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  1. great video!! Thanks for sharing Ion!!
  2. Thanks!! In this video I'm using Saint Marteen Islands (freeware by Delblond Christian) and Stewart aerodrome (by Beti-X). And for sky and weather I'm using a combination of two add-ons: SkyMaxx Pro (by Maxx-XP) for skies mainly and for water colors i'm using Ultra Weather XP (by Almuntassir Graphics Designers Team) and thanks for feedback!!
  3. Video flying with Antares 20E (by Aerobask)
  4. Escape from Henderson in a Cirrus SR20 I hope you like it and happy new year 2016!!
  5. Boeing 767 (by FlightFactor) in Princess Juliana I hope you like this video
  6. Flying with McDonnell Douglas MD-80 (by Rotate) I hope you like it
  7. First Flights with Ultra Weather XP by Almuntassir Graphics Designers Team. NOTICE: This video is recorded using Ultra Weather XP & Skymaxx Pro simultaneously. A previous installation of SkyMaxx and after an installation of Ultra Weather XP with all features except clouds textures. Some features of both products may not be displayed as if they were independently... Thanks!! I hope you like it!!
  8. Embraer E-175 flying in French Polynesia. Aircraft by X-Crafts and scenery by xpfr.org http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUtgMEz7t0M I hope you like it
  9. Flying over New York City with scenery by Drzewiecki Design I hope you like it!!
  10. Air Traffic at Barcelona Airport (LEBL) (Airport by Dai-Media.com) I hope you like it
  11. Thanks!!, no I'm using an add-on (Maxx-FX by Maxx-XP) and I add a layer with extra red color
  12. Flying with Skymaxx Pro v3 (Skymaxx by Maxx-XP in co-operation with Sundog Software and X-Aviation)
  13. CT182T Skylane (by Carenado) flying between Vanuatu and Solomon Islands
  14. Robinson R66 flying over Warsaw (Scenery by drzewiecki Design and helicopter by Alabeo. Thanks to the rest of aircraft and add-ons manufacturers...)
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