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Found 11 results

  1. Haven't tried it out yet, so forgive me if it's embedded. How do you calculate the max assumed temp for the given conditions: runway length, TOW, DA? Or am I missing something? I'm familiar with the Boeing FMS, not with the Airbus at all.
  2. Is there any way to change aircraft traffic draw distance? I searched for a dataref to change this using Lua, but couldn't find any. The closest I got was with sim/graphics/settings/draw_aircrafts, but LUA stopped working when I tried to change it, apparently because it's no longer supported (versions 660-799) I'm currently using xPilot for traffic and ATC, and was hoping to find some option within it to change traffic rendering distance such as in vPilot for P3D, but couldn't find any. In vPilot I'm able to change things such as maximum number of aircraft and maximum traffic draw distance Any help would be much appreciated Thanks in advance!
  3. A year or two back I expressed an issue regarding the relative smoothness which was dissatisfactory and did reduce the immersion factor. Jan's video on the upcoming update 1.3 I guess, highlights the new features which will be implemented and needless to say its just outstanding and extensively complements the efforts, love and dedication which the developers have towards making this aircraft. On Jan's advice I did try the new gizmo V20, in one word to sum it up, just brilliant. Stutters, Gsync flickering and all the issues which I had is gone. Ben has probably incorporated some sort of magic, it totally is in accordance with Laminar's vision of a stutter free simulation experience. A huge thanks to the entire team of IXEG, Tkyler, Jan, Ben, Cameron and everyone else involved with this. When something commendable is done I believe it should be appreciated and that's the purpose of this post. BEST 737 EVER. If there is V2 in future please count me in, I will try to be the first person to purchase that. Its my belief that there is nothing wrong to charge for a mega update and we would wholeheartedly welcome something like that in future to keep this masterpiece alive for the future versions of Xplane. That said I hope the team and everybody stays healthy in these uncertain times and thanks again. Take Care
  4. Good Day: On last saturday I purchased the Ixeg B733 and when flying on the cruise phase the simulator behaves not normal. I experience FPS drops from 30 to 6. I have disable all plugins, then I flown with other aircraft with the usual plugins running and the flight was smooth and normal. I also have SMP and RWC both of them work perfect with any aircraft except with B733 as I mentioned before. Any ideas? I have checked the log but nothing un usual shows up on this file. Thanks in advance Log.txt
  5. Good day: I have x-plane 10.45. whe sim starts; everything is fine (27FPS) but after about 15 minutes FPS drops suddenly to 8FPS. this performance occurs in X-plane only. I have other demanding games like GTA V and does not behave like this. any ideas??
  6. Hello, since I updated to Windows 10 I have some weird FPS issues. When I load a Aircraft than I get around 35 FPS (in EDDB) after I did a little Testflight around EDDB and landed again at EDDB my FPS were gone. I changed nothing in the Rendering Options. Both screenshots were taken at the same airport. My setup: i7 4770k @ 4.3 Ghz, Gtx 980, 8gb Ram
  7. I'm running X-plane 9 on an old XPsp3 system AMD 64x2 4400+, 2.3GHz, 2GB Ram and it runs OK. I tried installing X-plane 10 on it and get an error when I try to install the demo version: "The procedure entry point SetProcessDPIAware could not be located in the dynamic link library USER32.dll" 1) Is that hardware system sufficient to run Xplane10 or does it need more resources than 9? 2) Does X-Plane 10 need some OS more recent than XPsp3? TIA!
  8. I've been trying to eliminate an annoying plane characteristic - the plane pitches up or down without any apparent reason, either with autopilot on or off. Using x-plane 10. Changed joystick sensitivity to linear and pitch to most smooth. Happens on landings and during flights so when tracking an altitude or vs, the plane has to hunt to find its way back to stable flight. Maybe it's just a characteristic of x-plane GA 172??
  9. Hello, I'm soon going to be upgrading my pc's CPU from a A6-6400k to a Athlon X4 860K. I'm on a budget and I have seen around youtube etc that it's a good amd cpu for budget builds. My question to you will it run x-plane decently without stuttering or a bad quality image? Will it provide me with good frames ?. I've also got the MSI gaming GTX750Ti which some people use with this CPU, but will it bottleneck the card as this is what is causing me to upgrade now. Now I would upgrade to the intel pentium but according to benchmarks it's practically the same, and moving to intel will mean more money as I have a OEM licence for windows and I would need a new mother board.
  10. Hello, I am facing the following really strange behavior. I set X-Plane to full screen mode and performance is rather poor (at ~20fps). I set X-Plane to Windowed mode, with the window maximized. The performance is exactly the same. Fianlly, I reduce just a notch the size of the window (so that the borders of the window are visible). The performance is boosted in a big way to 45fps - without altering any other rendering settings. I cannot understand this. I read somewhere that even at full screen, X-Plane is running in windowed mode from a drivers perspective, with the window decorations hidden. This would explain why in full screen mode and in maximized window the performance is the same. However, why is there such a huge performance gain with the window decorations shown, but a tiny change in the window size? My configuration is: CPU: i7 4770k GPU: NVidia GTX770 RAM: 16GB Below are some screenshots: Window with border: Window Maximized: Full screen: Thanks
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