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  1. Hello to all, I can't change anything on SkyMaxx Precipitation menu. I am running on X-Plane 11.50r2. Any help is much appreciated thanks!
  2. Hey there, Recently updated from 11.41 to 11.50b6 - everything seems to be working fine with the sim and all addons / plugins. Only Skymaxx is giving me a hard time atm. In VC or close to the aircraft i get this strange effect looking at clouds (pic 1). As soon as i move away from the plane the effect is gone. (pic 2) I have also tried installing skymaxx with a complete new clean install of x11.50b6 to check if any config or other plugin is causing this. Only happens with 4.9.2. regardless of whihc sky or cloud set i select. Also changes in AA dont help. Shadows are set to 4096 Any suggestions, just recently bought smp / rwc with fsgrw Thanks * Edit - did some more trouble shooting, seems it happens also with a clean install of xplane but only with addon aircraft. IXEG, FlightFactor Zibo etc. doesnot happen with default planes
  3. Hi, I've just installed the latest version into 11.50b9 (Vulkan), and have discovered that I can see the horizon through mountains. Please see shots attached at LOWI. I took a few a different altitudes to show the terrain moving relative to the horizon line. Any assistance would be appreciated! Phill
  4. Skymaxx Pro 4.9.2 - I have 3 monitors, 2 for X-plane and 1 touchscreen below them for Air Manager. Rain from SkyMaxx Pro hits each of the two X-Plane screens as if they are two separate but identical storms. In other words, if the rain is blowing from the left, it is mirrored on each monitor instead of appearing to be one storm. Is there a way to make it look more cohesive?
  5. I did the first full test flight today with the SkyMaxx "suite" all re-installed (including FS Global Real Weather and Real Weather Connector), and it went fine. I was using X-Plane 11.50b2 (Vulkan) and the Zibo Boeing 738. I deliberately picked a flight into a city where it was raining and cloudy, my home city in this case, of Montreal. The flight was from CYYZ (Toronto Pearson) to CYUL (Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau). Both sceneries are those of GloballArt. Yesterday, I had done a flight between the same cities, same exact route (even SID and STAR were the same), and landing runway, but I had totally uninstalled the SkyMaxx suite and used X-Plane's weather with live downloads every 15 minutes. The frame rates were always between about a low of 22-24fps to highs of 40-50fps, with averages ranging between 28-40. Today, the framerates, unfortunately were much lower, going down to about 12fps at one point and staying mainly the in mid 20s, averaging 14-20 with a cockpit view and higher with a sky view. If I tilted up the camera view from the tarmac of the airport to the sky, or even to include part of the sky, the framerates dropped significantly. I have a few screenshots here to show you. In fact, overall, the performance was almost the same for me, as with OpenGL on X-Plane 11.41. Just wanted to share this and see if anyone else had such issues. I have read of frame rate drops with SkyMaxx, and hopefully, this problem will be gradually fixed with later versions of both X-Plane and SkyMaxx, FSGRW, RWC. ** My graphics settings are exactly the same as with 11.41 OpenGL, so I have not increased them.
  6. Hi, I have looked at a couple of posts describing this error. After enabling SkyMaxx PRO V4.8, the simulation will eventually crash. I have tried to isolate what is causing the problem but have not been able to come up with a solution. X-plane does not crash with SkyMaxx Pro disabled. First about my system: I7 6700K processor at 4.1GHz 36GBytes DDR4 3600MHz 1TB M.2 SSD GeForce RTX 2080 Super 8GB Driver version 432 These are the only plugins I am running: I do not have any custom scenery installed (only what comes the X-plane) I am running with SkyMaxx Pro initial default settings I see no pattern in the log file after each failure. 1. SkyMaxx Pro: Coordinate system changed; repositioning cloud layers. 2. 0:13:45.358 I/SCN: DSF load time: 1561977 for file Global Scenery/X-Plane 11 Global Scenery/Earth nav data/+30-120/+33-112.dsf (253779 tris, 3 skipped for -10.9 m^2) This is a clean install of X-plane 11.40. Any help would be appreciated. I will post a log file and metar file next time it crashes. Thanks, Photo_rascal
  7. Hello Guys: I recently tried to use my simulator after 1 week and when opening the x-aviation license message showed up; I entered my credentials and appear the following error: http API call_back: GateKeeper_rx_authenticate: [string "core/json.lua.gfys"]:381: attempt to call global 'error' (a nil value) This does not let me use either Skymaxx and Real Weather connector. my other products work well like ixeg and saab340. I reinstalled all and deleted registry but nothing works. any ideas? these are my logs: GizmoLog.txt Log.txt Thanks in advance
  8. Having an issue with sky maxx, just installed it and RWC last night and clouds are great, however my scenery which is the hdmesh by alpilot, is now not loading far away, shows me boxed in of a sort and fades into see through where i can actually see underneath the map as it were ... i have the xplane 11 rendering settings installed as well so wonder if it's something to do with that? - it gets worse the higher up i travel here's a few screenshots of the issue as you can see it kinda looks like the aftermath of a nuke. even just now on FINAL approach at just about 10nm out i cant even see the runway. here are my rendering settings another thing just noticed if i change the sky settings in sky maxx it shows the sun effect actually cocooned around my plane and not below the scenery/blended correctly in the image below you can see that
  9. gorilla


    I am new to X aviation how long does it take for support to get back to you??? my skymaxx is locked out of my computer when switching to new computer and no one will email me back after 8 days and 3 help request tickets .. this is very disturbing not to have support from a software dealer.
