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  1. Hey guys, I departed on a flight about 2 hours ago and stayed at the computer for most of it. I went away for 10 minutes and I returned to some messages from friends telling me that I essentially crashed. When I looked at the sim, I was in the ocean.. I looked at Volanta to see what the flight path was, and apparently the plane went up, then veered right and descended until it crashed. I'm not entirely sure what happened, but from the looks of it, it seems like an autopilot disconnect? I've had a few of those on departure a couple of days ago, but no issues after that. I'll leave the screenshot from Volanta as a reference. So my question is, what could have happened? My controls were UNTOUCHED, no weather addon, real time/weather, nothing really that could impact the flight.. Is there a way to the logs or something similar?
  2. This just occurred, so not sure if its transitory. I had the checklist going, decided to assign a button on my Alpha flight control to go to next item and its crashed as soon as I pressed it. Log is attached (I haven't flown yet, still going through learning). Log.txt
  3. If you bind the default XP key bind "Next item in checklist" and press it, the sim immediately CTDs.
  4. Pretty much the title, I was running low on fuel due to some of my own miscalculations and was searching for a close airport to land, I pressed NEAREST APT on the FMS once and X-Plane stuttered, but the FMS did nothing, did it again and XPlane crashed. This happened three times so it was repeatable.
  5. Hi, When i start to load the Challenger 650, it crash the aircraft automaticaly and we dont see the aircraft in the scenery. Can you help me ? Thanks
  6. 1. Tried to access NEAREST APTS in FMS1 in cruise. 2. FMS1 became unresponsive. 3. FMS2 displayed FMS-FMS DISAGREE 4. Sim CTD ---- Log file attached. Will attempt to recreate tomorrow. Video of crash (timestamped): https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1257482381?t=03h01m18s CL650 FMS Crash - 8 Jan 22.txt
  7. Hello, I'm getting the CTD after I select the Challenger 650. I've disabled XPRealistic V2, restarted XP11, then tried to use the CH650, but I still get the CTD. I've attached my log file. Thanks. Log.txt
  8. Greetings, I wonder if you can help me here. By a process of trial and error I found that having the silverlining plugin in my XP Vulcan beta (via latest SkyMaXX installation) causes my XP11.50b9 to exit within a few minutes of setting up a flight e.g C172 REP or IXEG 1.3. Not a crash, XP simply vanishes withput any fuss as if the PC had run out of memory or the CPU had given up the ghost. But it wasn't either of those things. I say that because by simply removing the silverlining plugin the problem goes away. 40-45 fps, not a pause or a stutter - even with the IXEG, in heavy duty scenery like Orbx EGHI (Southampton, UK), and the Orbx South Scenery, plus high HP settings including max scenery detail . Process Lasso reports just over 50% RAM usage and about the same CPU. Not an overloaded PC. I have 24Gb RAM, and a 1070ti GPU 8Gb. These performance results are pretty much the same with or without the silverlining plugin installed. It's simply that in the latter case XP shuts down for some reason. I have attached the log, of which I personally have but a basic understanding. If more information would be of helpful just ask. Yes, it's a beta version of XP but I'm assured that SkyMaxx/silverlining has no problems with Vulkan. If anyone can throw any light on this I would be grateful. Thanks, Gareth Log.txt
  9. rpc47

    saab 340A

    i have been successful at flight for approximately 30 minutes. Flight plan filed and all is good until total pc crash. My pc is less than 6months and built by XForce so I know it has plenty. I have attached the last log for someones review and hopefully comment. Than you in advance. Log.txt
  10. Hi everyone, I'm a new user of X-Plane, currently running version 10.51r2 on a MacBook Pro 15" Retina mid-2012. It usually runs fine, rarely do I get a crash. Today I decided to output it to my TV (Sony Bravia 49" 4K) though HDMI. The sim will start, the plane is in the runway, I can look around and press all the buttons. When I push the throttle and the plane gets close to 40km/h the game crashes... always. I've tried changing the plane, the airport, removing my yoke and playing just with the keyboard. The only consistent thing I could find is the HDMI connection to my TV screen. When that is off it runs fine, when I'm extending my desktop to the screen, even if the X-Plane window is NOT on the extended desktop screen on the TV, it'll crash. The resolutions are 2880x1800 for the native display, and 1920x1080 for the TV. My graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M with 1GB VRAM. I've attached the 2 log files I found in the app folder, but I couldn't see any crash logs in them. If you need any other files to help diagnose this, just let me know. Thanks in advance for any help. All the best, Tom Cycle Dump.txt Log.txt
  11. First of all, great product. Spent a couple hours flying and i am _really_ enjoying my time. I however just experienced a crash (v1.0.1) while trying to open KSAN charts 2018-10-20 20:43:11 TBM900[odb.c:475]: Downloading new obstacle data from "http://aeronav.faa.gov/Obst_Data/DAILY_DOF_CSV.ZIP" for region "US" 2018-10-20 20:43:41 TBM900[odb.c:513]: Error updating obstacle database from http://aeronav.faa.gov/Obst_Data/DAILY_DOF_CSV.ZIP: Timeout was reached 2018-10-20 20:47:02 TBM900[chartdb.c:1503]: Error parsing TAF, valid but incorrect XML structure. For debugging purposes, I'm going to dump the raw data into a file named E:\X-Plane\X-Plane 11\\Output\TBM900\charts.db\metar.xml. the metar.xml in question is attached. metar.xml
  12. In the near past I wrote twice about SMP 4.6 crash. Every time I got the answer it may be an overload of my graphic card (AMD Radeon R9 M395X 4 GB). Consequently I installed a test app to see if it is so. Today I had another crash and I could see that there was no overload problem ! So what might be the real cause? One thing caught my attention. Every time there is an X-Plane upgrade the next time I simulate I probably will experience a crash! Some days ago I installed the last X-Plane v.11.11r2. It is obviously that there is a connection between upgrade and X-Plane crash caused by SMP! What I did was after the two first crashes was reinstalling SMP and RWC and the problem seemed to be solved. This time I will appreciate if the developer should look after the described connection for solving further crash occurrences .... Has anyone same experience using a MAC computer? Log copy.txt
  13. When ever I load up x-plane and load the aircraft IXEG Boeing 737-300 it comes up with a log. I have no clue what to do, can anybody help me with this?
