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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, just downloaded the new version of Challenger 650, v1.4.1 and during installation I get an error about failing to read X-Plane 11/Gizmo64.zip file (see attached image). Does anyone else encountered that problem, or is that a problem with my setup? I had no issues with previous version and its installer. Thanks, Mike
  2. Previously, I purchased the original G5 instruments form X-Aviation and they worked with the C172. Later, I downloaded the newer version. Long story short, I see the instruments but they will not turn on. I have updated the C++ redistributable, as well as the Gizmo64 plugin. I'm using X-Plane 11.55. I cannot get any of the Gizmo64 menu items to work. The little menu for the G5's that used to appear on the right side of the screen does not appear. I am out of ideas. I am attaching the log files. Thanx in advance for any help. Log.txt GizmoLog.txt
  3. Hello Guys: I recently tried to use my simulator after 1 week and when opening the x-aviation license message showed up; I entered my credentials and appear the following error: http API call_back: GateKeeper_rx_authenticate: [string "core/json.lua.gfys"]:381: attempt to call global 'error' (a nil value) This does not let me use either Skymaxx and Real Weather connector. my other products work well like ixeg and saab340. I reinstalled all and deleted registry but nothing works. any ideas? these are my logs: GizmoLog.txt Log.txt Thanks in advance
  4. Hey guys I have just purchased my 737 Classic recently and wanted to update to the latest version so I looked for v1.0.1 so I could get things started to eventually get to the latest 1.0.7 I went to hotfix and put in the update code for v1.0.1 and i got these messages that are posted below. I have looked around in forums and couldn't find any post that could help me. I am running Xplane on a Mac fyi ya anyways.. any help from you guys would be amazing! thanks in Advance Kind Regards,
  5. As some might noticed, I'm working on updating the Avanti II with more functionality using Gizmo. I came up to something a bit challenging (at least for my limited skills) and thought to share the code if any one want to use it. Please free to comment or indicated a better way of doing this. The challenge: Avanti's AP annunciates on PFD if the selected nav source is FMC or NAV or LOC, and if the nav/loc is active. For example, if you set as source a VOR frequency and it is not in reach you get no indication. What might is the challenging part is to check is the nav frequency is a VOR or ILS. Good thing, that makes things easier, is that VORs and ILSs are using different frequencies. Note: I'm using Columbia 400 as a testbed to check the code before transferring it to Avanti. Here we go: nav1_act=dref.getDataref("sim/cockpit/radios/nav1_freq_hz") -- Read the nav1 frequency. loc_is_alive=dref.getDataref("sim/cockpit2/radios/indicators/nav1_display_horizontal") --Check if we have a valid VOR/LOC signal. loc_or_nav=dref.newInt("columbia/datarefs/loc_or_nav") --Custom dataref to set to NAV or LOC. font1 = font.getFont(xp.getFolder() .."Aircraft/General Aviation/Columbia-400/scripts/fonts/display_f1.ttf", 20) --Our font to use for drawing text. function nav_is_loc() -- our function to check for NAV or LOC frequncy. local Localizer_freq = {10810,10815,10830,10835,10850,10855,10870,10875,10890,10895, 10910,10915,10930,10935,10950,10955,10970,10975,10990,10995, 11010,11015,11030,11035,11050,11055,11070,11075,11090,11095, 11110,11115,11130,11135,11150,11155,11170,11175,11190,11195} --This table contains all the ILS possible frequencies. for _,loc_val in ipairs(Localizer_freq) do --Here we are doing our check against the table of frequencies. if loc_val==dref.getInt(nav1_act) then dref.setInt(loc_or_nav, 1) break --If the nav1 frequncy exists in the table set our custom dataref to 1. else dref.setInt(loc_or_nav, 0) --otherwise set it to 0. end --of if. end --of do. end --of function. function main() nav_is_loc() -- We put our function here to do the check every frame (right???). end function OnDraw_Gauges_3D() --Now we are going to draw on our 3D cockpit displays. gfx.setState( 0, --fog 0, --numTexUnits, 0, --lighting, 1, --alphaTest, 1, --alphaBlend, 0, --depthTest, 0 --depthWrite ) gfx.texOff() if (dref.getInt(loc_is_alive)==1) then --Now we check if you are getting VOR or LOC signal. if (dref.getInt(loc_or_nav)==1) then --If our custom dataref is 1 (as setted by our function...on top). gfx.setColor(1.0,0.0,1.0,1.0) -- Magenta color font.drawString(font1, "LOC", 450, 350) --Draw the "LOC" on the coords. else gfx.setColor(0.0,1.0,0.0,1.0) -- In any other case, set color to green font.drawString(font1, "NAV", 450, 350) -- and draw "NAV". end --of 2nd if. end --end of 1st if. end --OnDraw_Gauges_3D
  6. I've just got round to updating my gizmo plugin to from an older 64 bit version (i can dig the version out if important). I am getting script error's in the console for all the xp.get and xp.set functions in previously working code. I have managed to figure out that by changing these to dref API functions clears the errors. I haven't changed every reference in my multi file scripts yet as I just want to be sure that xp functions will not function with these newer gizmo versions any longer and that dref is the new kid on the block and should be used in new script. I know dref has been in the API for a while now but when and why did xp cease, or did it? The API only seems to be current for
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