  10. gazzy360


    Hello all. I got home from work today and decided to download the 737 update along with the skymaxx update. I turn XP10 on, uninstall the old installations and install the new ones and get to the new activation box. I pop in my email address and password, and chose a name for my PC. I then get a message telling me that my Machine ID has been blacklisted?!! I uninstall IXEG - still get it, I uninstall skymaxx - still get it I uninstall - RWC and I still get the box. I have no X-A products installed yet I am getting hassled by an activation bow which only tells me that my Machine has been blacklisted (for unknown reasons). What should I do? I have submitted a ticket to support with hopes that it will be fixed. But maybe you guys need to be aware of this bug? If it is a bug that is. No issues with this until today!
  11. i am waiting but they don't reset my product , i spent like 7 or 8 days ago but....nothing. pic related
  12. It would be possible to remove the sharp lighting aircraft when it is cloudy? The sun casts shadows, as if the sky was clear. In reality, they are under a cloudy sky aircraft have beautifully bright color on all sides and no sharp shadows. If I turn on cloud shadows, planes are dark and it looks ugly. I enclose a picture of correct lighting. FSX can simulate this well for example.
  13. I recently purchased SkyMaxx Pro and Real Weather Connector. They do not show in the plugins menu and do not run. I also seem to have trouble with custom scenery packages not being recognized by XP. Any advice?
  14. I like the sky with many clouds. In case of bad weather or much scenerie I have to devalue the clouds distance. I want a Lua script build which changes the clouds distance based on the FPS. I can not find the DataRef for setting the cloud distance best regards
  15. Not sure if this is a bug or just the way Skymaxx is, but I'm having this issue at high altitudes where clouds out in the distance aren't moving to/from my plane but are instead kind of shifting along the sky every few seconds. Here's a video I took on my phone of the effect (download attached): https://1drv.ms/v/s!AqqV02e0f75ribwSdY_694fTrC9mUQ Any help would be appreciated. Thanks IMG_0322.MOV
  16. SkyMaxx Pro + RWC with the latest updates ... is still the best cloud and weather presentation addon for X-Plane and worth every brass penny! Thanks guys, for such a quality addon that gives me awesome skies and increased fps. I see lots of attempts to enhance X-Plane skies but none of them come close to the degree of technical professionalism, precision and artistry of SkyMaxx pro (and I do try those others on a separate X-Plane install just to see what's out there). Simply amazing. With the influx of people taking up X-Plane these days, I tell everyone I can; if you want awesome skies in X-Plane then it's SkyMaxx Pro ... period. Nothing else compares.
  17. Hello Guys (and Girls (if any)), 
 I created a support ticket almost 2 weeks ago (Ticket #YR1BG, Sat, 05/21/16) that I still haven't received any reply to. I'm eager to get SkyMAXX (SM) working on my new system so the wait is kind of torture. Are you ignoring me?  
 My problem is that I have built a new dedicated system for X-Plane and while doing so I wanted to test different OS to see which runs best with X-Plane. 
