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  1. That's a really minor one - I noticed that when switching on the FSB and NS signs for the first time, a chime sound plays - but not when switching them on later down the flight.
  2. I was flying a short descent in cruise, using VS mode and ALT SEL armed, altitude pre-selected on the G500. When reaching the selected altitude, the VS and ALT SEL lights on the AP panel went off, and altitude was (at least seemingly*) captured, but the green ON light on the ALT button didn't light up. De-pressing and re-pressing the ALT button itself made the green ON light come up. This seems to concern only the glass version, never had this in the GNS version. *tbh I didn't wait long enough to determine whether it had really captured or not; my VS for the descent was pretty low (-200fpm).
  3. I suppose it hasn't XP12 style load stations yet. If you want to brute-force adjust your ZFW, you could use Data Ref Editor and write something into sim/flightmodel/weight/m_fixed (the numeric value represents payload in kgs).
  4. Dug out the G500 version for the first time in XP12. I noticed the clickspot for the MFD knob is (still) missing in the XP12 version - cf. so putting this here as reminder for whenever is the Moo's next turn for a patch
  5. Cruise power isn't too far off (though it depends a bit on altitude, and not all parameters will hit the POM values): Getting those all dialed in will possibly not work - there are also tables for ISA +/- 10, 20 and 30, and then the same for max range power (the one above is for recommended cruise, i.e. pretty much the maximum you can get from those TPEs). In total there are nearly 1,300 different altitudes, temperatures and power settings to be dialed in (108 table lines * 3 weights * 2 different power settings * 2 different props (4 & 5 blade)), and for each you'd have to align four data points (torque, ITT, fuel flow, airspeed), so a total of over 5,000 data points. With the way X-Plane's engine, prop, lift and drag models work, I don't see this is close to possible - you can nail one setting by tweaking the fuselage shape, airfoils, engine and prop parameters and curves, but that will most likely throw you off course for another data point. So Tom's dilemma here will be that he has to chose which data points to align to, and accept that others will be somewhat off. If I understood Isaac correctly though, he was more addressing the engine limits in climb (first they're torque limited, later on they're temperature limited) - that'd be the next >5,000 data points to pin down... Finally, I'd like to say these discussions here sometimes come across as if we only had to criticize the Moo - we're so much quicker in reporting issues and bugs than being grateful for how great a Moo model Tom created here. Tom, if you read this, the MU v2 is great and deserves more visibility in public (and more sales). It is by a huge margin the aircraft model I fly and enjoy the most ever since it released for XP12.
  6. Thank you Tom, these commands are just perfect! I understand that initially you didn't want those single event commands - for keyboard & mouse they're not too suitable and oversimplify. I'd see them only useful for people trying to bind stuff to hardware. Yeah, I didn't attribute this to code on your end, I thought that XP's behaviour changed - but my memory may be leaking, I hope I'm not confusing things...
  7. It works with buttons and also keyboard assignments (sending the command repeatedly), but before it also worked with switches (sending the command only once). Tbh I only noticed it since I had those assigned to the engine fuel flow switches on my Warthog throttle (simple two way switches).
  8. In older versions, the command to move the engine fuel levers used to be mixture up / down. With XP12 and the IXEG v1.5, these commands still make the fuel levers move a tiny bit, but not slide up/down entirely between the IDLE and CUTOFF position.
  9. Three weeks later, I'm now (virtually) in Jakarta, Indonesia. As planned, I flew the Moo via Kathmandu (VMKT) and Paro (VQPR), and then on to Lilabari (VELR), Momeik (VYMO) and Thandwe (VYTD): From Myanmar I had to fly a deadhead leg and relocated to Bangkok (VTBS). Not the best weather down there currently... Yesterday I started moving further south, delivering a well-paying VIP transport job to Jakarta. Due to time zoning, it was an all-night flight. The distance of more than 1,200NM was quite a stretch for the Moo, so I made a fuel stop at Kota Bharu (WMKC). Arriving in Jakarta, I was greeted by a thunderstorm, surrealistically lighting up the city (on final into Halim Perdanakusuma, WIHH): The next assignment will indeed take me again further south to Australia - got a bunch of VIPs headed from Jakarta to Paraburdoo (YPBO). Again that leg is too much of a stretch for the Moo (at least when observing legal reserves and some margin for weather), so I'm planning to fly this with another fuel stop - hoping to meet Santa on Christmas Island (YPXM)...
