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  1. Ok, thanks for your reply... Is there any third party software that can be used to see weather clutters? My wx engine is Active Sky...
  2. Hi all, First, congratulations to the HotStart Team for this amazing masterpiece! The level of detail and depth of the simulation is astonishing. It might be just me but I can't turn on the weather Radar or, more precisely, the WX Radar seems to be on according to the indications on the PFD and MFD but I don't see any return while flying through an area of intense precipitation. Furthermore, I do not have any control of the Tilt. Any idea? Thanks, Roberto
  3. Dear Jan, Yesterday I was able to do some checking with the IXEG. Following your suggestions I discovered that the XP11 folder had not been excluded from the Kaspersky virus scan. Excluding XP11 from the scan allowed me to achieve a smoother simulation with just a few stutters (mostly during taxiing). I will do more tests and will let you know. Best regards, Roberto
  4. Thank you so much Jan, I will check it out and report back. Ciao, Roberto
  5. Dear Jan, Thanks always for your prompt reply. This is my situation: 1.) Currently using Vulkan 2.) I have other plugins, I will check it out although every other complex addon is smooth and does not show any sign of stuttering; 3.) I use Kaspersky and I excluded XP 11. Do I have to do something else with Windows Defender? 4.) I use Riva Tuner for monitoring of performance and it does not show any sign of excessive stress on the VRAM (usage of the Video Card Is usually about 45% since I prefer not to use very high settings giving priority to FPS and smoothness). 5.) Gizmo garbage collector settings: I tried to increase both values. Should I only try with one of the two and, eventually, which one? Also, is the Gizmo version dated Matlrch 2021 the best one to use for the IXEG 733? Thanks again for your time and your support, best regards, Roberto
  6. Hello everybody, I am experiencing a lot of microstutters (on ground and inflight) when using the IXEG 737 v. 1.33 despite the frame rate being very good. I have checked previous posts in the forums and tried to tweek the Gizmo Garbage Collector but I can't find a setting that fixes the problem. My specs are Ryzen 7 3700x, RAM 16GB @ 3200Mhz, RTX 3070 8GB. The Gizmo version is March 2021. I have many other complex addons and all of them run smooth with my settings, only the IXEG doesn't. Any idea on how to resolve this issue? Thanks for your help, kind regards, Roberto
  7. Try to deactivate ShadeX and activate It again through the plugin admin. Mine worked...
  8. Thanks for your help Goran, I'll stick with the work-a-round and I will report back should any problem arise. Kind regards, Roberto
  9. Hi Goran, I was able to delete Reshade and upon loading XP11 with the TBM I still had the same issues but if I momentarely disable ShadeX through the plugin admin and enable it right away everthing seems to work fine and I can see the TBM tutorial and the panel at the same time, I can use the AOA gauge and I don't get a blank screen anymore. I tried a couple of times and I can always overcome the isuues by momentarely disabling and then enabling ShadeX once again. With the above "procedure" I can also use the TBM with ShadeX and everthing seems to work fine. I also tried with other addon aircrafts for which there is no need to apply "the procedure" because they work right away with ShadeX. Kind regards, Roberto
  10. Ok, I'll try and let you know... ShadeX should be fairly easy to uninstall but the question I have is how do I remove reshade? Thanks for your help Goran, Roberto
  11. Hi Goran, I tried again this morning and I have the same issues. I am attaching both the XP11 log.txt and the TBM log. Thanks again, Roberto Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt
  12. Hi Goran, thanks for you prompt reply. Attached is my TBM log file... Regards, Roberto TBM900_Log.txt
  13. Hello, I have just purchased the TBM 900, it is a nice software and can't wait to fully enjoy It. Unfortunately, I am having some issues with the graphics: everytime I start the TBM tutorial my screen goes blank and I cannot see the TBM panel anymore but I do see the tutorial window (as shiwn in the picture). The panel also disappears when I try to use the AOA gauge. In both cases the only thing I can see, other than the blank screen, is the x-plane top menu bar. I am using ShadeX but I am not seeing issues with any other plane addon. Any idea on how to solve the problem? Thanks in advance, Roberto
  14. Thanks for the answer Jan. Ciao, Roberto Inviato dal mio BLN-L21 utilizzando Tapatalk
  15. Hi guys, just wondering if turning the engine anti-ice ON has any effect on the engine parameters such as EGT, N2 etc. I'm using Xplane 11.30 with IXEG 1.21 and I don't see any difference between Eng Anti-ice On/Off (didn't try with the wing anti-ice yet). Is the Engine Anti-ice system modeled on the IXEG? Kind regards, Roberto Inviato dal mio BLN-L21 utilizzando Tapatalk
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