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  1. Looking on Flightaware, every CL60 I see there has multiple flights in a day.
  2. Corporate jets never do more than one flight a day? *doubt* These are used for charter ops too. Also, what about fuel stops, or picking up more pax?
  3. Any tips for avoiding floating when the approach speed has a significant wind additive?
  4. I don't think it has anything to do with the airport.
  5. I tried a V1 engine failure and it seemed pretty easy to handle
  6. After doing a "quick turn" with the quick turn checklist, and coming to the taxi checklist, clicking on the already-green TAXI LIGHTS item caused a CTD. Log attached. Log.txt
  7. It randomly resolved itself for me.
  8. There's a full QRH on the Discord. For winds, IDX-ROUTE MENU-FPLN WIND UPLINK-SEND
  9. It looks like Alaska may be being seen as part of Canada by the fueler. Specific gravity provided in kilograms and quantity is in liters.
  10. Could you post a full plugins list? I had this bug and it mysteriously went away after rearranging and deleting some
  11. When does the FMS tune the localizer when approach is set up and the FMS is in autotune mode?
  12. On the ground though, just wait?
  13. Let me explain why I think this mode should be kept and expanded to allow saving states: Yesterday, I was doing some practice approaches using saved career mode flights. Today, I wanted to fly a "real" flight. But my career mode state was set in the weird way the plane was left after my most recent practice approach. If non-persistent mode worked the way I would argue it should, then these different uses could be totally separated.
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