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  1. I believe I have come up with a solution that will at least work for now. I changed over to Vulkan and started X Plane 11. I then changed TerraMaxx to each of the settings (Auto, Summer, Autumn, Mid Winter, Deep Winter) exiting X Plane after each change since TerraMaxx does not update the settings.dat file unless X Plane is exited. I then copied each of the individual settings.dat files to separate folders, one for each setting. Then I changed the properties of each of those files to make them read only. I then changed over to OpenGL and started X Plane 11. TerraMaxx now retains the
  2. If your's is working and mine is not then it's probably a profile issue in Windows 10 (I am running Windows 10 2004). That would require I create a new profile and them most likely have to reinstall things, which isn't worth it. So for now TerraMaxx is unusable for me unfortunately. I do not have any other issues with X Plane that I am aware of so it's not worth going through any more to fix it at this time. It's a shame that Windows 10 is so self-corrupting that it breaks things every time there is a major windows update. But this sort of thing should not be profile related. The installa
  3. Thank you for your suggestions. I have already disabled all plugins except TerraMaxx and it still worked the same way. Of course disabling probably isn't the same as removing the plugins. So I renamed my X Plane 11 folder and did a clean install to a new folder, installed TerraMaxx along with the X-Aviation plugin. Still had the same issue in Open GL. So I guess I'm done for now because I am definitely not reinstalling Windows 10 for this issue. I will just have to remove TerraMaxx and do witnout.
  4. Welll I guess so much for using TerraMaxx any more.
  5. So here is what I have discovered. If I use Vulkan then TerraMaxx maintains the settings. If I switch over to Open GL then it does not. I want to use Open GL because the weather engine I use only supports Open GL.
  6. So I'm doing some additional testing. I verified the integrity of the game files and as expected 150 or so files failed to verify and were reacquired. This is caused by my use of one or two addons that enhance the airport textures (Airport Layout Enhancement Solution and Airport Enhancement Package). Once the files were reacquired I started X Plane 11.50r3 and changed TerraMaxx from OFF to Auto. After the textures were installed I exited and restarted X Plane. TerraMaxx had retained the Auto setting. I was in Vulkan. I exited and restared and it was still in Auto. I switched to Open GL
  7. I use Norton 360 but it hasn't caused any problems in the past. I have exclusions set to exclude my X Plane 11 folder and subfolders. So I just added a specific exclusion for the settings.dat file and will try that. But this is strange.
  8. I just did a test by disabling all plugins except TerraMaxx. Started X Plane and set TerraMaxx to AUTO (it was OFF). Exited X Plane and started again and checked TerraMaxx. It was OFF again.
  9. I tried last night changing over to Vulkan. First I set it to Fall and then quit X Plane and restarted. It had retained the settings. Then I changed to Summer and did the same thing and it saved as well. So I changed airports and then exited X Plane and started again and then it was set to OFF. So I just started X Plane 11.50r3 in OpenGL mode at KCOS and TerraMaxx was set to OFF. I set it to Summer and when it finished I exited X Plane. Log1.txt file is the log file for that session. I then started X Plane again and resumed the last flight. Checking TerraMaxx it was set to OFF. I the
  10. I have already tried that and the file is blank inside when it is recreated. So TerraMaxx is able to create the file it just isn't putting any settings in the settings file.
  11. I am running the release version of X Plane 11.50r3 and while TerraMaxx will set a season it will not retain the setting when X Plane is exited. Instead when I start X Plane 11.50r3 again TerraMaxx is set to OFF. Before it used to retain the last setting.
  12. Nevermind. I removed XPUIPC and installed version Now the throttle works. By the way the dataref setting you referred to ixeg/733/hardware_overrides in no longer called that. At lease not in
  13. Well I'm running XPUIPC and I installed the dataref editor and found the value you listed above and it's already set to 1. So now what do I do. I can't move the throttle.
  14. Wow that was it the Aerosoft Aspen scenery. I wouldn't have thought it would extend so far. Thank you for that information and pointing it out. At least the issue should be solved soon as Aerosoft is supposed to release the winter textures this Fall. Thank you very much.
  15. I guess I'll disable all airports in my custom scenery folder and turn them on one at a time and see what happens. I wonder if this is because I have the Aeorsoft Aspen XP installed and it does not have winter yet but is supposed to release soon. I'll try disabling that and see what happens. Thanks.
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