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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, How to manage Crossed between all 3 tanks? When tanks 1&2 were nearly empty, I switched on CTR tank fuel pumps on and opened Cross feed Valve. The fuel was taken from CTR tank but id did not seem to cross feed to tank 1&2. Thanks, Dainius Psitulskis
  2. Nothing that would impact functionality, just an oddity I noticed: Flying at FL370 with an OAT of -24°C, the FUEL TEMP indicator on the OHP indicated a fuel temperature of +20°C - not sure that this could not happen in RL, it just seems improbable...
  3. Don't know if I understood the RA correctly, but I thought the actual fuel that was in the tanks at the end of last flight (when unloading the B733 or X-Plane) would be stored: However, I now get strange fuel values each time I load the B733 - no longer the standard 7,500 kgs from previous versions, but also neither the fuel I had in the tanks at end of last flight, nor the fuel I loaded for last flight. It seems to be 2268 kgs for the wing tanks each and 3506 kgs for the center tank now. I played a bit with monitoring IXEG_user_prefs.txt, to narrow it down. Here's what I found: When loading the 737 (quick start on x-plane launch), the fuel_amt_[1,2,3] variables are overwritten with the above given values (with 1 and 3 kept in sync). When doing a Gizmo reboot after having loaded the aircraft, fuel variables are re-set to the value stored in the last X-Plane session (maybe the amount that's really in the tanks? don't know where it takes this info from, could be read from IXEG_user_prefs.txt before overwriting it with the defaults given above). IXEG_user_prefs.txt is updated accordingly. Opening one of the IXEG dialogs directly after loading the aircraft (without reboot) shows correct values, but does not write them back to IXEG_user_prefs.txt NB: the PREFLIGHT menu sometimes also shows the above given values from the file, but I couldn't figure out the conditions when it does so When changing the fuel via PREFLIGHT menu, the fuel variables are re-set to the new values and IXEG_user_prefs.txt is updated When changing the fuel via GROUND SERVICE menu, the fuel variables are not changed (i. e. IXEG_user_prefs.txt is not updated) Shutting down the APU (as probably the last fuel consumer being turned off in a flight cycle) does not trigger an update to IXEG_user_prefs.txt Shutting down an engine does not trigger an update to IXEG_user_prefs.txt Unloading the aircraft (by closing X-Plane) does not trigger an update to IXEG_user_prefs.txt In consequence, when re-loading the B733 next time, the IXEG_user_prefs.txt either contains the fuel set through the PREFLIGHT menu (if done so after the last loading of the aircraft) or the seemingly random values posted above (since the IXEG_user_prefs.txt file is overwritten with them on each loading and the GND SERVICE menu doesn't trigger IXEG_user_prefs.txt to be updated). Therefore I'd recommend to update the fuel_amt variables in IXEG_user_prefs.txt also on those events: PREFLIGHT MENU on close (even if fuel was not updated - say I just opened to check and was happy with the values there, then I still have 2268/3506/2268 in IXEG_user_prefs.txt and a bad surprise next time I load the aircraft) GND SERVICE MENU end of refuelling GND SERVICE MENU on close (same rationale as for PREFLIGHT MENU) on engine shutdown (taking the values in the tanks) on APU shutdown (usually the last fuel consumer being shut down on a normal flight cycle) [EDIT] P. S: I somehow forgot the scenario "open X-Plane with the B733 and close it again without doing anything" - that would again write 2268/3506/2268 into IXEG_user_prefs.txt, so bad luck on next start. Not sure how to catch this one (I'm no expert, but most probably there isn't an "on_exit" event - and for sure non for a hard CTD), so probably the best solution would be to enhance initialisation routines to write back the actually correct fuel setting into IXEG_user_prefs.txt before taking any other action.
  4. Hi, dont know if it has been reportes yet, on the Progress Page the Fuel at the "From" Waypoint Fuel is calculated wrong. I had no problem with the ATA or even ETA for the following Waypoints yet, however when i had 4.9 Tons of fuel on board and reached a Waypoint, the waypoint jumps up correctly to the FROM line, ATA writes the correct time of arrival at that certain Waypoint but the Fuel suddently showed 7.1 Tons. Nevertheless the IXEG 733 is so much fun to fly
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