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  1. Ch.Cole

    V1.6.1 Anomalies

    3) seems to be correct according to archen on discord. Pilot Altimeter is digital, the other two are mechanical.
  2. Hi, I threw together a script vor the BN2T that implements an idle detent. How to use: - copy the script to your FlyWithLua script folder - assign Throttles 3 and 4 for left and right engine - assign a button to FlyWithLua/BN2T/detent_pressed (Press Throttle Detent) Notes: -Due to X-Plane, this only works correctly with running engines -I've implemented a warning "Check throttles" that pops up if your Hardware throttles are below idle and the levers are still on the idle stop. You can remove that by commenting line 49 by putting double dashes in front of do_every_draw("writ
  3. I think he's not talking about the ALT preset, but the minimums.
  4. Having a Honeycomb Alpha, I was surprised that I could only bind toggle commands for the lights, which can lead to hardware/cockpit desynchronisation. So I made the attached script. It allows you to assign on and off to: - both landing lights combined - Taxi, Nav, Beacon, Strobes, Wing The commands can be found under FlyWithLua/SF34/ SF34 Lights Commands.lua
  5. I wrote a script for myself. Assign Prop 3 and 4, not 1 and two, and adjust your deadzones. Feel free to ask if you need further information. SF34_Condition_Levers.lua
  6. Try this. I assume you have flywithlua installed? The command is FlyWithLua/SF34/Hold_Brakes_reg . SF34 Commands.lua
  7. Would a lua-script help you, that holds the brakes while a button is pressed help you?
  8. Besause that does not work, as far as I tested. You have different commands. change the airspeed in IAS and the VS in VS-mode.
  9. Hi, I threw together a quick script that allows you to bind two commands (FlyWithLua/SF34/PitchWheel_up and ..dn) to a button that allow you to simulate the pitch wheel in both IAS and VS mode. Minor issue is that the IAS gets changed in incremets of 2kts. Feedback is welcome. SF34 Pitch.lua
  10. I seem to recall that there's an issue with the default "toggle brakes max effort" command
  11. That looks amazing! And a summer release would be great as well!
  12. That't typical behaviour for carburettor icing, which obviously depends on weather. you can have carb icing at 15C on low throttle settings. this lua-script pops up values is you have carb icing, or you can assign the command FlyWithLua/BN2P/Toggle_CarbIceDisplay to display it constantly. if PLANE_ICAO == "BN2P" then CarbIce = dataref_table("sim/flightmodel/engine/ENGN_crbice") create_command("FlyWithLua/BN2P/Toggle_CarbIceDisplay", "Toggles the CarbIceDisplay", "CI_displaytoggle()", "", "") showCID = 0 function CI_displaytoggle() if showCID == 0 then showCID = 1 else showCID = 0
  13. You could use DataRefTool and go hunt the datarefs and commands yourself. If there are any you can't find, just post them here, and we can help you find them.
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