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Linux Vulkan CL650 XP11


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Hello. Not sure if this is the best part of the forum to post this.  I am loving the Cl650. I finally managed to install Ubuntu 20.04LTS version. Rookie Linux user here. All is well with a learning curve of course. In OpenGL I get high settings in XP with amazing frame rates up to my monitors refresh rate of 144Hz even with airports and ortho. When I switch to Vulkan the displays in the CL650 do not show. They only are working when I pop out the PFD MFD and EICAS.

I purposely left Ubuntu 20.05LTS fully updated upon installation and made no other tweaks. I did no GPU software updates. When I have done this in the past it has broken XP11. Current machine has a AMD 6900XT RDNA 2 GPU.

Curious to know if anyone has made this work under Ubuntu or Linux Mint for XP11 running Vulkan. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you

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Please correct me if I'm wrong but at least a few years back the saying was that you would need an Nvidia GeForce card with the proprietary drivers to have full support on Linux, AMD/ATI Radeon is not fully supported on Linux (and shows weird bugs on Windows as well). Personally, I always bought GeForce cards due to those known issues, so I can't tell if the situation maybe improved (but I don't remember having read any comments about improvements over the past years).

I've recently read about other X-Plane addons having issues with 3D rendering on "AMD" as well, even on Windows (not sure if those reports referred to CPU-integrated graphics or dedicated GPUs), so maybe the issues are not even limited to Linux drivers.

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