 Originally I used my MacBook, then I tried Mac OS X on the new system, then Debian (which I found you sadly didn't support (yet)) and lastly Windows 7. Since me and my brother live together and also fly together SM was also installed on his MacBook. The idea is to have X-Plane running on the dedicated system while me and my brother use our two MacBooks as Pilot/Copilot. 
 So... My problem is that since I have installed SM (and also the Saab 340A I purchased) on both our MacBooks and on my dedicated system with Hackintosh/OSX all my three activation slots have been used. When trying to activate SM on the Win 7 install it throws the "Activation slots used" message. I haven't tried activating the Saab yet but I'm assuming the same thing will happen. 
 I didn't think of the activation limit when installing, if I had then I would have waited with installing SM and the Saab until I had decided on which system to use. 
 Could you please help me with this. As I wrote in the ticket I don't need them on my MacBook anymore but uninstalling them didn't "reactivate" one slot. 
 Best regards Jonas
  18. Turkish: Yükleme sırasında bu hatayı alıyorum neden? Bu bilgisayarı ben ve arkadaşım ortak kullanıyorduk. Sonra o kendine yeni bir bilgisayar aldı. O kendi programlarını yeni aldığı bilgisayara yükledi. Bende bu bilgisayarı kullanmaya devam ediyorum. Şimdi bende kendime program aldığımda, bu sorunlarla karşılaştım. Yardım edebilirmisiniz. Bununla ilgili olarak bir bilet oluşturdum ancak herhangi bir geri tanımı " dönüş olmadı. Bilgisayarımda ki herşey orjinal. Sorun nerede yardımcı olabilirseniz sevinirim. English: Why am I getting this error during installation? We used this computer and my friend have in common. Then you bought yourself a new computer. That their own programs loaded on the new computer. Me I continue to use this computer. When I took the program myself now, that I ran into problems. Can you help me. I created a ticket about it, but didn't return. Everything on my computer is original. Where is the problem if you could help I'd appreciate it. GizmoLog.txt
  19. So after downloading and activating skymaxx pro v3 and after 1 flight where everything worked as it was supposed to, the clouds just got removed when running x plane the next day and i have not been able to see clouds after that. Log.txt
  20. Flying with Skymaxx Pro v3 (Skymaxx by Maxx-XP in co-operation with Sundog Software and X-Aviation)
  21. A few days ago, I dusted off my Xplane dvds and loaded again to my computer. But once again, I got frustrated with the way the default clouds looked again. So I went back to playing FSX. Dovetails has taken over and now have a updated Steam Edition. No more crashes and glitches that the old FSX had. But it's basically the same old technology. It did not matter that the weather looked great with the addition of REX4 and Opus weather, the realism was missing. Then I thought, what if there was a weather software to compliment Xplane 10 amazing graphics? This is when a friend told me to check out SkyMaxx Pro. So I watched some videos and read reviews on it. I liked what I read and saw, so I bought it. Yes, It was late, and I had a little trouble installing it, but after a quick email from the owner, I had it up and running in no time. There was a little misunderstanding but it's all good. I must say, the software brought flying in a simulator to a new level! The best part for me at least, that SkyMaxx has to offer, that no other weather/texture software can claim, is the shadow effect! The level of detail when you are flying over lakes and mountains is one thing, but to actually see cloud coverage over areas of the globe is outstanding. Thanks again for making flying enjoyable again! Regards, Rom
  22. Hi all, I recently purchased this add on, and it was incredible. On the second start, however, a dialog box appeared, where I had to enter my activation details, again. I did, and got an error stating, " Activation Failed. License Updated. " I know I have already activated it. Cameron's first suggestion was to make sure my time-servers were in sync. They were a day behind, which was quickly rectified. Unfortunately, I still have no clouds. And no patience.. Sorry guys, but it's like seeing a tidbit of magic, and then they run away.. like women! ha, just kidding. If I was to try re-installing it (I hear this has worked for some users), how do I open the dat. uninstaller file on my computer? Anybody have any tips? Log.txt
  23. Hello! Can i get a refund?
  24. It seems as if the clouds are obscuring the billboard lights when HDR is turned on. I have tried different settings and only noticed this while building an airport. Below are some pics with HDR on and SkyMaxx enabled and disabled. Not sure if this can be fixed or not, but I thought you may want to know. X-Plane 10.32 SkyMaxxPro 2.1.1
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