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  1. Absolutely fantastic, I love the way you animated those instruments!
  2. I received several reports from FSEconomy users, complaining about flight cancellations due to airborne refueling. Maybe @skiselkov could shed some light on how the fuel-related data refs are used. When starting a flight, the FSEconomy client attempts to set the fuel ordered in FSEconomy by writing the fuel weight split out among the tanks to sim/flightmodel/weight/m_fuel. Thereafter, the FSEconomy client monitors sim/flightmodel/weight/m_fuel_total, expecting it to be equal to or less than what it was during the last check. If it's found to be more than it was on the last check, it
  3. Wow, what a beautiful cockpit! And did I spot there a GPS-free version for old school radio navigation?
  4. That's great, I highly appreciate this! Thank you very much!
  5. That'll be an excellent bird, looking very much forward to flying it! Speaking of modern glass, the GTN 750 would be a great companion for the G500. Any plans to (optionally) integrate it into the 3D cockpit?
  6. This is blatant piracy.
  7. Excellent news! This is bound to become a superb aircraft. Thanks for keeping us Moo fans up to date
  8. Tom, that's coming along great!
  9. What an excellent little bird! I just love it; it's great to fly. Any chance we might get a paint kit or at least a white livery for custom paint work?
  10. It's actually a (minor*) bug - 6Y3 was exported with an elevation of 0 (ft AMSL), whereas 3MI2 was exported with correct elevation (616 ft AMSL). When Runways follow terrain is active, the airport elevation is ignored by X-Plane, and the airport is rendered on top of the underlying mesh. If the option is disabled, or the airport definition specifies "always flatten", X-Plane ignores the mesh and creates a plateau using the specified airport elevation and the airport boundary - in this case, at 0 ft. Hence the funny "Moses" effect. *Doesn't make sense to use the scenery for 6Y3 without run
  11. Wow, what a pace Love how you're taking any effort to deliver the perfectTM product to us.
  12. Arg, you're probably right - it's too early in the morning, and I was too greedy and eager getting the TBM into the air. Will boot brain now and refuel with coffee. Then starting over
  13. Hi, this happens after entering my credentials in the XA activation window when trying to activate the TBM: Cycle Dump.txt debug.log GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  14. I think I know what I'll be doing next week-end
  15. Hi, not sure we're talking about exactly the same thing here, but might be the mixture issue sneaked somehow back into version 1.5 - or maybe the fix can hit problems in specific circumstances; I can't tell. Here's what I experience: The Saab apparently needs mixture set to something substantial (in the vicinity of 1.0 or slightly below) for establishing a fuel flow. Today I was repeatedly not able to start the engines (which I could do all the previous days without problem...), and I was running out of ideas when I finally enabled the display for some data refs, mixture being one of
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