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  1. I meant from the cockpit view... anyway in case I have an accident you guys are going to pay the bill
  2. Sounds good!!! Only one thing... I noticed that the runway is not lit enough by the landing lights, I know that this is more of an X plane problem but I was wondering if that could be somehow fixed. I would really love to see the landing lights but also the taxi lights really doing a better job at illuminating what's around. Thanks!
  3. I guess that's only because of your super cool nickname...
  4. You almost gave me a heart attack when I received your email!!!!!!! For 15 seconds I thought it was released in your store!!! I've been following the project since 2011!!! I should almost get it for free!!!
  5. No complains or requests this time just wanted to acknowledge that cloud shadows on land and most of all on water are unbelievable realistic waaaaay better than v2! Terrific! I've never seen anything like this on any simulator! Thank You!
  6. No complains or request this time Just wanted acknowledge that cloud shadows on land and most of all on water are unbelievable realistic waaaaay better than v2! Terrific! I've never seen anything like this on any simulator! Thank You!
  7. I guess your guess is right! it was actually swapping I had zero or close to zero VRAM and the RAM was going down crazy. I was flying over a dense OSM and photoreal area so I know that could have been the reason. What I was not guessing is that switching to my current 5k retina iMac i7 with 32GB ram and 4GB VRAM could give me such problem! There is really no super duper powerful computer out there and I'm not even using "extreme" texture rendering just "very high"
  8. During my last flight all of a sudden and without any apparent reason my fps dropped to 1-3 so after waiting a few minutes and seeing that the situation wasn't improving by itself I tried to disable silverlining and to my surprise everything went back to normal fps (40-45). Then I enabled silverlining and and everything was ok again so I guess that something wasn't working with the plugin the moment that the fps was low. Let me know if you need any log file next time that happens again.
  9. The color looks unnatural to me they are too dark flying above the overcast layer while they should be very white from above and dark (the way they are now) seen from below/ground. Can this be fixed? I bet is a shader work! The other day I was flying there was a scattered layer of clouds above an overcast layer and they were white so everything looked pretty much unrealistic... to have white cumulous on top of a dark overcast layer... filling the horizon mmhhh...nope!Not right
  10. Yeah I can imagine that! Thanks a lot for giving me hope this is what I was talking about isn't it cool?
  11. Is it feasible to have the clouds and fog lit by the plane's landing lights at night or is this something that would require super extra coding?
  12. Maybe what I found out it's going to be helpful for people on a MAC. Before I uninstalled SMP I made a copy to compare with the fresh install and I found out that the folder Silverlining/resources had only one file inside (cirrus.tga) rather than several files and folders. How did this happen?! I was wondering...I'm always very careful with moving or deleting files and I'm no dummy when it comes to manipulating files. So what I did is that a few days ago I wanted to go back from X plane 10.40b7 to the b6 using my time capsule I restored X plane from a previous back up and everything went smoot
  13. I uninstalled and reinstalled with the installer and now it works! Really weird though!
  14. I have lost all the clouds they don't show up anymore, my 10.36 installation still works fine but in the latest one or two betas I no longer see clouds even if they are depicted in x plane's weather menu. I still have thunders and rain. I removed the Silverlining plugin and reinstalled the default clouds and everything works again so I assume that there is something wrong with the way the plugin works with 10.40beta. Are you aware of the problem or is it only me? Is there any file I should attach here for you?
  15. Yay!!! Thanks!!! Sometimes the things we don't see are the things right in front of us! Holy cow post #2
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