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  1. I noticed that with my TrackIR4 if I wasn't zoomed in to the VS wheel far enough, the wheel would look like it was working, but not actually change the indicated VS on the display. If i zoom further in, it works.
  2. interesting. do you have any starting issues when doing a manual start? or is this localized to the autostart?
  3. are there custom failures modeled in the Saab? Do you have X-Plane's random failures turned on (and does the Saab honor that setting or does it override?) ... you could have just had a random electrical failure injected by X-Plane?
  4. I generally have to do this on all planes when I fly on VATSIM. Turn the plane's sound down, either from within X-Plane's audio control panel or through the plugin volume controls (every third party plane seems to implement this differently, so it's one of the first things I have to teach myself ), so that I can hear ATC, since xsquawkbox does NOT have a volume control.. Also I noticed that you have to turn up the audio panel's COM1 slider to see even the text ATIS when you've got the radio tuned to the ATIS frequency. That was a nice touch, it makes sense and it's realistic (well, text ATIS isn't realistic, but you guys don't have control over that, and you certainly can't get a real ATIS with the audio panel set to zero volume in the real world ).
  5. instrument flight is usually still taught without the use of GPS, at least in the United States. You can fly any V or J airway in North America without GPS or any kind of RNAV equipment. I believe you do need it for our Q airways however. Just bring up charts (www.skyvector.com) and use VOR/DME to navigate, maintain your MSA and you should be good to go. Sometimes a fix can be identified by two crossing radials or a radial + DME. If you ever wanted a really good excuse to learn to read IFR enroute charts, well, here you go, you have a Saab now, and the Saab wants you to be educated
  6. hm.. I can't think of anything *you* could be doing wrong that would cause it to hang at 82C ... usually pilot error will cause it to not start at all, or to catch on fire. I think you're probably looking in the right place, with the gizmo plugin and the other log files that you've pasted here. I'm not a developer, though, so I can't answer you as to what *is* going on, but I'm *fairly* certain this isn't a case of pilot error.
  7. make sure the condition levers are at MAX, not at the detent that is further forward than MAX. I am not sure what that one is, I have to read the manual again, but the plane is not happy climbing with the levers in that position, even from KSEA which is 400' MSL.
  8. oh you never mentioned the name of the addon for which you've been pasting those config snippets.. I'll take a look at xjoymap, thanks The saab will 'speed up' when you pull them back because there is a detent on the CL past 'MAX' that you generally don't want to use in most cases.. I leave mine at MAX during takeoff and then at cruise I pull them back into the green arc, just like I used to do on the Piper Arrow, and like I do on other turboprops, to keep the prop RPM in the green and provide more efficient cruise settings. Also, like the JS32, *easy on the levers*. They don't like being jerked around. When you move the throttles, you're not just changing the engine RPM, you're changing the torque - with a constant-speed prop system, oil has to flow in/out of the prop hub to adjust the propeller pitch so there is some delayed reaction when moving the throttles as everything adjusts to the new settings. This is something that X-Plane, and especially planes like the 340A and the JS32, model very well, which MSFS never quite got right.
  9. huh, maybe they released an update(?) .. I remember when I bought it (the JS32), I had this problem, I asked on their (JS32) forums, they said, "that's just how it is and we can't fix it," at least at the time.
  10. it would be nice if the drag-and-hold made the numbers change a LITTLE faster though.. just my opinion. Not a lot faster, since as you said, fine adjustments, but maybe juuuust a bit faster would help. Or make it configurable somehow, if that's even possible.
  11. even better. XP10.x updates are free. I like free. and updates. So free updates, you can imagine how I feel about those
  12. it seems to be a common issue with properly-modeled turboprops. As I stated earlier, the JS32 also has this issue, and they have no way to assign an axis to the CLs *at all*, so kudos to LES for coming up with a solution. Maybe the JS32 folks will borrow the method? Perhaps this is something that Laminar can address in XP11 though, so that these kinds of workarounds by third-party developers are no longer needed in the future, and XP itself knows how to properly read a 'condition lever' for a turboprop?
  13. flight surfaces move on the ground in the real world, at least on windy days in the pipers and cessnas that I used to fly. Obviously those don't have hydraulic control surfaces, but for all I know the Saab only uses the hydraulics for the flaps and the gear and doesn't use them for the elevators, ailerons, and rudder (?)
  14. A/T was removed from the CRJ200 because CRJs don't have an autothrottle at least not as-delivered from Bombardier. But, that's getting off-topic...
  15. You can probably use UFMC with it. Your time and struggle to make that work is still less expensive than the $20k+ you'd have to pay an avionics technician to install an FMS into a real Saab 340A (which I'm sure has been done, somewhere in the world, at some point). rigging an 'aftermarket' FMS into an older plane is a completely realistic thing to do. The LES folks have given you an as-built-from-Saab 340A, identical to how Saab would have delivered it to you. What you do with it after you buy it is up to you, your mechanic, and the FAA/EAA/etc. The lack of 32-bit is really only a problem for VATSIM flyers currently. Once XSB64 drops, there will be absolutely no reason whatsoever to use 32-bit X-Plane anymore. I hear they're "close" with XSB64. I'm considering talking to them and seeing if I can lend a hand with it, since I'm a software developer/systems engineer myself, and I really really want to see it done. I hope they are not holding up the entire project because of Mac audio issues, though; they should release the windows version now, that way people can find bugs/get them fixed/*use the thing* while they work out the mac audio issues... but i don't know the whole story, there may be more going on there than I'm aware of.
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