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  1. Hi Jan, Thank you!, that looks like a solution. I don't know if my setup is correct, but the smooth run interval is much longer. Regards! Ales
  2. Hi folks, I have a problem stuttering with this plane. This is not a frame rate problem or a hardware problem. Stuttering is regular, after about half a second. The problem is most evident when turning on the taxiway or when using a hat switch. Probably more people have this problem: Thread to this problem here. Can it be a fixable bug? In older versions of X-Plane this problem does not occur: I have the same thing with the IXEG and also the FJS Twin Jet. It is a stutter at one second intervals,not very pronounced,but annoying. Only seems to be an isue on the later versions of X-Plane and really noticeable when taxing and turning. . I still keep earlier versions of X-Plane 11 and both are smooth or smoother on 1126 I will add that if the aircraft is in the state of Cold and Dark, everything is fine. Probably doing some process. Otherwise, this aircraft runs very smoothly. Except for this one little thing that is more apparent in some situations. And sometimes it hard stutters just before the sound of the trim. It would be good to solve this problem. It's a great plane and great work IXEG team! Thank you! Ales
  3. Hello, Sometimes I use historical weather. But clouds still remain the same. The only thing that helps is to change the cloud configuration and apply the changes (this can be any change, just a cirrus resolution). Simply, the clouds will never change until I apply the changes with FSGRW. I have the connector set to FSGRW / External injector. Before apply changes After apply change (a cyrrus res maybe) Ales
  4. Zibo mod is great and it's hard work. But, updates are very common, as everyone is testing this plane. IXEG is a professional product and only releases stable and tested and tuned updates. Sometimes it becomes a mistake, but it happens, we are just humans. Looking forward to the next update, I hope it will be soon.
  5. No problem, thank you very much!
  6. I do not think so. In this video, CRT screens are glass. It's looking great. In XP11 is only flat and black. They look like a matt LCD.
  7. Hi folks, I found a screenshot from the IXEG 737 cockpit. There's amazing reflection on the displays. I've seen some older videos with cockpit reflections. My cockpit does not have it. Is this a bug in X-Plane 11? It's a minor problem, but I'm interested in it. The left side is my screenshot.
  8. I've figured out what's causing it(the card). This is the B733_cockpit_shell_LIT.png file. Specifically in this livery: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/40333-varig-pp-vog-for-ixeg-boeing-737-300-xp-11/ It happens at night or early in the morning. Default liveries do not have this problem.
  9. OK, thank you! ...and, what is this? (a card on windows)
  10. Thank you. I do not use any plugins. I had Skymaxx Pro, but I uninstalled it. I'd try the beta version, but I'm afraid the simulator would not be so smooth or buggy.
  11. Hi folks, It's strange, but if the lightning strikes, the cockpit goes out. I do not know how to describe it, I'm sending a sample video. X-Plane 11 (not beta)
  12. ...and... I am looking forward to the reflective materials https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvhC02jD6Fc
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