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  1. Hi All, I performed a clean install on the TBM 900, and every time I try to load the plane into "start flight", I get a crash to desktop or X Plane just hangs. I am running Vulkan. Best, Mike Dart Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt GizmoLog.txt
  2. Hey Devs, i can start and fly the plane without fuelpumps. That isn´t real or? Greetings from Hamburg
  3. Since i updated to 11.10 ILS don t woking programming descent to 3000 feets for example and it stay at this altitude dont catch vor and don t catch GS....passing over the airport
  4. Good day, I have following problem: always, when I change something in the IXEG 737's FMC, which isn't executed yet, my FPS drop and I'my not able for many seconds to press EXEC. It's okay for one fix change, but without pausing the sim (yes, your're able to click EXEC and stop the problem in pause mode), your're not able to change a complex STAR in the DEP/ARR page (not shown in the video), which makes this so perfect plane unflyable on IVAO. For this test I removed all plugins. Kind regards Julius
  5. Since the new version has been released, betterpushback doesn't work anymore.. Any similar experiences ?
  6. After PC format that i have made, i have install everything. including Windows 8.1 C++ librarys, x-plane 11, and of course IXEG. Every button and axes from my setup working except the throttle axes. I have calibrate my joystick with x-plane 11 and the actual throttle axes work with all my other aircraft ecxept zibo. I have trying to uninstall and reinstall the Aircraft with the same issue. In the log.txt there is an error that says W/ACF_CONFIG: ACF Config data file for Aircraft/X-Aviation/IXEG 737 Classic/B733_config.txt is not valid! i don't know if that the problem... i have also trying to
  7. Hi all, I'm new here but a long time user of the .org for X Plane (same username). I'm really enjoying hotstart's TBM 900. I have an odd issue with sound. The sound plays perfectly well in 2D and VR (vive pro) but when I use the model in VR, my log.txt gets flooded by similar error messages about playing some .wav files (see attached log). I've tried to output the sound to usb devices, the headset, the internal speakers and to the other realtek ports. These errors get written very fast and the log.txt can get pretty huge in that way. Sometimes I'll get an out of memory error if the
  8. Anyone have the problem with autopilot vertical modes in X-Plane 11.32 that neither altitude hold nor vertical speed mode can be engaged? Checking this forum I see that some problems have been reported for autopilt modes, but not specifically this. I am running XP11.32 on MacOSX 10.13.6 and everything seems to work except these two modes. Speed using autothrottle, heading hold and NAV mode (FMS) are all fine. Just the vertical thats a problem.
  9. my PC has just updated from WIN 10 1803 to 1809, I am now failing the License Activation screen, can you please advise on what I should do now please. Thanks Wayne
  10. I am scratching my head here with an issue with the IXEG 737 in X-Plane 11.30 that I have never seen before. When I start taxiing I can't control the Aircraft properly first I have to apply very large amounts of thrust to get the aircraft moving (50%) and when I try to take a turn the only option I have is taking the turn extremely fast and ''drifting'' the aircraft into position if I try a normal turn the Aircraft will just stop as if it were braking and when I release the rudder it will start turning in the opposite direction this has caused me to taxi off the taxiway or runway when tr
  11. Hello, just noticed the attached problem in my 737 cockpit in VR. Non VR cockpit looks fine. log file gives the error (but not sure if its related) WARNING: the named light airplane_panel_sp is actually a parameterized light. ERROR: object Aircraft/X-Aviation/IXEG 737 Classic/B733_cockpit.obj has a bad light name: airplane_panel_sp anyone have any idea what is going on? attached my log and list of plug ins as well Log.txt
  12. Hey all. Whenn i make all flood lights on the Flurosent tube had no more effect on the Center Panel (Recheck HD IS ON!!!) Regards Daniel
  13. Hello, I have just experienced some really strange issues with the aircraft while descending to SABE. (it looked like a nightmare hehe). I'm not sure if I have done something wrong or if it was some rare bug (never experienced this before in my more than two years flying the IXEG). I'm using version 1.21. This was my second flight with the 11.30 version of X-Plane. Situation: Flight SAEZ > SULS; then flight SULS > SABE All in the same sim and aircraft session. Landed after a normal flight, then inserted the new data on the FMC and took off. Stormy weathe
