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  1. Thank you Cameron, I was about to ask for that procedure.
  2. I can't push AP NAV button, does not engage. Totally lost there.
  3. Nice Turboprop Islander! I like it more than the piston variant. Hope you update the interior walls of the piston Islander like the turboprop one. If you're considering revising sounds perhaps you may improve the ground roll and touchdown sounds, maybe too soft for me.
  4. I knew something big was cooking! You guys simply rock! And the update will be released one day before my birthday, beautiful pictures.
  5. Hi what gizmo version are you using? I had CTDs with that combo using stable gizmo version (don't recall the number), changing to latest beta of gizmo problem solved for me.
  6. Was revisiting the current 1.4 version of this magnificent plane and still find it amazing these days! coupled with a freeware fmod package available somewhere else that is compatible which adds lots of immersion to the plane. Can't wait for v2!
  7. Nobody uses it? I think lots of users use the program however a demo could be a good a idea and speaking of suggestions (I could be bypassing some commercial strategies of yours, sorry) perhaps is time to put RWC and SMP in one standalone program (2 programs may be confusing for some).
  8. Look in menu developer sky colors (i think) and find reload textures and you will have your sun back no need to restart XP, always work for me if I change sky colors.
  9. Hi Jan, No conditionals or "/", just selected MYNN runway 32 for departure, sid, transistion and for arrival at KMCO, runway ILS35R with transition, executed the plan and then tryied to clear discontinuity and got the warning, I could be forgetting any step I'm at work now but no conditionals or "/" at all. Hope this helps. Cheers,
  10. Sure! will do thanks for the reply.
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