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    Thanks! I had hoped this would be included in the original download, but will defintely be useful until the paint kit is released. My attempt at scrubbing out the default stripes was more imprecise than I had hoped.
  1. Version 1.0.0


    Here's N777QX for the superb CL60 from HotStart. Enjoy! Please do not modify & reupload/resdistribute without contacting me.
  2. View File N777QX- HotStart Challenger 650 Here's N777QX for the superb CL60 from HotStart. Enjoy! Please do not modify & reupload/resdistribute without contacting me. Submitter reversethrust Submitted 01/16/2022 Category Hot Start Challenger 650 Livery For https://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/product_info.php/take-command-hot-start-challenger-650-p-212?os
    Currently have this bird in the air! Really nicely done. Clever job making the red QS part of the texture but leaving the rest of the registration customizable, it worked well for me. Thanks! I hope you'll pant more CL60s.
  3. I agree that a short one page on the UI of the checklist system would be very helpful.
  4. Not a dumb question - it was the answer and I should have thought of it myself. This function only works once the airframe is loaded in the sim. I will mark this topic solved! Thanks.
  5. Hi there - I gather that there is a way to change the appearance of the registration number text (color, bold, italic, etc) that is dynamically applied to the aircraft. I see there is a config file in the livery folder but it says at the top of the file not to edit there. The Edit Appearance button that I assume allows this is grayed out and has been since I installed, regardless of whether I create a new airframe or want to edit the registration text on an existing one. I have only tried this through Career Mode. Am I missing something to be able to do this? Thank you!
  6. I agree this would be useful for the same reason that pause at top of descent is useful - just recognition of how simming has to get integrated with real life sometimes! The other solution may simply be to set the weather manually for the cruise part of the flight.
  7. You can assign one. In the keyboard or joystick settings, look under CL650 and then checklist. there are functions to bind do any key or joystick button for next item, next checklist, etc.
  8. Great to hear this and looking forward to painting many liveries for this excellent aircraft. Any guide layers you can include in the PSD will be deeply appreciated as it looks like the tail, fuselage, and other surfaces are pretty well split up, sometimes across multiple files. I have Photoshop but am not a serious enough developer to pay for Substance Painter. But I'll take whatever paint kit I can get! In the meantime, gotta go learn this FMS!
  9. This aircraft looks superb and I can’t wait to fly it! Will a paint it be released? I sure hope so.
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