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  1. Program of the ceremonies and events of the 70th anniversary of D-Day http://www.sainte-mere-eglise.info/en/70%20th%20%20anniversary%20dday.html hopefully, I'll be there as a passenger : http://www.daksovernormandy.com/ *** Lest We Forget ***
  2. download these scripts: https://github.com/b...ll/Hughes-H500D thanks Ben put the script folder into the main folder of the Hughes 500D. (You'll have to install the Gizmo plugin to make the scripts work : http://www.x-plugins.com/gizmo/installing)
  3. Beautiful commercial
  4. Thanks Tom ! Merry Christmas ! Sent from my fridge using my microwawe. don't forget to read this : http://www.avialogs.com/en/aircraft/santa-claus/a-p-2502-sleigh-mki-mkii-pilot-s-notes.html sent by Daniel L from X-Plane.fr
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