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  1. You're in for a treat, there should be a discount for the V2 for MU-2 owners
  2. Sorry for the late reply, yes, that should be possible. Assign the command sim/engines/mixture_down to the button, and change the line " if mixthandle > SetTo and mixthandle < 4 then " to ... <3. I hope that works...
  3. I think his main point is not that it isn't working, but that you can not move the switch back to NORM.
  4. I noticed X-Plane "remembers" commands that are bound to buttons/ keys even when they do no longer exist in the plane. Unbound commands do disappear.
  5. You want the rightmost knob (outflow valve) to be closed, not open. Also, make sure HP Valves are AUTO.
  6. Yes, you were... Flying aeroplanes also involves outside cues...
  7. In his picture, they are in off, also, you usually shut them down on the ground to put less stress on the engines and they are to be set to off before engine shutdown. So them being off on loading seems possible. They are supposed to be off before engine start anyway.
  8. how does your overhead look like? did you reset the bleeds? Are your valves open?
  9. You can, of course, also assign keys to these commands.
  10. Sure! I like seeing new ideas and solutions.
  11. If you wand to make a script, you can just create commands that fire les/sf34a/acft/avio/mnp/dcp_dh_knob_dn_pilot and les/sf34a/acft/avio/mnp/dcp_dh_knob_up_pilot ten times
  12. Ch.Cole

    CTOT script

    This script creates two commands. "FlyWithLua/SF34/CTOT_toggle", "Toggle both CTOT switches" and "FlyWithLua/SF34/CTOT_winddown", "Wind down CTOT knob" the first one toggles the CTOT switches on and off, the second winds them down on a button press. wind down speed is set to 1% every 0.15 seconds, you can adjust that in line 23 Feedback appreciated. SF34 CTOT.lua
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