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  1. Based on valuable feedback I have uploaded v1.2.0 of the xsaitekpanels.ini to improve switch panel allocation and implementations. The main changes to the Switch Panel allocation are: Fuel Pump - now turns the Ice Protect on and off. Deice - now selects Ice Protect to normal and high. Beacon - selects Left and Right fuel tank. Taxi - operates the Ice light. Full details are available in the included manuals. NOTE - it is important that xSaitekPanels v2.75 plugin is used for correct operation of the Battery switch.
  2. @Lighttrail I tried the missing command strings as you suggested and mine would not work. I had to return it to the full string. No other users (50+ downloads) have reported a similar problem. I was wondering if you are using the latest version of xSaitekPanels plugin (2.75 from 2018)?
  3. Thank you for the screenshots. I love the overlay but I don't think have the facilities to do the same. I take onboard your Deice/Tks allocation to Fuel Pump and De-Ice switches. I have moved the left/right tank selection to the redundant Beacon switch. I will keep both BATs and ALTs ganged to the red switches.
  4. @Lighttrail thank you for the feedback. I may have introduced the issue by doing some incorrect tidying up of the xsaitekpanels.ini lines when I was editing. I did try your suggestions and I can not get consistent results. Can you check your change lines as you appear to mix ALT and BAT references?
  5. I have had the same issue on one occasion as I turned off the runway.
  6. @ricktana I have never used Spad or SpadNxt. My experience is with LUA and xSaitekPanels. I use the DataRefTools plugin to determine the available Commands/DataRefs.
  7. Thank you for your suggested changes. I have done a line-by-line comparison of your "1.1". I am not sure what you were trying to achieve. Most of the switches use the available _On/_Off commands (not visible to the user/developer) to operate the SR22 switches and hence their systems. You first tried to use the visible _Toggle commands before changing tack to adjusting the datarefs. While the datarefs change the system values they don't necessarily move the switches. The Parking Brake was implemented in 1.0.0 and attached to the redundant Gear Lever (using sim/flight_controls/brakes_toggle_max). I will use @Coop suggestion of afm/sr/f/misc/parking_brake. I don't intend to update the downloadable version to "1.1". I will look at the additional actions you suggest and issue an update 1.2 to avoid any confusion.
  8. Check that the hardware Batt Off position on panel is working. I have experienced some hardware reliability issues in the past. Try copying the 4 battery functions to an unused light switch in xsaitekpanels.ini. They are only the pre-defined arm/sr/cmd/ functions.
  9. Although not explicit via the DataRefTool plugin, through experimenting I found that in addition to the _Toggle suffix the _On and _Off suffixes were also available. These are all case sensitive and most use a capital for the suffix. However, this did not work in a couple of cases and I tried lower case which did work. Check out the xSaitekPanels.ini I have published to see those commands I have used.
  10. I have been using the available commands to activate switches and knobs for xSaitekPanels. These are available with the prefix afm/sr/cmd/switches. The commands all offer _On, _Off and _Toggle options. The only dataref I have used in that for the panel and instrument lights (plits and ilits).
  11. Thank you for the report. I have tested the xSaitekPanels.ini with both the SR22 and SR22TN. The Battery 1 & 2 switches are working correctly with the Switch Panel Master Battery switches - both ON and OFF. Ensure that the downloaded .ini is installed in the XP11/Aircraft/X-Aviation/SR22 Series/TorqueSim SR22 and /TorqueSum SR22TN directory.
  12. You need to assign the SR22 commands starting afm/ to trigger the cockpit switches.
  13. I was always taught to anticipate the pitch up as I lowered the flaps to avoid any change in attitude. It does not require much forward movement on the yoke/stick to achieve this. You should not wait for the pitch up to start your correction.
  14. Most/all light aircraft will balloon when the flaps are lowered. The amount will depend on your airspeed. Any effect on attitude should first be countered with the yoke/stick input. Only when stable should the pitch trim be adjusted.
  15. Can we have a setting to permanently turn it off?
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