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  1. Hi. Problem solved, by scenery update
  2. Hi. Has anyone XP 10 Moscow City XP scenery. I landed Kremlin heliport and helo buried partly on it. Same thing with other helipad too. Is this familiar.
  3. Hi. Thanks for help. I had ChaseViewDeluxe in Camera mode. That explanes all. Now it's in CVDMode again. I don't know, how this happen.
  4. Hi. My X-P 10.45 started to act weird. When using Roll with my joystick, scenery is tilting, not plane.
  5. Hi. I purchased New York Airports XP scenery it has six airports, static aircrafts and cars are missing. I've New York City XP one too, it has static helos and moving traffic.
  6. Hi! Has anyone SBGL- Rio De Janeiro Intl Airport scenery. City buildings are missing
  7. Hi! I updated X-P 10.40 to 10.41, operation/time_down K tab and operation/time_up L tab doesn't respond.
  8. Hi! How to get real traveling camera view in cockpit. I've Saitek X52 joystick Hat switch programmed to show Up + Down + Left + Right positions. Viewing look weird. Hard to get for example SeaMax M22 upper panel properly visible, problem to switch water rudder up and down.
  9. Hi! I've PILATUS PC 12 v10np craft. I can open only front door with.. ( Button Adv. Flight _controls, Canopy toggle), not rear door and engine hatch.
  10. Hi! Thanks your prompt reply. Here's Log.txt. Log.txt
  11. Hi! I've X-P 10.31 and Bell 407 SP 1.1 craft is default I'm opening Quick Flight Setup, then Fly With Options! After waiting 1min 20 sec. craft at last appears, something weird happen immediately, at first craft acts un controllable with rotating interior view and then comes back normal cockpit view. After this, it works OK. Only this craft acts weird, when prepare to flight. How to get hanging headphone-mic. set visible. I can't get DREAM ENGINE volume display off.
  12. Hi! Thanks your prompt reply. I'll wait SP 1.1.
  13. Hi! I updated my Dreamfoil Bell 407 to Bell 407 SP1. I picked it as startup craft, It crash XP 10.32 some seconds later. No such a problem with Dreamfoil Bell 407.
  14. Hi! You can get new version of K-1200 K-MAX from shadetreemicro.com. Ragards. Pertti
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