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  1. Each development team will assess the risk involved releasing an aircraft for a not yet final release of X-Plane (as I see it, XP11 wasn't even close to stable before 11.10; a lot of aircraft had to be adapted after Austin had some fun with the free shaft turboprop engine model, setting them... uhm, well, on fire ). Depending on the complexity of the aircraft, the team's aspiration in terms of perfection, realism etc., the team's capacity to manage early-access issues, the (perceived) evaluation of XP12's stability and maturity, and probably many more factors, the development teams may come to different conclusions as to when is the right moment to update, upgrade or refurbish their products. Also bear in mind that some developers have already been involved in XP12 since the days of the first alpha builds, and others just started their familiarization journey with the public EA. And that's perfectly ok - IMO each team should only release if they feel comfortable doing so. Anything else just leads to inappropriate expectations, misunderstandings, and disappointment on customer side, and/or burned-out and frustrated developers on the other side.
  2. Thank you, Ilias, that's great news - the Sundowner v2 is a superb aircraft, looking very much forward to do some cloud-dodging in XP12 And a huge thanks for the G500 retrofit; this looks to be an awesome panel!
  3. That crash is happening on Windows, not Mac, so I think this is something else going on here. In particular since I only deactivated (moved) the rsg_g500 plugin folder but kept the OpenGPWS one. Unfortunately, those crashes are "hard" CTDs, i.e., the log is just ending abruptly, and also XP doesn't generate a crash dump in those cases - doesn't make it any easier to figure out what's happening. Only correlation I could find up to now is the combination of startup location and the G500 plugin. Now what's interesting is that I can load the Cessna 172 with G500 on those spots without producing a CTD (which also uses both plugins, G500 and OpenGPWS). Conclusively, it must be something in the interaction between the G500 and the MU-2B which causes this crash. If I can obtain a log or crash dump, I'll upload them here. P.S. another observation: this crash only happens if loading the MU directly after starting X-Plane, i.e., loading it from the "Start new flight" screen. If I load the C172 first in such a spot, and then switch to the MU, it doesn't crash. P.P.S. the OpenGPWS crash on unload (known for Mac iirc) also happens on Windows (cf. attached log and crash report). crash_report_11_13_2022_07_44_53.rpt Log.txt
  4. Observed in the 5 Blade GNS model - as the title says, the clock's display remains dark (button backlights do work though). From the information available at https://www.davtron.com/product-detail.php?M877-17, I couldn't really figure out whether the A models (grey face plate) do have a lit display or not, but in the general feature description it says things like "BRIGHT SULIGHT READABLE DISPLAY" and "AUTOMATIC DIMMING", so I'm assuming also the display of the A model would be somehow readable at night.
  5. There's a thread on XP12 progress over in the general discussion area:
  6. I use the "Save control positions on exit" option with the MU2, but I noticed the parking brake lever's position is not saved - it always defaults to OFF. I even have a two way switch assigned to xscenery/mu2b60/set_parking_brake (resp. xscenery/mu2b60/release_parking_brake). I usually keep it in the SET position when shutting down the sim, but when I reload (with the switch in the SET position), the parking brake still defaults to OFF - a bit of an issue if the MU loads in a spot that's not perfectly level. Would it be possible to either save the state of the parking brake lever with the other controls, and restore it, or alternatively initialize the parking brake in the ON position?
  7. Can confirm now it's at least related to the G500 plugin. I deactivated it (moved it out of the plugins folder and into plugins_deactivated), and the MU loads without crashing.
  8. Fresh attempt - I reset all Mu-related configuration files and deactivated the RXP GTNs. Now I could start it. Weird, but *shrug* In return, I found another issue - the MU seems to be sensitive with regards to where it's loaded. Example: when I try loading it at CYYR (11.55 default scenery) ramp position 38, it CTDs a few seconds after having been loaded. At ramp position 40, no issues. (also with the RXP GTNs deactivated). My suspicion: it could be the G500 plugin (which loads in the background, no matter which version of the MU you actually load in sim) - position 40 is on a fake tarmac, not a real taxiway tarmac.
  9. The 5 blade GNS version seems to have an issue with engine management: the yellow ignition light doesn't come up when trying to start engines (exactly following the checklist) engines can be started through the menu though (Shift+Ctrl+e) if started this way, props don't come off the locks when trying to unlock them The 5 blade glass version works completely normal; engines can be started, and props unlocked after start. Any ideas?
  10. The numbers are a bit off, but not that much. My POH recommends 72% torque for a cruise altitude of 24,000 ft (ISA), which should result in 193 - 205 kt CAS (depending on weight). In your screenshot it looks as if you were temperature-limited on the engines and therefore could not reach the recommended torque - ending up at 165 kt IAS with less than 60% of torque seems about right, or even a bit fast when comparing to the POH numbers.
  11. Cooper already confirmed he'll update the G500 plugin for XP12, but a bit further down towards a more stable version of X-Plane. Also Tom and Cameron both confirmed there will be an XP12 version of the Moo, so all we have to do is being patient and wait - XP12 won't be a beta forever
  12. Observed in the 5 blade glass variant, version 2.0.4: from outside, the glass looks as if it weren't there: When looking from a different angle, it's obvious the glass object must be there however: To me it appears as if there's something going on with the tinting or reflection of the glass, but it could also simply be my dreadful eyesight ^^
  13. I have played with the GTN configuration to see if I can improve the integration with the G500 to a similar level we see in the BN-2 Islander. So far I managed to see the whole flight plan from the GTN drawn in the G500 by modifying the RealityXP.GTN.ini file: [GTN_750_1] ... stuff that's been there already ... MasterDevice = true LinkHsi = true LinkCrs = false LinkObs = false LinkVor = false LinkOto = true LinkSimGps = true AutoNavGps = true AutoCdiSrc = true What doesn't work yet is having the CDI show the correct course (LinkCrs didn't work, nor did LinkObs, so there must be something else). While the GTN is in GPS mode, the G500 blocks the course selector, so it also can't be adjusted manually by the pilot. Maybe @Coop could point us in the right direction here.
  14. The current stable SDK is v3.0.3, which fits with 11.5x. There is also a beta version of the v4.0 SDK available (cf. https://developer.x-plane.com/sdk/plugin-sdk-downloads/), which is the one fitting for 12.0. The API documentation is however not yet updated to incorporate all the XPLM400 changes. So in short, if a plugin builds without issues against the XPLM400 API, there's a good chance it will simply work without problems. If it fails to build and the reasons aren't obvious, it'll depend on the developer's patience digging into the header files and resorting to try & error troubleshooting. In both cases though chances are that SDK changes down the road entail further changes to the plugin code.
  15. All custom commands are documented here: https://www.togasim.com/mu2docs/setup/mu2_commands.html
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