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  1. Thank you for your replies but i don't have activesky for the moment. I have also Pocket Rocket (nice aircraft) but i don't have the same issue, neither in all my planes. I use XPforce and I want to investigate on it if i missed to set some parameters. I'll let you know. Corrado
  2. Hi All, as the title, it seems the AP can't hold the altitude. As you can see in the following pic, i set the Altitude at 1500ft but after reaching 1500ft, a small drift continues to increase Altitude depending by speed. If i decrease the speed the altitude decreases... so i need to keep a certain speed to avoid drifting in altitude in both sides. Anybody can help? TIA Corrado
  3. Hi All, you can see my problem. Can you help? TIA Corrado Log.txt
  4. Hi All, unluckily the new version of PR crashes XPlane about after 15 minutes... I eliminated almost all plugins but not fixed the problem. I add the last Log.txt to receive any suggestions. Otherwise i wish to reinstall the previous version that worked fine for me (a part few minor issues like overpower in taxing). Where can i get the previous version? TIA Corrado Log - 1.txt
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