  14. Hi everyone, Well, quite recently I have been flying the IXEG 733 a lot. But I have this problem very often, my sim starts to freeze and stay like that for 5 minutes and then it magically comes back to life. This doesn't happen to any other aircraft in X-Plane 10.51, that is why I was thinking to downgrade IXEG version to 1.0.5 or 1.0.6, to try if it is more stable. Can someone suggest how to do this? Thanks, Pato
  15. After an approach at KSFO on R28R, I executed a G/A and flew the std M/A procedure. (climbing to 3000ft to the holding). I tried to setup a new approach and the CDU froze with an error report. Something to do with the fact that the remaining distance is nil or less. See attached screenshot. My system: iMac, X-plane 10.51
  16. Okay, so recently I've been really frustrated about the latest version of X-Plane (10.31r3) constantly crashing a few minutes after takeoff. I could spend as much time as I want on the ground, but after takeoff,at around 5,000~8,000 feet, X-Plane will always crash. Crash as in the crash-report screen showing up (not hang or freeze). After spending a few days of testing, I've discovered this problem occurs regardless of object density or scenery detail, location on Earth, or airplane I'm flying. Even after running X-Plane's updater twice the problem still occurs as well. After removing SkyMaxxPro (Silver lining and Gizmodo), the crashes stopped. I redownloaded SkyMaxxPro to make sure I have the latest version and installed it. Then, I deleted my X-Plane preferences. Yet, the crashes occur again, always a few minutes after takeoff. SkyMaxxPro worked fine on earlier betas of X-Plane, so I'm not sure what's happening here. The log files doesn't really show anything, but I'm attaching it here anyways. Log.txt GizmoLog.txt
  17. Dear I purchased the 737 IXEG clasic. I congratulate you on the achievement, but on every flight I encounter many problems start reporting them. First when the landing occurs just at the time of touch, a window opens. I close it immediately to continue the flight. On another flight, when handling the FMC to schedule an approach, new windows open, which sent them and make inoperative the FMC and must conclude the flight. Thank you send me a solution regards
  18. High community I bought the Saab 340a. Installation without problems. When loading x-plane (using the SAAB) loading stops and x-plane crashes. Works with any other plane e.g. 737classic, crj200.... I attach the log file as well as the crash file - if anybody can read somethin out. Many thanks for helping Regards from Vienna Guenter Log.txt crash_report_08_21_2016_10_56_03.rpt
  19. Firstly I'm not sure if this forum is the official support for Skymaxx, hopefully it is. Flying LGAV to EGLL with the IXEG 737, everything fine until near the Albanian border then a crash to desktop. I'd just applied your version 3.2.2 today. If I understand the log correctly it seems it was Skymaxx Pro that was responsible. Mac OS X 10.11.6. Thanks, Brian Log.txt METAR.rwx
  20. Hello. I've had it several times now where entering the STAR and Selecting the Transition causes gizmo to crash. The latest was enroute from VHHH to VECC. This was my route as given by SimBrief: DCT POU A599 SGM/K0822S1040 A599 LINSO/N0444F340 A599 CTG B465 SUMAG SEGOL When I input the STAR as ILSZ01R with SEGOL all is well, as soon as I select SUMAG as the TRANS, it bombs out. This is the only annoying issues I have that really bugs me. Sometime this happens, and sometime it doesn't. It also happens occasionally when opening a "CoRoute" that has been saved from SimBrief. Kind Regards Hentie
  21. Hi Guys, Excellent Addon. For some reason when i start up X-Plane 10, It crashes. I have applied my log file. Hopefully you guys can help and tell me what the problem is. Thanks! Log.txt
  22. It's been a while since I was on x-pilot, since then I completed my GFPT and just as I was about to do my aerobatic rating... 2 days ago my instructor passed away when the Zlin 242L entered an unrecoverable spin and crashed into Plover Cove Reservoir. It was meant to be just a "warm up" flight before he takes another student on his 5th lesson, I even talked to him prior to his flight... If there was one thing I can never forget for the rest of my life, it would be seeing his lifeless body pulled out of the wreckage, still strapped to his seat... The media doesn't help either, a barrage of reporters trying to ask me personal questions despite the fact that I was breaking down and crying. It was a tough 2 days for me, I had been mourning the passing of such a great man, someone who watched me solo and continued not only being an instructor, but being a figure that is respectable. I have moved further and further away from X-Plane now unfortunately, due to real flying and I will start my Diploma of Aviation June this year in Melbourne. It's nice checking in again
  23. First off, let me set congrats on SkyMaxx Pro - I can't use X-plane without it. But now I am experiencing repeated CTD while flying the FF757 with Skymaxx 1.2 installed. Log.txt attached which shows there's an issue with SilverLining. Please help.
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