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Found 12 results

  1. I purchased the G5 plugin for XP-12, run on M1 Max Mac OS. I followed the instructions and installed it. I opened the C172 plane and the G5 appears, but it won't power on (please see attached). The instructions only say to "press the power button to turn it on", but clicking the power button doesn't do anything. I'm not sure what the issue is. Does anyone have any idea how I turn it on? Any help is appreciated!
  2. Hi, I am quite new to X-Plane development environment, but have now started up development of a plugin to interface a specific hardware vendors cockpit modules( MCP, COM, NAV, ADF, etc.) The development goes OK, but i am a little confused about the usage of default dataRefs and Commands and the specific IXEG datarefs and commands. Coming from the FSX/P3D/PMDG world, I find the usage of some default datarefs and some addon specific dataref a little confusing. But, so far I have mangaged to get the MCP module almost working, but lack information about the following dataRefs/command. For the Flight director annunciators I am using ("ixeg/733/MCP/mcp_plt_fd_ann"); ("ixeg/733/MCP/mcp_cplt_fd_ann"); without any luck. They seem to not work at all. For the MCP's CRS_A, IAS/MACH, HDG, ALT, VS and CRS_B 7-segment displays I am displaying the values in the hardware when turing the rotaries and then set these values to the corresponding datarRef All , but the vvi-dial_fmp works fine. ("sim/cockpit/radios/nav1_obs_degm"); ("sim/cockpit2/autopilot/airspeed_dial_kts_mach"); ("sim/cockpit2/autopilot/heading_dial_deg_mag_pilot"); ("sim/cockpit2/autopilot/altitude_dial_ft"); ("sim/cockpit2/autopilot/vvi_dial_fpm"); ("sim/cockpit/radios/nav2_obs_degm2"); Can anyone tell me if the dataRefs I am having problem with can be changed to some others? I have used DataRef tools to see if I miss something, but so far I have had no luck.
  3. Hi, Can anyone tell me if it is possible to move( or copy) the Ixeg 733 CDU screens to another monitor? If yes, please tell me how. I need this as I am building a hardware interface plugin for a hardware CDU module.
  4. Hi, The OC4BA_XP plugin from rksoftware will let you use your Opencockpit modules to fly the IXEG B737-300. Fly the magnificent IXEG B737 from "real" flightdeck modules and not your PC mouse. Visit http://www.flightsim4fun.com
  5. Hi, As I am doing plugin development, I am in need for a lot of testing. That also means I am changing my plugin code often and need to retest. Now I must close X-plane, before I can copy my new plugin code to the plugin folder, and then restart X-plane. Is it possible to update plugin code without reloading X-plane?
  6. First Flights with Ultra Weather XP by Almuntassir Graphics Designers Team. NOTICE: This video is recorded using Ultra Weather XP & Skymaxx Pro simultaneously. A previous installation of SkyMaxx and after an installation of Ultra Weather XP with all features except clouds textures. Some features of both products may not be displayed as if they were independently... Thanks!! I hope you like it!!
  7. Flying with Skymaxx Pro v3 (Skymaxx by Maxx-XP in co-operation with Sundog Software and X-Aviation)
  8. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone can help a big issue that I'm really struggling with... I've found that EFASS Plug-ins XPUIPC and XPSM seem to interfere with the SASL internal plug-in files found in: JARDesign A320neo, FlightFactor 757-200, FlyJSim Dash 8 Q400. When I load up X-Plane for the first time, without any EFASS plugins, the SASL plugins work perfectly. After installing EFASS with the XPUIPC and XPSM plug-ins, I get an instant 'not responding, had to shutdown error' everytime I try to reload an aircraft that requires SASL. I've managed to use a work around, but I feel it still has problems. I can create a new folder with the core SASL infomation in Resources>Plugins and delete all remaining SASL information (except the 'data' folder and 'OpenAL32.dll') in each aircraft folder. Has anyone got any idea why this is happening? I have changed X-Plane's folder properties and security settings to allow all users to access all files with the correct permissions. I am running X-Plane 10.30b with the latest EFASS (updated yesterday on 14.06.2014 and have tried many previous versions too with X-Plane 10.22 and X-Plane 10.25 -- the same thing happens ) Any help would be massively appreciated! Many thanks Pete (ZuluKiloXP) (I have submitted a log where the SASL folder is in the correct place in the aircraft folder and what happens if I try to reload the aircraft) Log.txt
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