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  1. Understood. Thank you. And side note, thanks for the windshield heat workaround.
  2. I have no idea what the thread you posted refers to.
  3. Thanks! What was it caused by, and how can you tell?
  4. I crashed on left downwind for KHND. I've never had any issues in the Las Vegas area with any plane. Log.txt
  5. Haven't tried it out yet, so forgive me if it's embedded. How do you calculate the max assumed temp for the given conditions: runway length, TOW, DA? Or am I missing something? I'm familiar with the Boeing FMS, not with the Airbus at all.
  6. You want to time it to be at Vref at the threshold.
  7. Might have missed this, but what is the engine cool down time before shut down, 2 or 3 minutes?
  8. Change this to include the pop-up pedestal as well. If I miss an LSK/RSK by even a bit on the third FMS and this happens.
  9. The download link is down, is it just me or is another update coming?
  10. I have the overhead panel in a popup on my side screen. Every time I click anywhere, except a button or switch, to bring the window to the front, it opens the passenger cabin TV on my main screen.
  11. It seems to time out and leave the nose gear raised. No way to get it moving or down.
  12. Not sure if it's been brought up, but the pitot tube cover is clickable from the inside. Ask me how I found out, lol. Not sure if the other covers are...
  13. I’m sorry, can you break it down a bit more, please?
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