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  1. Alright thanks guys!!!
  2. No, i get the same thing
  3. I got my macbook air back from the apple store and i can't seem to get the serial number it shows me this...
  4. Nicee, i'll save a few pennies for this bird!!!
  5. I installed the new C400 from X-Aviation and i almost make it to activation and this warning comes up... It sais ERRROR: (auth)
  6. Nice! I always admire space shuttles!!
  7. Maxime

    787 heinz

    mmmmm, i'll try to fix that
  8. Maxime

    787 heinz

    A new vid by me!!! This one is the 787 by Heinz Enjoy!
  9. Will work on my macbook air: 1.4ghz dual core 2gb ram 256mb video
  10. I will be using my modern desktop, i save my laptop for more fun flying with simple planes not detailed ones.
  11. Would the CRJ run on my computer if the SSj-100 v5 runs on it? Thanks, Maxime
  12. Would the Q-400 run on my machine if i can run peter's a380, the IL 96-400, the TU-444, and the ERJ-140 (first release)? Thanks, Maxime
  13. Beautiful!!! I am willing to pay anything for this bird!!
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