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  1. Exactly. VOR and ADF. For planning, I can suggest skyvector.com (online) or littlenavmap (on your pc)
  2. Are your generators on? They should be off, I think.
  3. Intake covers removed via setting window?
  4. Inverter on? Condition Levers seem a bit low (set them to taxi, maybe? Fuel Pressure?
  5. Main fuel Valves opened? RCS switches on Run?
  6. I understand that there's some uncertainty, but I'm quite sure that the SBY button and the HDG/ALT shouldn't be illuminated at the same time, and nearly certain, that with SBY pressed and illuminated, the AP shouldn't still follow HDG when I change the selected heading. But from my experience with you guys, it will only take a short time, and the plane will keep getting better
  7. Ghost throttle is great, I use lift zone and below. I'd just like the additional option of "show on throttle change" (maybe as checkbox), and maybe a way to set the fading time.
  8. V2.0.2 My SBY button is always lit, even with e.g. HDG and ALT also lit, AP engaged, and AP following the heading and holding altitude.
  9. I have the same issue, I think: Case 1: Power Lever Upper Limit (PLUL) 0.6 PLLL 0.45 HPDR 0 Auto-stop power levers at detent not checked Throttle axis assigned to 3 and 4 Throttles full back gives Flight Idle, Full Forward gives max reverse. Case 2: same as above, but auto-stop checked works as expected. So without auto-stop, you get the strange behaviour. I'd also like to have a way to set the "auto-stop" to say 0.35 hardware axis travel.
  10. I think a $20 discount on a very good new plane is great. It's not an "upgrade", it's a brand new plane.
  11. My use-case with the Warthog Throttle is that i usually move the PL synchronously, and I'd like to press one button to move both levers below Flight Idle. There's one placed very conveniently on the left throttle. Basically what I did in my script you took a look at. One button to enable either or both levers to go below Flight Idle.
  12. You need to look at the prop speed gauge (the one that reacts to the prop levers)
  13. if you use the xplane "servos disconnect", that works, although it doesn't move the button in the VC
  14. There are several issues here. First of all, see the warning. The script is not supposed to be used with the update. Second, you have to assign one axis to "Throttle 3" and one to "Throttle 4". Long story short, delete my script, Axis "Engine 1" to "Throttle 3" and Axis "Engine 2" to "Throttle 4" The command should be "Lift Power Levers", a custom MU-2 command. Feel free to post again if there are further issues, gerne auch auf Deutsch.
  15. No, like mentioned above, you need to assign the thottles to other axis for the MU-2. Not to 1 and 2.
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