do non-perfect!
  9. You may find this thread useful, it doesn't have all the measurements but I'm sure OP will oblige
  10. I presume you're using Better Pushback? If you could record a video next time this happens that would be very useful, as there hasn't been any reports of this happening before. Thanks.
  11. You may have better luck posting in the #livery-requests channel in the Discord. See link below in my signature.
  12. The "buzzsaw" is known and low priority. I have no issues with reverse thrust sound in XP12 with latest beta CL650.
  13. The aircraft handles accurately on the ground as verified by CL60 pilots who are active in the test team. Brgds
  14. That's a pretty bog standard message. Unfortunately nothing can be gleamed from this log due to the sudden stop. Try removing plug-ins and seeing if it still crashes with a "clean" copy of X-Plane.
  15. The lack of "bee in a can" or "buzzsaw" is known to the developer.
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