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  1. Before generating a flight make note of the Fin # or Registration. Sometimes a little slow, which is why it asks you to continue with the checklists. If you see a message about it loading, take a second to check. KONT
  2. This just occurred, so not sure if its transitory. I had the checklist going, decided to assign a button on my Alpha flight control to go to next item and its crashed as soon as I pressed it. Log is attached (I haven't flown yet, still going through learning). Log.txt
  3. Thank you! I thought Linux might be in as the previous Hotstart TBM is tux friendly, but I always hate to assume anything. Jan 7 isn't too far away :).
  4. Silly question, which operating systems will it support?
  5. Hello Bene, To add to what Ben has said, did you know TBM 900 is supported by Linux and runs very well? Sorry the IGEX doesn't, unfortunately until we can get our usage stats higher its unlikely to change :(. Its a bit of a chicken and egg situation, I'd love to support Ben more directly for his efforts, but we need more people :).
  6. This maybe what you need: Thread 1 "Main Thread" received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault. 0x00000000014585cd in AIRNAV4::Navigation::LatLonPair::project(AIRNAV4::Geometry::StereographicProjection const&) const () (gdb) bt #0 0x00000000014585cd in AIRNAV4::Navigation::LatLonPair::project(AIRNAV4::Geometry::StereographicProjection const&) const () #1 0x000000000143ad21 in AIRNAV4::Geometry::StereographicProjection::convertLatLonToXY(AIRNAV4::Navigation::LatLonPair const&, AIRNAV4::Geometry::Point2&, bool) const () #2 0x0000000000d97812 in XGNS430::BasicPage:
  7. After the crash bar is up and process of starting the MFD's etc occurs I get a crash. Only once have I got past that. Its for the Linux version Log attached. One other thing, when installing it says installation complete 100%, but seems to hang there. Should I just leave it for as long as it takes? Had to kill it before, but everything seemed installed. Log.txt Thank you for providing this on Linux :).
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