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  1. Your turbines are worn out. That's why the engine can't produce its full power rating anymore. Check engine maintenance.
  2. Disable VSync and let's see where the framerate falls. I bet it's because your sustainable framerate is somewhat below 30 fps in the TBM, which results in the driver being unable to make up its mind and jumping between 20 fps and 30 fps.
  3. Message sent. We should have you up and running in Vulkan in no time.
  4. @Thedonsimmer We need to have a closer look at what's happening under the hood in your sim. Something is clearly causing control issues, either by moving the throttle on its own or preventing the binding from working. Here's how the throttle control in the TBM works: it reads the following dataref: sim/flightmodel/engine/ENGN_thro. So we will need to take a look at its exact behavior, as that's what the aircraft model is looking at as well. Please go ahead and grab this plugin: https://github.com/leecbaker/datareftool/releases/download/2020.03.24/datareftool_2020_03_24.zip and install it into your Resources/plugins. This a dataref examining tool we devs use to look at the internals of the simulator state. Then fire up the simulator and select Plugins > DataRefTool > View Datarefs. In the window there's a search box on the bottom (next to the "dat" button). Type in "engn_thro". We expect it to look something like this: Then try moving your physical throttle. You should be seeing the first field in "ENGN_thro" moving up and down. This is the "input" coming from your controls that the airplane sees. When the engine is running and propeller is unfeathered, "ENGN_thro_use" will also start following, as that's what the engine simulation is receiving. You can also check this dataref: "autothrottle_on". This should be 0. If it is 1, then something turned on X-Plane's built-in autothrottle functionality, which we do NOT want. We don't expose any buttons for that, but if a user has bound a special command like "TOGA_power" to their controls, they can still trigger it.
  5. I'm aware of some issues in the enroute pathway logic. I'm debugging this and hoping to get this one finally squashed in release 1.1.13. Thanks for the patience guys.
  6. @matrixca Can you check to make sure your Mac's input method is selected to plain English? I just tested some other input methods and if the characters you are trying to enter are anything other than plain latin or numbers, the text field will not show anything:
  7. Something has to be capturing keyboard input. Can you post your Log.txt from within the simulator please? If you are running plugins, please try uninstalling them (except Gizmo). That window is using stock X-Plane window widget functionality to edit that text field. The field is definitely "enabled" for entry, as evidenced by the blinking cursor. So it must be something else that's "swallowing" your character inputs. Perhaps if your Mac input method is selected to something other than plain English?
  8. Just regular Windows task manager. Obviously when X-Plane freezes, you can't really interact with anything in the sim anymore
  9. @dtmmd When it hangs up, can we get a shot of Task Manager to try and see if X-Plane is attempting some CPU operations?
  10. Just out curiosity, can you try changing the livery you are loading to anything other then "Default"? Also, when it hangs up, can we get a shot of Task Manager to try and see if X-Plane is attempting some CPU operations? Trying to figure out if it's actually doing something when it's hung up, or it's just sitting there deadlocked on some resource.
  11. Rather unlikely, but you can quickly test by loading up at an airport that's a far away from anything as possible: PMDY (Midway). Try doing some circuits around there and seeing if it still crashes.
  12. Pretty sure you're being hit by buggy AI aircraft and the AI ATC system crashing (I can see you have 6 AI aircraft loaded in your log). Recommend you disable those. A sporadic/random crash after a few minutes of running is typically caused by the ATC system giving an AI aircraft a bad instruction, which then somehow ends up with the AI aircraft hitting a corner case in the ATC system.
  13. Interesting, haven't seen this issue before. Can you tell me what airport you were at and which approach you were doing + at what point the transition occurred for you? I'd like to recreate this and take a look at the AP mode switching in detail. When you were in GPS it should immediately lock on the LOC mode, but maybe there's something busted for some specific approach.
  14. Glad you're enjoying the plane. All of the sidebar options are accessible from the Plugins menu, which should be available via your VR controller. So under Plugins > TBM900. Moreover, both chocks and GPU can be set & unset via clickspots right at the appropriate location on the aircraft model. Simply get out of the cockpit and come up to the GPU door on the left-hand side of the nose, click the door and that connects the GPU. Similarly, walk up to either one of the main landing gear and you should have a clickspot right over where the chocks are to place & remove them:
  15. This is a configurable feature on our implementation. I just checked and our default behavior is the correct one. You changed it in the settings menu. The option is "Roll Scale Fixed". You want it set to "Yes."
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