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  1. Note: X & Y offsets are based on the monitor that is identified in MS-Windows as the "MAIN MONITOR"; The 0,0 point is the bottom-left corner. See sample image I attached. # libacfutils configuration file - DO NOT EDIT! pfd_nbzl_monitor_start = -1 pfd_nbzl_popup_at_start = 1 pfd_nbzl_w = 800 ←←← { Width you want } pfd_nbzl_h = 600 ←←← { Height want } pfd_nbzl_x = -1828 ←←← { X offset from your main monitor } pfd_nbzl_y = 1235 ←←← { Y offset from your main monitor } mfd_nbzl_monitor_start = -1 mfd_nbzl_popup_at_start = 1 mfd_nbzl_w = 800 ←←← { Width you want } mfd_nbzl_h = 600 ←←← { Height you want } mfd_nbzl_x = -1024 ←←← { X offset from your main monitor } mfd_nbzl_y = 1235 ←←← { Y offset from your main monitor }
  2. Thank you ! I made them in PowerPoint, printed on paper and then "spray-canned" them with a clear-coat (mate finish). Then used spray glue on back to make a "sticker" out of it. I've attached a file with them... Feel free to do with them as you choose. For you entertaining pleasure, here is the simulator I built during the COVID lockdown... LINK 6DOF - Labels.pptx
  3. One little bug I found; the waypoint name is not correct in the PDF and the bearing is wrong. The waypoint is correct in the MDF and (430W)...
  4. Super helpful, thank you ! This is what worked for my setup... # libacfutils configuration file - DO NOT EDIT! pfd_nbzl_monitor_start = -1 pfd_nbzl_popup_at_start = 1 pfd_nbzl_w = 800 pfd_nbzl_h = 600 pfd_nbzl_x = -1828 pfd_nbzl_y =1235 mfd_nbzl_monitor_start = -1 mfd_nbzl_popup_at_start = 1 mfd_nbzl_w = 800 mfd_nbzl_h = 600 mfd_nbzl_x = -1024 mfd_nbzl_y = 1235
  5. Do you have an example of popup.cfg with a manual setup? -- I can't figure it out.
  6. Fantastic, thank you, that worked perfectly !
  7. Everything working great with RealSimGear/RealityXP 430W. Using that same methodology, how can I remove the bezels off the PDF and MFD, to just have what is shown in image below? Also, how to have them keep their position and size on pop-out windows? FYI... I'm using AirManager with 2 touchscreens with physical knobs where I drag the PFD and MFD too. I'm planning to build invisible hot-spots in AirManager (red circles in image below) to replace the bezel buttons. Also, can you put options (perhaps in the AUX page on MFD, to remove fields on the PFD (ie. green circles in image below)?
  8. A couple questions on TKS and the Wing and Window icing... I love the new graphics that show ice building up on the wings and windows... AWESOME WORK ! ! ! Questions/thoughts: 1.) Any future plans to show rain affects on the wings and windows? 2.) Any future plans to show TKS fluid on the wings and windows? 3.) I believe the TKS function is removing wing icing much quicker than what happens in reality... Perhaps a rate of removal adjustment needed? 4.) I believe the datarefs associated to the TKS fluid-flow-rate (rate the volume depletes) and pump-speed have reverse logic with it's associated normal and max rate switch. • Perhaps the rate at which wing icing is being removed also has reverse logic, but I haven't looked closely at that yet. 5.) About Window ice buildup... How to help remove it, without OAT changes? • TKS fluid coming off the blade should help remove icing off the windshield, but I don't believe I see any effect? • Using Windshield defrost with max heat and fan rate should help remove/prevent icing off the windows, but I don't believe I see any effect?
  9. @Cameron I use my simulator (6DOF w/single seat cockpit fully encapsulated) to keep sharp on muscle memory, work-load management and spatial orientation/disorientation... Thus need the plane model's physics and cockpit to somewhat represent reality (or as best as possible)... That would be the big "WHY" for me (and I"m guessing that's a similar case with @Henry and others too). It might be unreasonable to request a plane model that could have options to customize the avionics with both old and new technology in it. It's funny it would be considered an unreasonable request, because in the real world, most aircraft are that way, built with old and upgraded newer technology. But it's a game, not reality, so they offer the newest and greatest stuff for the most part... Thus the need for Plug-ins. Many enthusiast have built cockpits to represents the plane they own. I'm one of them, gone to "stupid" lengths (using Air Manager, touch screens, Arduino board, physical knobs and switches, RealityXP, RealSimGear) to build completely my Avidyne PFD & MFD and other avionics. Yes... The work on these G1000's is fantastic... Would love to get them into my real plane, but that's not going to happen unless I win the lotto __________________ Best regards, Mark
  10. Good morning all, Looking forward to your next revision; and speaking of versions, look what I did yesterday... ________________ Best regard, Mark
  11. Thank you so very much for the help, that did the trick...
  12. Hello all, I was conducting some reprogramming of a couple of display units I developed in Air-Manager, to better interact with this new SR22 model. While doing this, the plane wasn't moving nor was the engine running. Then all of a sudden I saw the PDF go off, and it wasn't me ! Now, no matter how many reboots and restarts, the MFD will not display anything but a black screen. Then I noticed the worse thing, the plane will not crank the engine at all. So the plane will not start (will not even crank), and PDF seems dead. What am I missing? __________________ Best regards, Mark
  13. I've made minor updates so that the physical positions of the Panel switches drive their positions back into the simulator... Except for the Parking Brake, couldn't figure that one out Note that you'll not be able to mouse-click on the switches to changer their position, only the physical switches move them. xSaitekPanels---TorqueSim-SR22-1.1.zip
  14. Running X-Plane 11.41 Master is Laptop running all avionics (Air Manager, RealSimGear, XPRealistic, etc.), Arduino controller (for switches, knobs, LEDs, etc), plus all the 6DOF platform needs (FlyPT with Thanos controller). Slave is Desktop running 3x 4K screens. Issue on Slave: The spinning prop has wrong graphics associated... See image below. Issue on Slave: Most of the interior buttons are not in sync with the Master... See image below. Issue on Slave: MDF doesn't have "Engine" screen, shows "System" tab instead. Issue on Master: Sound for Aileron trim isn't right (sounds like a switch)... I believe is should be the same as the Pitch trim sound. __________________________ Best regards, Mark
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