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  1. http://forums.x-pilot.com/topic/4455-adobe-photoshop-cs2-now-free/?hl=%2Bfree+%2Bphotoshop
  2. Well, we'll see what happens. I just added the 757 to my personal list of "vaporware" and affirmed that in the shoutbox. I know the Saab release is imminent and I'm not here or anywhere else to question your work or the hours you've spent making the next big thing (and probably will be for quite a while) for X-Plane. Truly the Saab looks to be an amazing leap and I commend you. I have no malice in my heart for the Saab or anyone connected to it nor am I discounting the countless hours that have gone into it, but until it exists on more than a handful of hard drives, it's still vaporware to
  3. And there you have it. All you would have to do is read a bit of the threads about the Saab 340A and you would have known the answer before you posted the question.
  4. You're in the right place. There are numerous threads in this forum (and other forums on the interweb) with all kinds of help and recommendations. Seems like you've only stuck your toe in so far. You just need to wade on in and search the forums and pretty soon you'll be neck deep in X-Plane knowledge! By the way, a little Google goes a long way....and there's always the search box, too.
  5. If you've got the hard drive space I recommend installing all the scenery files. It gets messy having to install small portions of the world from time to time.
  6. Even if they stop including NDB's in the X-Plane navdata, you can always load up an older version of the file.
  7. Sweetness!! Now that I have a brand new MacBook Pro I can finally fly V10 so this is good news!
  8. If you want to keep track of the flight, here's a link to a blog: http://blog.aopa.org/blog/?p=5310
  9. LOVE the Beech 18!! Sweet old bird!
  10. You guys have apparently not noticed that he's flying V9.7 where, in fact, Gizmo still interferes with other aircraft and plugins. Or did you fix it and not tell anyone?
  11. I suppose Cameron could put "NOT 32 BIT COMPATIBLE" in huge caps across the top of the page. But even then, some people would still not get it.
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