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  1. The panel is most definitely there
  2. I'm not sure how this relates to the Challenger? Time is set through X-Plane.
  3. Yes you can This is not the case Yes it is. Selecting TO thrust would be standard but either works Correct and the likely source of ATS issues on this thread Yes! Ensure APU packs trans is complete and CLB thrust selected prior to this
  4. Not a 650 crash unfortunately. ^^ Therein most likely lies your issue
  5. Knocking at the door is the fueller, he needs to enter the airplane to take your fuel request. Please ensure you're closing and opening the door correctly, there are no issues with the door.
  6. Through the performance page of the FMS. This is in the checklist.
  7. Make sure you have CLB thrust selected, TO will blank passing FL150 and ATS will disengage as a result.
  8. Haha yes fair enough! All down to Saso and Goran - I just fly it around looking for bugs! I'll see what I can do myself, I'm away now until mid-July but I'll crack on with something then for sure. Have a good one!
  9. This playlist of tutorials includes a full length delivery flight https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4Kdz8LEFwFknjCuHmysv9FDT0Msve7od The virtual FO with checklist provides illustrations of actions that a new user may struggle with While it may well be possible for something to be put together, most of us on the beta testing team are full time in the industry and any time spent on the 650 is solely flying/testing. Good idea! I will pass this on to the rest of team.
  10. Thanks for the report, I'm going to hold off on logging any checklist related items as the whole system is a due an overhaul at some point. Brgds
  11. Thanks for your feedback, Cam.
  12. Unfortunately your log comes to an abrupt end rather than a backtrace, meaning we can't trace this crash back to the Challenger. Make sure to post any further crash logs.
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