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Found 14 results

  1. My sim crashed when I tried to go direct "KOPAG", after loading the save I wanted to go direct again and it crashed again. 1Log.txt
  2. I recently fly this Hot Start CL650 from RJCH (Hakodate Airport, Japan) to RJSS (Sendai Airport, Japan). After pushing CHART button on copilot side's, X-Plane crashed and went to desktop. When I entered a flight plan to fly somewhere other than RJSS into the flight plan, I was able to load the chart without any problems. However, the CTD only when Sendai Airport is included in the flight plan or when I manually select RJSS on the chart screen and try to load it. I attached log file, so I hope someone will find out the problem, and fix it. Thank you.
  3. I get CTD when I press hotkey to start checklist. This only happens when I use the FBO. If I go with non-persistent mode it works as intended. Log is attached and let me know if any other information will be helpful to resolve. Thanks, Zaxs
  4. I am posting this problem again because I have yet to receive a response. After updating to 1.6.5, on loading, the aircraft is cold and dark and almost immediately shuts X-Plane down. There is signs of life initially, then cold and dark, then back to the desktop. I have attached the Log file in the hopes that it will offer a clue. Sorry to be posting again but this is frustrating. Log.zip
  5. AC appears in menu/ Select AC/ Initiate Start Flight/Immediate Black Screen/Program Not Responding Message/CTD. Removed/Reinstalled AC. Same result. Clean 11.50 install updated to 11.50b4. System up to date and AOK. Attached Log Text Reads: Backtrace is: 0 00000000813FDE38 C:\X-Plane 11\Aircraft\X-Aviation\Pocket Rocket\plugins\pr_systems\win_x64\svs.dll+000000000002DE38 () 1 000000008140D4EA C:\X-Plane 11\Aircraft\X-Aviation\Pocket Rocket\plugins\pr_systems\win_x64\svs.dll+000000000003D4EA () 2 00007FFA09FB7BD4 C:\WINDOWS\System32\KERNEL32.DLL+0000000000017BD4 () 3 00007FFA0AF0CE51 C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll+000000000006CE51 () After a decade plus of new releases and beta testing nothing surprises or disappoints me anymore. It comes with the territory. It'll be nice to get a hotfix since it's a great ride if you treat her right. In the words of Sir Winston Churchill, "American's will always do the right thing. Usually only after exhausting every other possibility". Keep the blue side up and the greasy side down unless you're doing frivolous aerobatics. Cordially, Roger Halunen Log.txt
  6. since updating X-Plane 11.32 have serius CTD issues with 737-300. the Log file not telling any help or hint on the issue. for me it looks like some type of memory leak. as more complex scenaries uses as erlier the CTD. Example - starting 737-300 on the new EDDM from Mister-X will cause the CTD imedeatly. Starting from a standard airport will cause the CTD somewhere in flight reaching a more complex scenario. using a different Aircraft like FF 320, Rotate MD80 using the exact same flight will not cause the CTD. System used is X-Plane 11.32 on Macintosh with 32GB Memory. on older X-Plane version this behavieor was not monitored and 737-300 was very stable and reliable. used version 1.21. Please take a look into this issue, my 737-300 is now grounded and this is one of my favorite Aircrafts at all - Ralf
  7. Gregg Seipp

    First CTD

    Just started the TBM at KSBA which I've done quite a few times. Sitting on the ramp going through the after-start checklist got a CTD... Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt EDIT: After the crash I tried restarting the sim but it kept hanging loading the TBM900.acf file. I deleted the "state" dir but that didn't help. I rebooted and, finally, it loaded up. So, maybe the crash was hardware related? Gregg
  8. So my TBM900 continues to crash me back to desktop on startup every time. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! TBM900_Log.txt Log.txt
  9. I keep getting a failed component in the log file, yet everything looks ok??
  10. I believe I may have found a conflict between the IXEG 737 and xEnviro. Unfortunately, the log files for all plugins and programs are inconclusive as to what is exactly causing CTDs. No mentions of xEnviro, Gizmo, or anything else for that matter. Although, the crashes only occurred with the IXEG and xEnviro together. This is going to take me a day or two, but I will be running a series of tests with the IXEG 737, xEnviro, and other aircraft to determine the problems (hopefully). After several tests tonight, I can confirm 'Draw Vortices' did not effect whether or not there was a CTD with the IXEG despite the fact that Draw Vortices does change the visual detail. Here is a collection of data I made after performing 3 exclusive tests in X-Plane 10 with xEnviro The following tests were conducted by loading to a new airport aprox every 1 minute Test 1 IXEG 737 + xEnviro + DRAW VORTICES ON - CTD?: YES Time elapsed (from start to CTD): 6m59s _______________________________________ Test 2 IXEG 737 + xEnviro + DRAW VORTICES OFF - CTD?: YES Time elapsed (from start to CTD): 2m09s _______________________________________ Test 3 Default C172 + xEnviro - CTD? NO Time Elapsed (From start to END) 15m00s - At 15m00s the aircraft type was changed to IXEG 737 (Draw Vortices OFF) - CTD? YES Time Elapsed (From 15m00s to CTD) 2m47s _______________________________________ Test 4 Rotate MD-80 + xEnviro - CTD? No Time Elapsed: 15m02s _______________________________________ Please note!! Neither IXEG, X-Aviation, or even xEnviro are directly responsible for these crashes. These are coincidental and simply mean the two addons are POSSIBLY butting heads.
  11. X Plane crashes when I make any changes mid flight or on the ground to the FMC of the IEXG 737. I have made an exception to my antivirus and shut down all malware programs. I have also tested other aircraft and the sim seems to be stable. Thoughts? Thank you!
  12. approaching KEWR (newark), Final RW11, CTD (not triggered by a personal input) GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  13. Hello, I have just upgraded from SMP v2.0 to SMP v2.1. Although v2.0 was working well, as soon as I upgraded I cannot start X-Plane since it crashed to desktop. I tried a full uninstall of SMP v2.1 and update of X-Plane to revert to original textures. X-Plane started fine. Then I re-installed SMP v2.1 and CTD again (at startup). Attached is the log.txt in case it is needed. UPDATE: Now the log should be attached Log.txt Thanks, Lefteris
  14. First off, let me set congrats on SkyMaxx Pro - I can't use X-plane without it. But now I am experiencing repeated CTD while flying the FF757 with Skymaxx 1.2 installed. Log.txt attached which shows there's an issue with SilverLining. Please help.
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