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  1. What i have yet to see is cities and weather. Sure a lot of things look great but with great scenery comes poor flight model.
  2. Ah, the power of X-Plane and the talented artists it has attracted!
  3. Lol and X-plane thread on, "my is bigger then yours"
  4. Yeah, thankfully, these hot days do not last forever. Good time to stay inside and fly in X-Plane. Hell maybe it is a sign you need to practice your landings! Also, it is only that hot midday or so. This morning it was nice and cool.Somewhere around 80° F. Went for a ride around town.
  5. I believe Carenado sells for at least a month on their website first. I am sure they do this since they take a larger cut of the sales that way. I am sure it will be at the org and every other place Carenado sells at in time. They sell them over at Aerosoft as well. When I have some time to play I will pick up the their 172N. Most of there planes i have picked up so far for x-plane are great. They may not use as many polygons to get the detail into their models, but the texturing is great. Also, i would say that their user friendlyness is up there as well. not that hard to use the 3d cockpit
  6. Good find man! Really impressive images. Really great for reference for those who want to or are making the 737. Now if only they could have done this for the plane I am working on. I bet this costs a fortune to have done.
  7. Sorry to have confused anyone. This was fixed a while ago and was incorporated into version 1.12. Only a small set of people got this version. The update it available here: http://forums.armchairaviation.com/index.php?option=com_kunena&func=view&catid=13&id=530&Itemid=2 This was an issue I had overlooked in my scripts and is not related to Gizmo, nor is it a bug. Actually, gizmo is simply sending out an error as it should which is what it is suppose to do. Sorry for the confusion and late reply on my behalf.
  8. Oddly, I like the runway pick the most. Particularly the runway. I think that is because i have already praised the hell out of your beautiful 777 so much already. I cant wait to hear what you guys have in store for us!
  9. Your already getting a lot for something you don't need to pay anything extra to have over the price of X-Plane 10. That is unless you want X-Plane 10 to cost 500 bucks or something. This 747 definitely raises the bar.
  10. What downsides have you found? My main guess are two things, polycount plus that you need AA on if you really want to see it clearly. But it will always be clear with AA on. It will also always look clean, which can be a downside as well. The way you seem to be doing it now, with a separate texture i am guessing, may actually be very good as well. Depending on how much text you have. But that is another texture that needs to load. Right now i am trying to find out what will work best down the road for me.
  11. ah sweet, just noticed Bose has a financing option. Man I sure wish I needed a headset now. Now at least i know what i will be getting next.
  12. Well, yeah, the A20 is like the best headset you can get, period. nothing out matches it, and if you have the thousand dollars to spend on it, that is what you get. Now if you cant aford that, or perhaps if the people buying you your present cant afford that, any DAVID CLARK headset is what you want. I have a David Clark, and what i love about it so much is when i watch movies, i can see my headset on all the pilots. So really, there is only two heads sets out there in my mind, the David Clark and the Bose A20.
  13. I hate to point out spelling and grammar mistakes in released products (if it's likely to be too late to fix) in case the developer's first language isn't English. But I wish more people were available to proofread stuff before release. Absolutely. But as far as I know, Jack, Joe, and Nicholas all know English to the point to know that "cant" needs an apostrophe. I'm half teasing and half being serious here... I'm half Australian myself and my family members from there tease us about our English and vise-versa... Heh, I'm half-Australian too! But half British, so all my halves speak English
  14. Obviously you do care Ben, and this particular issue was a miss communication, and i will wrap it up soon.
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