  10. When playing around with the RXP GNS units, I noticed that there is indeed a distinction with regards to electrical buses. The 530 (primary unit) is hooked to Bus #1, the 430 (secondary unit) to Bus #2. Now the quirk: The GPU powers only Bus #1, while the battery powers both buses: The RXP units allow to be hooked up to one of 8 different buses (the default avionics and battery bus plus one of the 6 custom buses): The MU-2 uses three of X-Plane's buses (not sure what Tom's code does in addition to that, so there might be more): This would (theoretically) leave 3 potential "spare" buses (understood by the RXP units) which could be used to fake a set of dedicated radio buses for the RXP units - I guess that would require some custom plugin-driven logic (to link bus power to the radio switches), so probably a lot of effort for little effect (in the end, it's just RXPs turn on/off with battery vs. RXP units turn on/off with radio switches).
  11. Hi Tom, I know you're fairly busy atm with IXEG stuff, so just leaving this note for once you get bored again When flying at night, the light emitted by the overhead switches is really bright - bright enough to light up the cabin and cockpit. Would it be possible to dim them when the IND LTS DIM switch is active, or alternatively hook them to the OHP lighting rheostat? Or is this a MU-ism and they indeed blind you when active at night?
  12. Oh dear, there you got me into a corner where I never wanted to be in. Back then when the upgrade was announced I said I would buy it once it really brings the fixes I've been waiting for (most notably the FMS). But I'll certainly not pay the full price again, so I can now only chose between biting the bullet and paying for a promise (with not too much confidence it will be delivered this time tbh), or scrapping the 733 for good.
  13. Hi Tom, not sure this really is an issue, or just a "moo-ism", but I noticed the HSI's course display gets blank for 0°/360° - all other digits show up: 1° - shows perfectly 0° - display goes blank 359° - shows perfectly
  14. I'm currently ferrying N279MA (my Moo in FSEconomy) from Europe to Alaska. A few days ago I left Pescara, Italy (LIBP), where I picked up this airframe. Instead of using the well-trodden westbound route via Iceland, I started moving eastwards, heading for Split, Croatia (LDSP), the Abu Suwayr Air Base, Egypt (HE35, close to Ismailia), Abu Dhabi, UAE, Karachi, Pakistan, and on to the Lucknow Air Force Station, India (VIBL). From there, today's leg took me towards Nepal and the Himalaya mountains, to Pokhara. There I landed at the old downtown airport Pokhara (VNPK), not the newer and bigger Pokhara International (VNPR - not in Skyvector for unknown reason). Approaching runway 22 (all VFR, there are no published IAPs for this airport, although there's a VOR on site): After landing, shortly before exiting the runway: The next legs will take me to Kathmandu and probably Paro (can't miss that while being in the area). Not sure what I'll be doing from there on - either taking a "shortcut" through China and Russia up to Anadyr, jumping to Point Barrow from there, or going south, dawdling around Thailand, Indonesia, maybe even Australia and the moving northwards via Japan. Let's see where the FSE assignments take me
  15. I noticed the beacon light on top of the vertical stabilizer is only visible from rear angles, not from the front. I made a short video to demonstrate this, moving the camera past a certain point makes the beacon appear lit: Checking some stock video footage of real Moos, it seems the beacon light should be visible from all angles: I noticed this with the 5 blade GNS version; I didn't check the other variants though.
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