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  1. Hello. Not sure if this is the best part of the forum to post this. I am loving the Cl650. I finally managed to install Ubuntu 20.04LTS version. Rookie Linux user here. All is well with a learning curve of course. In OpenGL I get high settings in XP with amazing frame rates up to my monitors refresh rate of 144Hz even with airports and ortho. When I switch to Vulkan the displays in the CL650 do not show. They only are working when I pop out the PFD MFD and EICAS. I purposely left Ubuntu 20.05LTS fully updated upon installation and made no other tweaks. I did no GPU software updates. When I have done this in the past it has broken XP11. Current machine has a AMD 6900XT RDNA 2 GPU. Curious to know if anyone has made this work under Ubuntu or Linux Mint for XP11 running Vulkan. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  2. Hello. I have been dealing with AMD flashing since I purchased my 6900xt. Laminar stated they have asked AMD to fix the issue. As we all know it is an AMD Windows Driver bug. My 23 other games and two sims have no flashing. So I live with it. Unfortunately, for me it happens on two add-on aircraft companies I love to purchase products from and support. All the others are fine. And it ONLY happens in combination with weather add-on products with these aircraft, except for default XP weather and Active Sky. Again, not an issue with the products per se, but the AMD Windows driver bug. My solution.....I have no flashing with these aircraft when I switch to default weather with AS. I keep my plugins to a minimum and problem is gone. Well at least I think its gone . For those of you who are still having flashing issues. Try to turn of Synthetic Vision. Hope this helps!
  3. Hello! I could not find how to transfer the fuel for an imbalance in the documentation. Spent to much time on the ground learning with the APU on . I was wondering how we can transfer fuel to correct this? The right side was down around 600lbs. Thank you!
  4. Hello, I downloaded 4.9.4 from my account. During the installation process the previous version was removed. It asked if I should try the Gizmo beta and I selected yes. The installation completed successfully. When launching the sim (XP11.50B10) on Windows 10, all goes well and the new style activation screen comes up, I activate. However, I see in the top right hand corner in red, "Please Remove or Update Plugin, SkyMaxx Pro, SilverLiningV4.clouds." In the plugin menu I see SkyMax Pro, but it is deactivated and greyed out. Thoughts? Thank you!
  5. This looks amazing. What are your settings for SMP? Would love to try the same settings when you release 4.9.3!!!
  6. Thanks. I guess what I have to figure out then is how to integrate it into the 3D panel. Thanks for your response.
  7. This is great! I read through the manuals. Quick question. Can it be integrated into a plane with a GTN750 running? I was thinking about using it with the Bonanza F33A.
  8. Understood. So it is OK to leave this on. I start FSGRW after XPlane is loaded at the airport and then sync the weather. I am assuming it automatically updates the METAR.wx file regardless of this feature being set. Thanks!
  9. Hello All, I use SkyMax Pro, RWC, and FSGRW. All work great. I did notice on FSGRW Facebook page a post on 12.15.2018 explaining the "Never change visible weather" option. I am a bit confused though. It sounds like if this option is enabled and if the sim is restarted the Metar File is not read. I have read through the manuals all make sense but I want to make sure the weather that is pulled in is correct when the sim restarts for another session at a latter date. Should Never change visible weather be disabled prior to start and then enabled in flight? Or do we re select the metar file?> Thanks looking for for SMP4.8!
  10. Hello. Thank you for releasing the update. I was typing this post and I noticed you released the update! A couple of questions 1.) if we use ASXP and use its texture replacement for the weather engine does SkyMax Pro replace these textures when used as well? Or is SkyMax Pro a seperate entity for textures? Sorry a bit rusty. 2.) Will real weather connector need to be used when using ASXP for the injection mode just like FSGRW as stated. Thanks and have a nice day!
  11. Thanks. So after I create my OWN folder I should move it out and then copy your version into this Xplane/Output folder. Thanks for your quick response.
  12. Quick question. Steps 2 and 3. To clarify do we duplicate the TBM900 folder as TBM900_my and then save it outside the sim? Step 3 is that just the standard TBM900 folder in the Xplane/Output folder that just stays? Thanks!
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