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  1. great videos and interactive checklist for the JS32

  2. Hi there, May I ask - Is this version still the latest version of the J32? Thanks very much. Kind regards, James
  3. The past two posts seem to have jogged my memory a little. From what I remember I had paused XP.....overnight! One of those: I need to go and do something and never got back to my flight that night type of affairs! When I came back to my machine the following day sure enough Windows was complaining about being critically low on virtual memory. Only closing XP resolved it. (I think I also rebooted too.) The flight had been approx 10 minutes after a startup, taxi and takeoff from EGJJ. I had paused after recording a video on FRAPS to demonstrate an audio issue for Jim Gregory. I hope that helps. Cheers James
  4. Hi Ben, I had this happen to me one time too and thought I had too much running, didn't suspect anything wrong with XP/Saab/Gizmo - so didn't report it. Interesting, if I see it again I will grab the logs and screens as you have asked above. For the record, I have a very similar set-up Win764 8GB RAM + 1.5GB GPU with low install of Saab done. Sorry if I cannot offer more at this stage, but thought it might help to say "me too" if only to communicate it as not an isolated incident. Cheers James
  5. I think this has been mentioned in another thread - I have had this myself. I *believe* it happens when the Condition Levers have been assigned before doing the auto-start. If you re-load the Saab and go straight for the engine auto-start, does the same thing happen? Cheers James
  6. Fair enough Jim, thanks for the feedback. Sorry I didn't remember the entire contents of the thread before I posted about the settings not being saved. (Had been watching some TV in between reading threads and just didn't read the whole thread properly. Sorry) Cheers James
  7. For what it worth I can also report unusual behaviour with the condition levers being set with the CH TQ. I see issues with the settings being "forgotten" after a re-load of the aircraft and after the auto-engine start being ran. Strange. I also see the levers *not* work when selecting "Use Joystick" and other times vice versa. Even to the point where perhaps the left lever has "Use Joystick" selected and right not, in order to be able to move them with the hardware. All in all I would have to agree that at this stage something doesn't seem right with how this operates. Happy to test or assist in any way I can. Thanks very much. Kind regards, James
  8. I wondered this myself actually. Easy to miss after figuring everything else out in a new aircraft, especially with the ground services tick boxes, until you learn the flow of the screens and settings something as simple as the condition levers could get missed. Cheers James
  9. Brilliant news! Thanks Jim. And on a Sunday night too..... Fantastic. Kind regards, James
  10. Thanks Jim, I appreciate it. Kind regards, James
  11. Yes that's right - the underscores exactly. Sorry, I should have said. Kind regards, James
  12. Hi Jim, I have marked the video Public now. Thank you. Kind regards, James
  13. Video posted here on YouTube, but marked private for the moment until I share it. Thanks very much. Kind regards, James
  14. Attached is my current Log.txt file (during this flight) and my rendering settings just in case it is of any use. Thanks very much. Kind regards, James Log.txt
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