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  1. nono i really like your clouds! really the best, non-volumetric, out there, and this is an old post, however, i stopped using SkymaxxPro (i'm sorry) but after volumetric clouds i'll never step back
  2. widows 98

    TorqueSim Releases BN-2 Islander

    Looks good! I'm considering to buy it, but an i know also the scenery used in the image?
  3. go at 5:51 and you'll understand all! I really like your amazing work! but, any chance to modify cumulus textures? also by me, i mean i tried to modify by my self but it was a mess!
  4. As I read on xplane blog, with Vulkan uptate x plane will use also OpenGl for software that needs it, and , so, because you haven't released that volumetric clouds engine, at least, is there any way to get SMP more 3d? I arleady love a lot how you draw clouds, they're very realistic, but 3d clouds would be incredible! Can't wait for your next uptade! At least, fats and puff (?) I don't remember how wast called that textures option, are arleady really nice, and they aren't cartoonish as the stormy textures, but they still need some improvement
  5. sooooo, dear SMP developers, i really love SMP and i think that it is one of the best XP11 cloud engine, but, to know, Are you going to introduce volumetric clouds (and i don't mean the number of puffs, but things like xE) maybe in SMP5? it would be really nice! because SMP4 clouds are arleady almost 3d, but a volumetric cloud would be amazing!
  6. no it was my fault! in RWC settings it was checked the box "never change visible weather"
  7. Hi pilots, how you can see from my 10h time lapse of honolulu, clouds are not moving, also if there was wind! How can i solve this problem? also because in this other time lapse clouds are moving!
  8. but that image from SMP, too beautiful
  9. i see like this from great altitude like 60000ft+
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