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  1. Okay, so if I understand correctly, while the ODP does not account for OEI terrain clearance, the FMS calculator does (provided the necessary data is inserted)?
  2. Thanks for all this great information! I agree that FlightSimSoft will probably never update TOPCAT, but perhaps Apsoft's Toolbox will add a CL650 down the line. I do have a one question. I thought the climb gradient on an ODP would be that required to avoid terrain. So, why isn't it required to meet that with OEI?
  3. So, I'm not sure if this is something that isn't intended to be implemented or if theres something needed to be done to set it, but when the clock is set to LOC, it displays the same as UTC
  4. So, if I want to plan my flights somewhat realistically, what guidelines are there route and load wise? Return to base empty after a flight? Pick up a new passenger(s) at the destination? Fly to a third place empty and pick up new pax there?
  5. To be more specific, should I be maintaing v2 or vfto or some other speed to MSA to be clear of obstacles absent an ODP or SID?
  6. I'm wondering what configuration and IAS/v-speed OCR climb gradient, req climb gradient, app/ldg climb gradient are based on. For example, if I'm wanting to make sure the airplane meets that performance, what do I need to do with regard to target speed and configuration?
  7. FPS dips to 17-19 FPS when in clouds, particularly when looking out over the wing. FPS is fine without other airplanes, like the CL650. i9-10850k RTX 2070 8GB 32GB ram
  8. Still having this. No hardware plugged in except Saitek rudder pedals and a thrustmaster t.16000m.
  9. Could Hot Start share some information regarding the current status of displaying center of gravity data for trim calculation? I'm sure there is some reason why this is a more complex issue than it would seem to the end user, but it would very helpful to know what the status of this is.
  10. IDX->PROG You can also get more data on the MFD by clicking MFD DATA on the CDU, then clicking DSPL MENU then FPLN PROG
  11. I was practicing approaches and reloading a saved state at 1000 feet. After doing so four or five times, X-Plane CTDs. Log attached Log.txt
  12. On the airspeed limits placard, one line reads MMP (30,9990 FT TO 41,000 FT).........0.85. I believe this is meant to to be MMO.
  13. What does the TAWS option of "mode 4 alternate airspeed" do when enabled?
  14. Any ideas for why I might be getting AUX TANK HEAVY starting with zero fuel in the tail or aux and following these directions? It seems to come on shortly after fuelling, so like a slosh thing?
  15. That's my impression from the checklist, that INOP message should only be on the deactivated pump. With regard to the ICE message, it's not that the ICE EICAS comes on, it's that it comes on in yellow, even if the anti-ice is on and green, whereas in two engine flight, ICE is green and doesn't cause a warning
  16. Well, here's hoping we (not just me, I didn't make this thread lol) hear something in March
  17. What do you mean "the decision isn't up for change"? It seems that a decision hasn't been made at all, other than not to prioritize random failures. I, the OP, many others (I don't know the percentage) would like this feature, or at least an answer on when we might hear if it's coming. Not trying to have a debate or an argument here, just trying to get something like "we'll have more information for you folks at ___". That said, I'm lost as to why an RNG linked to the failure system is such an issue.
  18. With respect, you knew I was going to ask it because the difference between "No, never" and "maybe later" is a definition of later. I understand of course that this isn't the time for major code changes. But would adding an RNG that trigger a failure in the exist code base be such a change? Personally, I see unplanned failures as being implicit with having failures modeled at all. But no one (or at least not me or anyone I've seen) is saying "This was promised, it's not here". It's more of "This is widely requested, and seems like it would be relatively simple to implement".
  19. When is that time? I'd understand this more if this was a niche, difficult to implement feature, but and please correct me if I'm wrong, this doesn't seem to be the case here, this is a widely requested feature that just amounts to some sort of RNG triggering failures.
  20. This would really be great to see in the next few updates rather than something to be revisited afterwards. This airplane has such great systems modeling, please let us fully enjoy it by implementing some sort of random failure system, even if it is (if only as a placeholder) a global MTBF number.
  21. In single-engine flight, disarming the affected side fuel pump illuminates INOP lights and displays both yellow fuel pump EICAS warnings. When ice is detected in single engine flight, the ICE light comes on yellow even if wing anti-ice is on illuminated green, and the 14th crossfeed valve is open. Is this intended/expected?
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