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  1. Try to deactivate ShadeX and activate It again through the plugin admin. Mine worked...
  2. Thanks for your help Goran, I'll stick with the work-a-round and I will report back should any problem arise. Kind regards, Roberto
  3. Hi Goran, I was able to delete Reshade and upon loading XP11 with the TBM I still had the same issues but if I momentarely disable ShadeX through the plugin admin and enable it right away everthing seems to work fine and I can see the TBM tutorial and the panel at the same time, I can use the AOA gauge and I don't get a blank screen anymore. I tried a couple of times and I can always overcome the isuues by momentarely disabling and then enabling ShadeX once again. With the above "procedure" I can also use the TBM with ShadeX and everthing seems to work fine. I also tried with ot
  4. Ok, I'll try and let you know... ShadeX should be fairly easy to uninstall but the question I have is how do I remove reshade? Thanks for your help Goran, Roberto
  5. Hi Goran, I tried again this morning and I have the same issues. I am attaching both the XP11 log.txt and the TBM log. Thanks again, Roberto Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt
  6. Hi Goran, thanks for you prompt reply. Attached is my TBM log file... Regards, Roberto TBM900_Log.txt
  7. Hello, I have just purchased the TBM 900, it is a nice software and can't wait to fully enjoy It. Unfortunately, I am having some issues with the graphics: everytime I start the TBM tutorial my screen goes blank and I cannot see the TBM panel anymore but I do see the tutorial window (as shiwn in the picture). The panel also disappears when I try to use the AOA gauge. In both cases the only thing I can see, other than the blank screen, is the x-plane top menu bar. I am using ShadeX but I am not seeing issues with any other plane addon. Any idea on how to solve the probl
  8. Thanks for the answer Jan. Ciao, Roberto Inviato dal mio BLN-L21 utilizzando Tapatalk
  9. Hi guys, just wondering if turning the engine anti-ice ON has any effect on the engine parameters such as EGT, N2 etc. I'm using Xplane 11.30 with IXEG 1.21 and I don't see any difference between Eng Anti-ice On/Off (didn't try with the wing anti-ice yet). Is the Engine Anti-ice system modeled on the IXEG? Kind regards, Roberto Inviato dal mio BLN-L21 utilizzando Tapatalk
  10. Jan, your support is always outstanding! I went into plane maker as you said and the autobrake works again! I really appreciated your help... Ciao, Roberto Inviato dal mio BLN-L21 utilizzando Tapatalk
  11. Hi guys, since the update to 1.21 I'm having troubles with the autobrake: it disarms everytime I use the rudder (in my case through a Thrustmaster joystick). This behavior happens both during the take-off (RTO position) and landing roll (any autobrake position). Any idea on how to fix it? Best regards, Roberto Serpieri Inviato dal mio BLN-L21 utilizzando Tapatalk
  12. Just checked it: my bad, it I is working perfectly! It happened that I was mistakenly looking at the needles while the LE flaps being extended is only indicated through the green light! Silly me...So sorry Jan 😃...and by the way your 737 is nothing less than AMAZING: I'm a Colleague currently rated on the flying computer (the 320 Family) and I have to say that the IXEG 737 is such a believable aircraft, it just feels "right" and handles just like a real world airliner! My hat off to all of the IXEG Team! 👏 👏 Inviato dal mio ASUS_Z00AD utilizzando Tapatalk
  13. Thanks for the reply Jan, I'll check it out and try to make a video. Regards, Roberto Inviato dal mio ASUS_Z00AD utilizzando Tapatalk
  14. Hi there, While trying the Alternate Flaps function (turning OFF all the hydraulics) I noticed that I was able to raise the flaps all the way up (Leading Edge and Trailing Edge devices). Should the TE devices only retract while the LE stay extended? Thanks in advance, Roberto Inviato dal mio ASUS_Z00AD utilizzando Tapatalk
  15. Hi Brian, What do you mean? Inviato dal mio ASUS_Z00AD utilizzando Tapatalk
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