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  1. Correct! My iMac full screen resolution is 2560x1440 but for running XP I used a lower resolution of 2048 x 1152. For now on I run my XP simulation connected to a second super wider 49" screen , 144Hz refresh rate at 3840 x 1080 screen resolution. Managing the two screens is really the big factor but it runs perfect without any overload....
  2. Why do you think that the Radeon card should be a factor? In fact in my next iMac I will have Radeon Pro Vega 48 with 8GB of HBM2 memory... We all are waiting now for Vulkan/Metal to come, maybe it will change things significantly....
  3. Test flight with XP clean from plugins on my iMac (4 GHz Intel Core i7, 32 GB memory, AMD Radeon R9 M395X 4 GB). It seems to work well but with low fps (20-25 cockpit view) at middle range of Graphic settings. Disabling the reflection has increased minimaly the fps. I made a short flight without problems. Now I am going to add my plugins one by one to see who cause crash.. BTW what is the box on upper dashboard?! (trying to open it fps dropped to 1 fps)
  4. That is what I know about my iMac, thanks. (I thought Rob was talking about driver inside X-Plane). I will eliminate all plugins see what happen and if TBM works fine I"ll try to reinstall them one by one to see if they don't cause TBM/XP to crash - will tell about my experience
  5. Hi thanks for answer. I don't know were this GPU driver is situated inside X-PLANE. Can you please tell me where to find and how to update it?
  6. Well, I was Happy to hear about the newest update of the TBM900 and thought that my problems with it (fps between 1 - 2) is now solved. After installing I chose the TBM model. It was not in cold and dark mode and started to move. OK, maybe some positions were left from last try. So I set a new model flight. Now it seems to be in correct mode, but then X-Plane crashed. I tried more times and always same result. What is going on!? I need urgent help so I am attaching my Log.txt file... Log.txt
  7. I think that this way to get the Beta release is a bad idea. We are forced to download app and became a member of somewhat that at least I am not interested! Please give me another address for direct download.
  8. I am also ready to help testing the TBM Mac version on my iMac27 (for now Mojave)...
  9. I am reading that other customers have also problems as Mac users like me. I would like to mention that I am on OS Mojave so problems are not specific to Catalina
  10. Yesterday I took my TBM900 out of my hangar after I installed the new update. As high end iMac (OS Mojave 10.14.6) user I thought that now my fps problem is solved. Activating TBM, while with cockpit view I got 30fps, changing to outside view fps drops every time to 1-2 fps!!! (hint to developer, it happened always after engine start) Discussing it with the developer he asked me to turn off rain effect. It didn't work ! Now I saw in the new version that rain effect is disabled for Mac, fine I though maybe now it will work, nothing like that - 2fps outside. I am really upset because I pu
  11. Hello Cameron, I am still straggling with the fps problem trying to use the TBM900 model. Trying to disable Ice worked only once! Yesterday I simply took out the "De-Ice_Panel" folder from Objects/Instrument folder. There was a warning about the missing folder but the TBM model run at 36fps and I could made a normal flight. Only a part of the lower panel overlay was missing with scription of the knobs. Opening X-Plane/TBM again and the problem was there again 1fps !!
  12. EGT, thanks for answer! First of all I am disappointed not to hear from Cameron since 11.10. Since then the TBM lies in the corner of my hangar useless. I was watching carefully my video memory (AMD Radeon R9 M395X 4 GB) and it was never overloaded also while using more complex airliner models and high resolution landscapes. I tend to think that the developer didn't test enough or into depth the functioning of the TBM model on iMac. There are more iMac user complaining about the same problem. Nevertheless it will be very interesting if you could tell me how the TBM behave on your Mac and
  13. Hello Cameron. After 3 flights on my iMac27 with v..17 and after I downgraded my XP graphic parameters and disabled icing effect it happened again. Inside framerate 27fps - outside 4fps !!! And then XP froze and I had to force quit X-Plane. I installer v..19 (5 September 2019 at 23:52) but it didn't change anything, so I am again in a fix. I don't know on what machine you are working but can you please try to test the TBM900 on a iMac? Since it runs fluently under Windows it must be something specific wrong with the Apple version. I was talking with 3 other iMac user and we all suf
  14. Yes it works !! As I disabled ice help of the screen went into blue and nothing else. Restart X-Plane and now I get 40fps. Thanks a lot for your help! It is time now to try it out and enjoy flights....
  15. OK I did it and I got 40 fps. Now at the left side menu what is the name of the box I have to open?
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