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  1. What about just replacing the current destination with the new one in the active flight plan?
  2. I've been advocating the "interim" radar for a while
  3. Figured this question might be of interest to a lot of folks , so asking here rather than Discord: Could any of the more experienced folks or RL pilots here suggest some good save state configurations and airport/weather combinations for takeoff/landing practice scenarios?
  4. @VictoryAJWhen approaching from the opposite direction, how much distance do you leave for the base?
  5. Any chance you'd be interested in posting what a typical flight day is like for ya?
  6. It's flaps 20 at minimum of vRef, then flaps to zero at minimum of VFTO, right?
  7. The FO Go-Around procedure can be disabled on User Settings -> F/O Assists -> Automatic First Officer -> "Do Go-Around Actions on Go-Around" (:
  8. I'd love a go around walkthrough video
  9. Okay, so if I understand correctly, while the ODP does not account for OEI terrain clearance, the FMS calculator does (provided the necessary data is inserted)?
  10. Thanks for all this great information! I agree that FlightSimSoft will probably never update TOPCAT, but perhaps Apsoft's Toolbox will add a CL650 down the line. I do have a one question. I thought the climb gradient on an ODP would be that required to avoid terrain. So, why isn't it required to meet that with OEI?
  11. So, I'm not sure if this is something that isn't intended to be implemented or if theres something needed to be done to set it, but when the clock is set to LOC, it displays the same as UTC
  12. So, if I want to plan my flights somewhat realistically, what guidelines are there route and load wise? Return to base empty after a flight? Pick up a new passenger(s) at the destination? Fly to a third place empty and pick up new pax there?
  13. To be more specific, should I be maintaing v2 or vfto or some other speed to MSA to be clear of obstacles absent an ODP or SID?
  14. I'm wondering what configuration and IAS/v-speed OCR climb gradient, req climb gradient, app/ldg climb gradient are based on. For example, if I'm wanting to make sure the airplane meets that performance, what do I need to do with regard to target speed and configuration?
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