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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, I recently bought SkyMaxx Pro and I am having trouble with the purchase verification on the X-Aviation installer. After entering the details, it responds "Error fetching URL". I have tried disabling my firewall and restarting the computer, nothing has been a success. Image of Error: https://puu.sh/mfS1I/ac24528e5c.png
  2. I recently fly this Hot Start CL650 from RJCH (Hakodate Airport, Japan) to RJSS (Sendai Airport, Japan). After pushing CHART button on copilot side's, X-Plane crashed and went to desktop. When I entered a flight plan to fly somewhere other than RJSS into the flight plan, I was able to load the chart without any problems. However, the CTD only when Sendai Airport is included in the flight plan or when I manually select RJSS on the chart screen and try to load it. I attached log file, so I hope someone will find out the problem, and fix it. Thank you.
  3. Hello, I have a problem. I have recently purchased the IXEG 737 Classic and installed it directly. I wanted to activate the aircraft in the Xplane with the help of my email address and my password, I got the following error Error: Machine ID locked please contact support@x-aviation.com The Support of X-Aviation do not answer me. Please he lp I finally want to use it best regards Christian O. (Daiobi)
  4. Hello Guys: I recently tried to use my simulator after 1 week and when opening the x-aviation license message showed up; I entered my credentials and appear the following error: http API call_back: GateKeeper_rx_authenticate: [string "core/json.lua.gfys"]:381: attempt to call global 'error' (a nil value) This does not let me use either Skymaxx and Real Weather connector. my other products work well like ixeg and saab340. I reinstalled all and deleted registry but nothing works. any ideas? these are my logs: GizmoLog.txt Log.txt Thanks in advance
  5. Hi, I was trying to fly the saab 340 but when I loaded it the gizmo console popped up with this error. Gizmo64: debug: XPL: gizmo_Restart() Gizmo64: debug: Firmware v14.11.26.0526 Gizmo64: debug: X-Plugins OBJ8 Loader v15.01.11 Gizmo64: debug: * gxt.refresh().. Gizmo64: debug: gxt: AutoLoading.. Gizmo64: debug: * Autoload Level 1: Gizmo64: debug: gxt.load: Console Gizmo64: debug: gxt.load: ToolTray Gizmo64: debug: * Autoload Level 2: Gizmo64: warng: gxt.load: ErrorReport: FAILED: ext_info is nil, bad link? Gizmo64: debug: gxt.load: HotFix Gizmo64: warng: gxt.load: MapHarness: FAILED: ext_info is nil, bad link? Gizmo64: debug: gxt.load: Mute Gizmo64: debug: gxt.load: Preferences Gizmo64: warng: gxt.load: Profiler: FAILED: ext_info is nil, bad link? Gizmo64: debug: gxt.load: RebootButton Gizmo64: warng: gxt.load: Scope: FAILED: ext_info is nil, bad link? Gizmo64: warng: gxt.load: ShaderStudio: FAILED: ext_info is nil, bad link? Gizmo64: debug: gxt.load: Shell Gizmo64: warng: gxt.load: Tripod: FAILED: ext_info is nil, bad link? Gizmo64: warng: gxt.load: WorkBench: FAILED: ext_info is nil, bad link? Gizmo64: warng: gxt.load: WX: FAILED: ext_info is nil, bad link? Gizmo64: debug: gxt.load: XA_Activation Gizmo64: debug: * Autoload L3: Gizmo64: debug: gxt: Autoload complete. Gizmo64: warng: Community Edition. Gizmo64: debug: XPL: Completed gizmo_Restart()
  6. Hello, I bought TerraMaxx a few days ago and tried installing it. It has worked until now once and has thrown out an error message (see picture). Unfortunately, I have not removed the log file from the main X Plan folder. After the deinstallation I just can not get it loaded. Have already tried a few approaches (firewall, Virus program from) Have never had problems with X-aviation what down load and now das.Habe me through the forum searched and tried a few approaches but has nothing to use. As I've read, I'm not the only one with this problem. Ticket has also been opened but maybe I get here faster MfG a solution. PC data Geforce GTX 1070TI, Intel Core i7 and free space is enough there.
  7. Just bought the IXEG-737 Classic from X-Aviation, Had some trouble with the installation first, it said the Username and Password doesn't match, but changing the Password solve the Problem. After that I started XP11, choosed the IXEG-737. A window popped up where I had to enter my X-Aviation Username (Email) and Password again. And again the authentication failed. Tried to change my Password, didn't change anything, started X-Plane as administator and tried to Copy Username and Password from Notepad. But the Problem is still there... To be honest I expected something else from a 75$ product.. but yeah hope someone can help me. Sorry for my english it's not my mother tongue GizmoLog.txt
  8. Hello the Team Being flying uphill, when I clicked on the "VERT SYNC" button on the pilot's yoke (at the right off the yoke), a Gizmo window opened announcing an error : "error: 2218.243: Run(xp): main: [string "JGX.1.Saab.00.lua.aes"]:19547: attempt to call global 'initASIbug' (a nil value)" Then the autopilot did not work, as all of the various autopilot selection (above the center panel). When I deactivated and reactivated the autopilot, it remained OFF and a new Gizmo error was generated : "error: 2453.911: Run(cmd): AP_engage_disengage_OnHold: [string "JGX.1.Saab.00.lua.aes"]:18713: attempt to call global 'initASIbug' (a nil value)" The flight being no longer possible, I left the SAAB 340A and X-Plane in flight In attachment is a zipped file that contains the Log.txt and the GizmoLog.txt.The two errors appear at the end of the GizmoLog.txt, the Log.txt appears to be normal I have had several times this type of error with the VERT SYNC button.. Jean-Pierre LogAndGismo.zip
  9. Hello all, I know this topic has been issued earlier, but I want to start a new one because I'm experiencing it right now. When I start the Saab, I get no audio, all the doors are open, and the propellor has a strange look when it spins. I did contact support, just a few minutes ago, but wasn't able to attach the logs, so I try to throw the bone in here as well. I attached the screenies, and added the gizmo & x-plane logs... Please keep in mind that all my joysticks are unplugged (my Track-IR isn't) Please help me to get this baby flying in all the glory she deserves! Thank you very much! GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  10. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone can help a big issue that I'm really struggling with... I've found that EFASS Plug-ins XPUIPC and XPSM seem to interfere with the SASL internal plug-in files found in: JARDesign A320neo, FlightFactor 757-200, FlyJSim Dash 8 Q400. When I load up X-Plane for the first time, without any EFASS plugins, the SASL plugins work perfectly. After installing EFASS with the XPUIPC and XPSM plug-ins, I get an instant 'not responding, had to shutdown error' everytime I try to reload an aircraft that requires SASL. I've managed to use a work around, but I feel it still has problems. I can create a new folder with the core SASL infomation in Resources>Plugins and delete all remaining SASL information (except the 'data' folder and 'OpenAL32.dll') in each aircraft folder. Has anyone got any idea why this is happening? I have changed X-Plane's folder properties and security settings to allow all users to access all files with the correct permissions. I am running X-Plane 10.30b with the latest EFASS (updated yesterday on 14.06.2014 and have tried many previous versions too with X-Plane 10.22 and X-Plane 10.25 -- the same thing happens ) Any help would be massively appreciated! Many thanks Pete (ZuluKiloXP) (I have submitted a log where the SASL folder is in the correct place in the aircraft folder and what happens if I try to reload the aircraft) Log.txt
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