  14. Good day, Having recently started to fly in VR, there are few things that would benefit VR experience with iXeg B733, namely please consider substantially reducing "sensitivity" of course, speed, heading, altitude, and com1 knobs (critical for us flying in online networks such as IVAO/VATSIM, with precious time during critical phases of flight). Adjusting these knobs through controllers is a torture, so I had to map all these knobs to keyboard buttons, which is not desired option. I did notice that rotating NAV1 knob with controller is easy and that is what the end result for the rest of
  15. Dear all, I've stumbled with the following bug quite frequently, say 1 in 5 take offs: on take-off, once I enable TO/GO mode, with A/T and F/S enabled (but with both CMD/A and CMD/B still off), the yoke turns all the way left. Has anyone else experienced something similar? At first I thought it could be a problem with the flight plan (eventhough F/D was still not enabled) but even the flight route looks fine, with the first points in about the same heading. I can kind of solve it by aborting takeoff, disabling A/T and F/D, doing everything again, but it's not ideal. Thanks in advance
  16. Hi IXEG experts, maybe you have an idea :-) Yesterday evening I made a flight from LGSK to EDDS, everything starts well. 20 miles before EDDS there was a snow storm but I catched ILS, still okay. But then the nose gear didn't went down, I tried it serveral times. before I was able to accerlate for a Go around the planes turns right over the wing and crashed. XP11 told me too much ice on the wings *grhh* First, I know I have to train the emergency procedures, haha. But, more important, are the anti-ice switches working in ver
  17. I just bought this amazing plane. Thank you for creating It. On the right-hand side in the cockpit, there is not transparent square on the window (please see attached screengrab) Reinstallation didn't help. I'm running X-Plane 11 on an iMac. Plugins: SkyMaxx Pro v4.6, Real Weather Connector. Could you please help me solve the problem.
  18. On external model I am seeing the engine warning signs or labels floating as I pan around. Also appears the eyebrow windows are also. Other then that, great AC especially with the remote CDU now available from green arc studios.
  19. So I was flying (this was my first time touching the IXEG 737 in the XP11.30 beta) from RJBB (Kansai) to RJAA (Narita) and out of nowhere during climb the cockpit started giving out these weird flickering textures with about 1 second intervals between them... Surprisingly, no one has ever reported this before on the 11.3 beta at all from what I saw online (please correct me if I'm wrong). Since I had no access to recording software during my encounter, here are some screenshots of this incident taking place... Does this seem to be a bug or did I do something wrong?
  20. Today I tried (xp11.26) a default ground services pushback / nose left. Pushback was straight back without the nose left. Also the rotating beacons are flashing white rather than red.
  21. I'm attempting to install Version 1.21 on X-plane 11 and getting a missing component error message. See image below. Does anyone know what's wrong here?
  22. Hello there! I've this amazing plane few weeks ago and I'am very happy with this. Today I've started x-plane and I've load the plane and FMC doesn't respond. Its starts with the FMC and ACMS options available. I click in FMC but it doesn't work. I've followed all the checklist procedure but It doesn't work. I've also reinitialized the x-plane three times but it doesn't work. I haven't installed any new addons. Please, could you help me?. Thanks a lot and regards!!
  23. After installing the v1.2 version in x-plane 11 I can't rotate many knobs, like altitude, anymore. I can see the bend arrows sometimes when hovering over the knobs or according digits, but nothing happens whatever I try. I tried switching from windowed mode to full screen mode without results, reinstalled the plane, still nothing. I'm running X-plane on a 4K monitor with 3840x 2160 setting. Any help would be appreciated.
  24. I have a BUG or an issue with IXEG 737-300. Upon starting battery loud bell noise started ringing. The noise increases when I am on outside view. I tried googling the problem but I never found the solution. As a result the plane don't taxi fast (very slow motion) even on full throttle. Upon taking off the plane crashes before reaching 10,000 feet. Please, I need help in resolving this issue . Thank you. Name of product(s) - Put N/A for none: IXEG 737 Classic
  25. Hi there, I have been able to see textures through the model of the aircraft when on the outside view. I am using XPlane 11.25r2 Attached are some screenshots to better describe the issue.
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