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  1. same with a sim restart - also tried redownloading and reinstalling skymaxx. (silverlining plugins folder remains deleted manually before inst.)
  2. done as described - warning / problem still there
  3. Same here ! xp 11.5b9 with latest gizmo and skymaxx version thanks
  4. thanks for your quick reply - as i am writing this i am testing xpuipc with several acars systems and the ixeg - that version might solve the problem , seems stable now. seems like the ixeg throttle and virtual airline acars systems will work with but might habe problems with versions below and above....will keep testing. very strange indeed. appreciate your support
  5. Hey, I know that you are aware of the throttle issue with new xuipc versions (throttle not responding) . Problem is that more and more Virtual Airline Acars Systems require the latest XPuipc version to be installed to have the acars logger working correctly. Older versiosn eg . will cause some acars systems to crash. is there any any update to make the throttle work with newer xpuipc versions ?` thanks
  6. appreciate you guys took a look into this - great support !
  7. Hello, I have installed the latest 1.31 version with the offered gizmo beta. I now have text stating - beta days remaining - never seen that before, normal ? any chance to get of rid of ? XP11.50b9 thanks
  8. Fully understood, was really just to double check for any other errors. I did another complete install X11.50b6 , skymaxx pro latest version and i was able to track down the files which are "responsible" or least need to be active for the effect to occur, see image its always these four files regardless of the sky preset from skymaxx (of course names will be different then). As soon as you remove them from the skymaxx shaders installation folder its all fine maybe its really something within the shader files ?
  9. well following scenario - installing skymaxx and then installing an additional cloud set addon on top/after, eg vividsky or cloudart still has the problem. i uninstall skymaxx and the trouble is gone. so its either a skymaxx engine / software problem not being compatible to 11.50b6 atm or laminars, meaning hdr setting on is causing it correct ? thanks for the quick replies
  10. thank you will do so, just to check it only happens with the skymaxx tool installed - doesnot happen with other third party cloud sets, so the combinations triggering the effect is skymaxx and visual effects set hdr on.
  11. I ticked the vulkan box in settings thats all, will try opengl now. i have already posted this in the xplane forum an hour ago but for what ever reason it got deleted..... will try to repost once i have figured out if its only with vulkan edit* Just found the setting which is triggering the "bloom effect" its the HDR Visual Effects Settings, as soon as i disable it everything is back to normal, will forward this to laminar !
  12. Hey there, Recently updated from 11.41 to 11.50b6 - everything seems to be working fine with the sim and all addons / plugins. Only Skymaxx is giving me a hard time atm. In VC or close to the aircraft i get this strange effect looking at clouds (pic 1). As soon as i move away from the plane the effect is gone. (pic 2) I have also tried installing skymaxx with a complete new clean install of x11.50b6 to check if any config or other plugin is causing this. Only happens with 4.9.2. regardless of whihc sky or cloud set i select. Also changes in AA dont help. Shadows are set to 4096 Any suggestions, just recently bought smp / rwc with fsgrw Thanks * Edit - did some more trouble shooting, seems it happens also with a clean install of xplane but only with addon aircraft. IXEG, FlightFactor Zibo etc. doesnot happen with default planes
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