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  1. A few days ago, I dusted off my Xplane dvds and loaded again to my computer. But once again, I got frustrated with the way the default clouds looked again. So I went back to playing FSX. Dovetails has taken over and now have a updated Steam Edition. No more crashes and glitches that the old FSX had. But it's basically the same old technology. It did not matter that the weather looked great with the addition of REX4 and Opus weather, the realism was missing. Then I thought, what if there was a weather software to compliment Xplane 10 amazing graphics? This is when a friend told me to check out SkyMaxx Pro. So I watched some videos and read reviews on it. I liked what I read and saw, so I bought it. Yes, It was late, and I had a little trouble installing it, but after a quick email from the owner, I had it up and running in no time. There was a little misunderstanding but it's all good. I must say, the software brought flying in a simulator to a new level! The best part for me at least, that SkyMaxx has to offer, that no other weather/texture software can claim, is the shadow effect! The level of detail when you are flying over lakes and mountains is one thing, but to actually see cloud coverage over areas of the globe is outstanding. Thanks again for making flying enjoyable again! Regards, Rom
  2. How did I know my own words would be used against me Ben? The fact that I wrote this thread and found a problem with your install, (which did not have accurate install instructions) only proves that I am a good QA Engineer. (Perhaps you can include "Dont run the installer from within the zip folder", on your products manuals next time. I have run many programs this way without any issues. But not with yours) But I just installed your product and well, it is not even close to REX4 Textures or Opus weather Engine. The clouds are decent, better than Xplane default, but needs work. A lot of work! (All you really need to do is watch Youtube videos on what an amazing job Reed Stough and Tim Fuchs have done over at Rex. Nice try! (You can roll your eyes now. )
  3. Issue has been resolved. Thanks for your response. However, we can differ on whether I was being dramatic. It sure got your attention didn't it? Now let's see how good your product really is and what everyone has been talking about. (Crosses fingers) And if you want to know the secret on how to get more people over to Xplane from FSX, please email me. Thanks Rom
  4. Am I being dramatic? Due to the fact that I purchased something online from a company that I am not familiar with yet and then download the product only to find out that it does not work? I exchange very personal information, my credit card, home address, phone #. I do not think that is dramatic. When I order a product, I expect some 'hick ups' and updates (I should know, I am a Quality Assurance Engineer) but I could not even download the product? Listen I do not want to come across on a bad foot here, I have been flying sims for years, and I recently switch over from FSX SE because I felt Xplane 10 is a better product, especially how realistic it looks. However, the one thing that was missing from the default XPLANE are the clouds are horrible. So I had read many positive reviews on your product, and I was hoping this would solve my dilemma and make my switch of from FSXSE (Steam Edition) worth it! I truly believe that, Xplane will over take the FSX user base in the next couple years, because the products and adds on are better. I might even have ideas on how you can win over users like myself, who used FSX and to pull them over to Xplane products, but that is a different conversation. Now having said that, this might be an easy fix for you guys, but I did not get an email from anyone 13 mins after I emailed you. Could you please resend and we can clear this up? Thanks Rom PS it was late when I did download your product, so I might have come across as a bit harsh. However, I would like to have this issue fixed, so I can see the results and both parties will be happy.
  5. Hello I just purchased SkyMax Pro v2. 2.11 And after I downloaded and tried to extracted with a unzip program I get an error. Please respond within 24 hours or I will be contacting my Credit Card company and having these charges removed as Fraudulent. Regards Romolo Perriello
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