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  1. For what it's worth, I'm running it on Ubuntu 20.04 using Vulkan and have no issues. My specs are: AMD Ryzen 7 3800X, GTX 2080 Super, 32GB RAM.
  2. Flight: PAJN - EGAA Route: CGL CANYO VQ HI 73N110W RB YIO JULET 72N060W 71N050W 70N040W 68N030W 64N020W ERAKA/N0467F350 BEL Cruise level: FL350 During this flight, the aircraft flew normally until passing YIO whereupon it failed to recognise that we had reached that point. It continued to fly the same track beyond the point, rather than turning for the next point. The DTG simply started to increase. There were no discontinuities on the LEGS page. After passing the fix, the legs page still showed YIO as the next point. This happened to me and two friends who were flying the same route. I was also able to reproduce (screenshots below). While reproducing the scenario, after the aircraft had passed the fix I then put it into heading mode and started a left turn... as soon as I did this, the aircraft suddenly realised it had passed YIO and set JULET as the next fix. Image 1: having reached the fix, the aircraft simply continues on the same track, still in LNV1 mode. Image 2: Legs page that corresponds with Image 1 - the aircraft has now flown 6.1 miles beyond YIO. Image 3: Taken just after the first two images. Image 4: Immediately after the first three images, I put it into heading mode and initiated a left turn. As soon as the aircraft started to turn, the FMS realised that we had passed YIO and sequenced JULET as the next fix.
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