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  1. I get around this by using xEnviro for my weather engine. It adds the rain effect to any aircraft. Regarding XP12, I'm not planning on going there.
  2. This may be how this aircraft was designed but I noticed that the DIST readout on the HSI only works when a VOR or ILS frequency is dialed in and shows the distance to the VOR or ILS when in VLOC or GPS mode. It does not show the distance to the next flight plan waypoint when in GPS mode. Personally, I would prefer it to show the distance to the next waypoint based on GPS mode. Distance to next waypoint when set to GPS and distance to VOR, ILS when in VLOC.
  3. Well it's working now and came on when I got airborne. So thank you for your assistance. It wasn't working before but seems to be after reinstalling. Also I had gone into xOrganizer and disabled all of my plugins and then enabled them again. Perhaps that did something. Who knows, but it is working now. Thanks.
  4. It happens in all variants but I will try taking off and see if it comes on. It wasn't showing when in the air before. However, I am questioning your comment that it has a weight on wheels function as in one of the videos I watched the readout was zero on the radar altimeter as soon as power was applied to the aircraft.
  5. Uninstalling and reinstalling did not fix the issue. The radar alitmeter window is blank. On videos I have seen of this aircraft, when on the ground the readout should read "0", zero.
  6. On the ground or in the air there is no reading on the radar altimeter. I just uninstalled the aircraft and reinstalled and will see if that helped.
  7. For some reason I am not getting a readout on the radar altimeter. I have tried starting a flight with engines running but the radar altimeter screen is black, no readout. I tried starting cold and dark. Put the key in and turned it on and no radar altimeter readout. Is there a switch somewhere to turn on the radar altimeter (I haven't found one)?
  8. Thank you for that information. An unusual way for the autopilot to work but it works now. Now to figure out how to get the Avitab to work. I just get a blank screen. OK nevermind. I found the power button to turn on the avitab tablet and now have the checklists.
  9. I just purchased the MU-2 Marquise v2 and cannot get the autopilot to engage in NAV mode. I'm flying the GNS 530 vairant. Have a flight plan loaded but after takeoff I cannot get NAV to select. HDG works but NAV does not. What am I missing. I also tried using the Reality XP GTN 750 but it does not couple to the HSI.
  10. Today I purchased the SR22 Entegra and get a VRConfig error whenever I start any of the versions. I have attached my log.txt file. Log.txt
  11. Ah, and I do not have that clicked. Thanks for the info.
  12. I recently purchased the SR22 and didn't even know there was a Milkshake. I saw it in some videos and couldn't find anything about it in the documentation that came with the aircraft. Finally I stumbled across a video where I saw someone click on a region of the glare shield to remove Milkshake. But to your point, I do not see any green heart on my glare shield indicating where to click to show/hide Milkshake. So maybe there was an update that removed that.
  13. Thank you for that information. And I need to correct some of what I wrote before. I checked with other aircraft that have the G1000 and in those where I am able to resize the popup windows they maintain the size of those popups for the flight but the size of the popups return to the default when a new flight is started. That is also the way the popups work in your aircraft. However, in other aircraft when I click on the PFD or MFD to generate the popup those come up within the screen area. In your aircraft they do not in all cases. In fact, many times, depending on my current view and how I click on the MFD or PFD the popups many times come up off halfway or more off the screen and have to be moved so they are entirely visible. That would corroborate what you said that they popup based on the mouse pointer position, something other aircraft do not do. As I mentioned I can move my viewpoint so that the PFD or MFD is in the middle of the screen before clicking on them to bring up the popups so they are not off the screen. So that works, but is just a little more inconvenient as I do not have to do this with other aircraft. But thank you for your replied and the information you provided.
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