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  1. Is there a command to feather the props? The prop pitch axis using the Saitek throttle quadrant takes the VC levers to semi feathered. I am looking to assign a command to the stop switches to fully feather the props.
  2. Updated Xsaitekpanels configuration now available with all Multi Panel AP LEDs working and including the use of the IAS button to arm the Altitude mode.
  3. I tried the DRE option today. No additional commands were visible.
  4. Thank you for the explanation. I thought there was something wrong with my xsaitekpanels configuration.
  5. I would not normally activate AP on ground (obviously) but I was testing the buttons and modes. Why is the AP trying to change the pitch trim? The speed was low or zero.
  6. I have been experiencing a pitch trim runaway when the autopilot is selected on. The trim moves to the pitch up limit when the AP button is pressed which stop when the button is pressed again to cancel AP. The DataRefs sim/cockpit/warnings/annunciators/autopliot/autopilot_trim_up and sim/cockpit2/annunciators/autopilot_trim_up go to 1 when this happens. This occurs on the ground with just Battery and Avionics selected on and with engines running. In flight the autopilot operates normally with no pitch trim input. All plugins (ie. xsaitekpanels) that could control the pitch trim are off. If I operate the pitch trim axis using my Saitek Trim Wheel the pitch trim re-centres while I move the wheel before the runaway continues. Is this normal for the Islander or a fault? It made taking off with full up trim very interesting.
  7. I found that not all afm/islander/commands are not visible. For example, in DataRefs you can see many commands with the _Toggle suffix. By experimenting I found you could replace the suffix with _On and _Off to achieve what I needed (note these are case sensitive).
  8. I have developed a XSaitekPanels configuration to operate with the TorqueSim BN-2B Islander. It requires the use of the FlyWithLUA and XSaitekPanels plugins. The included manual describes how to install the configuration files. I welcome all feedback.
  9. Thank you @oZZ I tried that earlier and came to the conclusion that you could not write to /f/ (in afm/islander/f/knobs) datarefs. I have now got it working.
  10. @oZZthe one I have not been able to find is the command to control the Panel Light knob (behind the yoke).
  11. I am working on a XSaitekPanels configuration to work with the BN-2 Islander. I have some Switch Panel switches working (Battery, Fuel Pumps) but not all commands are visible in the DataRefs tool. I am having to experiment/guess by trial and error. Many of the datarefs do not appear to be writable. Work continues. Watch this space.
  12. I have had to disable my Saitek Panels using XSaitekPanels plugin because I found there was a conflict.
  13. @Dave_h I also have the Saitek Switch panels with the XSaitekPanels plugin. I found I have to disable/remove this plugin for the BN2B to work. I suspect there is a conflict with the Gizmo plugin. I have been investigating modifying the XSaitekPanel configuration but each time I have had to disable the plugin to fly the aircraft.
  14. Everything now working fine with several flights completed. Thank you.
  15. I did another un/re-install but this time I selected the stable Gizmo plugin. I had to for the first time enter my X-Aviation details on the XP11 main screen. The Islander controls (fuel tanks, battery, etc) are now responding and I am able to start the engines.
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