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  1. Using SkyMaxx Pro's volumetric clouds with X-Plane 11.51, my FPS goes from high thirties to low forties while flying low over Orbx London scenery (lots of clouds) in the Rotate MD-80, but the flight is very smooth. My system is an i9 9900K running at 4700MHz with an RTX 2080 Ti and 1440p monitor. Keep up the good work.
  2. Webroot is active but never has been a problem before.
  3. I'm stuck in an endless loop, license will not update. Vulkan is enabled with beta version of Gizmo.
  4. Jan, in another thread, suggested that a mod/tweak to artref values (if you used some popular mods) may interfere with “lit” textures for the 737. So I decided to go to Resources\bitmaps and delete the entire bitmaps folder; then I used the X-Plane installer to replace those files. This process was successful. All 737 cockpit lighting works well now.
  5. Text on the glare shield and overhead panel is very difficult to see at night. Rheostats are turned as high as possible. HDR is on. I'm using X-Plane 11.50b10 with Vulkan enabled. Please advise.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I'll continue to monitor the RJ's progress and when it goes final give it another try.
  7. I've tried to follow the nightly build, current aircraft file date is October 13, 2014. Each time I tried to load the last few builds, X-Plane hangs at the point where the RJ100 is loading. As this is a beta, I'm wondering if others have this issue with X-Plane 10.30 and Windows 7 when using the RJ100.
  8. Is this beta referred to as the "nightly update?"
  9. Go to Plugins\Gizmo64\Windows\Preferences and you'll see the tool-tray option. Make sure you have the updated version of Gizmo.
  10. Thanks for the tool-tray toggle, it's very much appreciated.
  11. This is a good interim solution, thank you.
  12. I understand, thanks...
  13. I'd like to prevent Gizmo64 from popping out whenever the mouse nears the screen edge. Unless I'm flying the Saab, the pop-out isn't needed, and interferes with (obscures) overhead switches for other aircraft. Is disabling Gizmo from the Plugins Menu the only way to do this, or only load it when X-Plane starts for aircraft that need it? Now that I've purchased SkyMaxx Pro, Gizmo will always be active; so I only want the pop-out when needed. I'm using Windows 7. Please advise, Vance
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