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  1. I suspect Active Sky X is the reason of error here. I cannot prove it tho, sometimes same fly works OK, with and without ASX.
  2. It's funny that I recently fixed this for my copy by FlyWihLua script. Attaching just in case. MU-2_Brakes_Fix_v2.lua In order to make it work - search sim/joystick/joystick_axis_values with datareftool, found your brakes axis numbers and change this two numbers in script with proper numbers(mine are 26 and 27): local Left_Brake_Axis = 26 local Right_Brake_Axis = 27 Offtop: tkyler, I saw your interview with Q8, a lot of amazing stuff and very motivating!
  3. https://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/26656-mu-2210-pax-and-fuel-load-manager/
  4. Well, I'm personally do not mind to pay extra for updated Moo. And saying that I do not event expecting anything new, just current issue-log cleared.
  5. Hi folks! Reporting Brake application rate issues I just noticed with my setup (TM Pendular Rudder): 1. Brake application rate in MU2 preferences being applied to Right Toe Brake axis only. Left Axis is unaffected. 2. There is no option to remove this effect entirely for direct input from hardware. Even with minimal possible settings 0.01 - there is some noticeable delay on braking. 3. [not confirmed] It feels like braking forces are not being applied to wheels on press-n-hold, but force gradually growing with noticeable delay. ( irrespective to settings in P.2.) I will be happy to be proved wrong. Thanks!
  6. Hi folks, @tkyler that Yaw damper situation is still drives me crazy- it looks like it is not really working on Mu-2. Lamp in cockpit reacting OK, datarefs are looks OK, buttons work, gizmo scripts are encrypted (so who knows), but seems there no any effect neither on flight model neither on rudder itself. Tried different planes - once yaw damper enabled you can feel it in windy day and see rudder moving. With that - can I please ask to confirm it is not working in current state and will be fixed "in two weeks" or my expectations are wrong or anything else please?
  7. Try standard: sim/autopilot/heading_down sim/autopilot/heading_up
  8. Hi, appreciate your interest! Sorry, I do not have options to test GLASS, and also away from my SIM PC. Tho I this can share: 0. Do all above. 1. !BACKUP! your XPlane12\Aircraft\X-Aviation\Mitsubishi MU-2 Marquise v2 2. Open xsMU2B60_GLASS_XXX.acf with PlaneMaker 3. Go to Standard -> Weight & Balance -> Payloads 4. Set all numbers and options exactly as shown on attached photo. 5. All done. You are Fantastic! 6. Have fun.
  9. Second (optional) script Mu-2Assesories.lua in this pack will help. Can be uses as standalone script.
  10. I might be wrong but(it hard to see on video): - You do not really need to press red buttons (primer?) - Throttles should be at Ground Idle or at list lower than Flight idle. - It looks like switches are on Crank, while should be in Run. - Your Main tank is empty. Engines are feeding from Main tank in MU. It seems last point is the most possible reason. XP12 managing fuel wrong way for Mu. If you concerned - try one of mine amended ACF (and fuel loader) here in the forum.
  11. Well, seems so. Or with XP12 auto-generated payload of some sort. With this ACFs you do not have to use Script to load payload actually, new "Payload Stations" will be available on native XP12 load screens. Tho with script you will have more options to load pax. Also it is allow to properly load fuel (Mu fuel management is bit different than native XP).
  12. Hey dorianR666, welcome to the club. Sad you have it. Please see workaroung few posts above. It is tested and works OK for me.
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