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  1. The X1000 does model track offsets, I've done it using this airplane.
  2. I'm also having this issue (not as bad as in the OP though). When I disconnect the autopilot to correct, it winds up pitching up rapidly due to apparently being out of trim. With regard to the throttle setting, this does seem more likely to occur in the 2 minute phase of cruise where power is set at full
  3. Perfect, that's exactly what i was looking for!
  4. First, let me say this is one of, if not the best, add-on airplanes I've purchased. The detailed engine model is amazing, and a lot of fun to learn how to handle. That said, there are a couple features that I would really love to see added if possible in a future version: 1.Avionics integration with xPilot (the VATSIM client) for radio on/off status and transponder on/off/alt. The squawk code goes over fine now, though. Just the mode C and radios don't seem to be integrated. 2. A more full in-sim maintenance system, like that in the HotStart TBM or the various REP planes. Finally, th
  5. I went for the G1000 because with the Entegra the approach waypoints don't display right unless you use the RXP GPS, and the RXP GPS cannot be updated, and RXP has a history of abandoning their products
  6. Thanks for that information, that helps. I was under the impression that VRAM is only limiting if it's all used, that clarifies. That said, I still think their may be some sort of issue with SMP, since it's resolved by reloading SMP graphics
  7. I still get very low FPS that is relieved by forcing a graphics refresh from Skymaxx. I don't think it's related to VRAM usage, since it's not really correlated with VRAM usage. It's CPU thats the limiting factor, according to X Plane
  8. Just to clarify though, wouldn't the GPU normally switch to RAM once running out of onboard VRAM, rather than CTD?
  9. Okay. Perhaps I'll upgrade once the great GPU shortage has ended.
  10. Is that VRAM limiting or RAM?
  11. Is there a Skymaxx specific log that could shed some more light?
  12. Let me know what I should log to detect running out of memory in the future. I don't think this was running out of memory, since I have 32GB of RAM and 8GB of VRAM. I'll try lowering the cloud draw area though.
  13. Hi, X-Plane crashed 3 hours into a planned 6 hour flight. Attached is the log.txt, which point at Skymaxx Log.txt
  14. I'm at 2560x1440, not sure if that is UHD or if UHD is 4k
  15. Yeah, I have that same card. I wonder if the a 2070 just isn't powerful enough for the volumetric clouds?
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