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Found 12 results

  1. Hello all, I was conducting some reprogramming of a couple of display units I developed in Air-Manager, to better interact with this new SR22 model. While doing this, the plane wasn't moving nor was the engine running. Then all of a sudden I saw the PDF go off, and it wasn't me ! Now, no matter how many reboots and restarts, the MFD will not display anything but a black screen. Then I noticed the worse thing, the plane will not crank the engine at all. So the plane will not start (will not even crank), and PDF seems dead. What am I missing? __________________ Best r
  2. I started the left engine without any problem but can't get the right one to come alive. The starter turn's the prop but nothing happens then. Fuel pressure is up and indicating but the motor doesnt start. Yesterday it worked
  3. Hello I present the engine modification for the JARDesing A330 It is a very simple modification, the original airplane is the 330 of JARDesing and the objects of the engines are those of the A330 of XplanePaintShop. Here I leave you the download link of what you need to do it and a texture of Air Europa made by me. Files: https://mega.nz/#!wwcgnKbJ!pNNznPlTg1LLsiWdti8p5qiJdAnTdErZef4tZ02ore0 Texture: http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/35897-air-europa-ec-jqc-for-a330-jar-desing/ Also I leave the tutorial of how to put these motors in the airplane, us
  4. ColSig

    No Engine Start

    Am I alone in being unable to start the engine? I have tried the tutorial method and the manual method to no avail. I am using the latest 0.2 version. I have just spent another hour trying to start the engine without any success. The engine does not start even when selected to start on loading. This is an expensive aircraft and I am keen to get it into the air. All my other X-Aviation products are excellent and I am hoping that this aircraft will be as good when I can get it to start. I have just added a further log.txt. This time the sim crashed shortly after loading. I ha
  5. Good Morning, I recently purchased your Saab 340A, and I'm experiencing some issues. By the way, currently using X-Plane 11.10b2. 1st and the main one: the engines are not starting. I tried manual start up with the interactive checklists, manual start up using youtube tutorials and the automatic start up of the aircraft; always the same result: engine rpm rises, engine Temp rises to about 40 deg and stays there forever... no fuel flow, no torque rising... so no engine start. 2nd Cannot manipulate the course 2 knob. Getting an error message. 3rd Cannot bind the
  6. Hi there, Absolutely amazed by this simulation. By far the most accurate airliner I've seen on any platform, fantastic job! I am aware of others experiencing this issue and after trying the suggestions wanted to describe the conditions which I seem to experience it. Hopefully someone else may have seen/fixed this issue. During startup, the first engine sounds detectable in the flight deck appear as a low frequency humm of increasing pitch (proportional to N2/N1 speed) at around 15% N2. This sound is normally present throughout all engine speed ranges and th
  7. Hi Just wondering, at what N2% is it normal to turn the anti collision lights off after shutdown? (Read somewhere around 15%, correct?) Also, is there still a chance that ground personnel could get sucked in moments after shutdown? Reason I'm asking is because, I've seen personnel walk only a few feet away from the engine after shutdown, and for me it doesn't seem that safe since it's still rotating quite fast. Don't know how much "suction" it creates once no fuel is powering it. Thanks
  8. i like the to see the engine blades moving/turning when engines are off and there is some wind out there what i miss is that rattling and metallic sound the turning blades are producing
  9. Hi all, flying the saab for two weeks now and really enjoying it. Love to fly short hops. Now i got everything working fine, and have no problems flying the normal way (with both engines running). The problem starts when shutting down one engine. At first the other eng stays at the last torque setting and all is well, untill i move the power lever, then the torque off the remainging eng drops to approx 70% and will never go higher, what ever i do? I didn't touch the conditing lever, but when i do, no cure. The moment i start the dead engine, normal torque is back for both eng's ?! Ctot and aut
  10. Hi Guys, I hope someone can help me with the following question: I am building a home cockpit flight simulator that is interfaced to 3 computers, 2 for the outside views (1 PC is master) end 1 PC that runs all the instrument software e.g. EFIS panel builder and XHSI. This PC also runs SIOC that interfaces with all the annunciators, switches etc. All works fine but today I was strugling with the engine fire annunciations and extinguishers. I have set it up to work as follows: When an engine fire occurs SIOC reads this through a dataref (UIPCX) for the internal X-plane annunicator and switche
  11. Hi there, May I first offer my most sincere congratulations on a fantastic result with the Saab 340 - what a pleasure to use! I must say that I love the virtual check lists with all those camera angles, I think the extra effort to create them was well worth it, I for one will be using them as standard during my flight procedures - including the walk around - although I confess to not looking forward to those wet Friday nights too much! I can see this becoming a new standard by which other add-ons are measured against. I feel a bit awkward posting a problem/issue so early after release,
  12. ruyjo

    The Tupolev 154m

    Enjoy the video, more than 2 minutes of Russian aviation
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