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  1. Bought a new product relying on Gizmo (TBM 900) and when I went to activate it I saw that I wasn´t able to choose a machine ID, that was created when I activated another product (IXEG 737), and I had to create another one. What will happen when I run out of machines? I would like to add that they are both installed on the same machine. If you need any more info send PM please
  2. A year or two back I expressed an issue regarding the relative smoothness which was dissatisfactory and did reduce the immersion factor. Jan's video on the upcoming update 1.3 I guess, highlights the new features which will be implemented and needless to say its just outstanding and extensively complements the efforts, love and dedication which the developers have towards making this aircraft. On Jan's advice I did try the new gizmo V20, in one word to sum it up, just brilliant. Stutters, Gsync flickering and all the issues which I had is gone. Ben has probably incorporated some sort of magic,
  3. Hi, I was trying to fly the saab 340 but when I loaded it the gizmo console popped up with this error. Gizmo64: debug: XPL: gizmo_Restart() Gizmo64: debug: Firmware v14.11.26.0526 Gizmo64: debug: X-Plugins OBJ8 Loader v15.01.11 Gizmo64: debug: * gxt.refresh().. Gizmo64: debug: gxt: AutoLoading.. Gizmo64: debug: * Autoload Level 1: Gizmo64: debug: gxt.load: Console Gizmo64: debug: gxt.load: ToolTray Gizmo64: debug: * Autoload Level 2: Gizmo64: warng: gxt.load: ErrorReport: FAILED: ext_info is nil, bad link? Gizmo64: debug: gxt.load: HotFix Gizmo64: warng
  4. Long ago, I got the LES DC-3 as a birthday present from my brother, his X-A account (he doesn't even have X-Plane), his mailadress for activation of course (why not)... Now I purchased the C310 from my own account and the trouble began: I can't activate it and got not the slightest clue how to get rid of the registration of the obsolete DC-3 (hope the new one will finally be available) and "other user" from my machine... What do I have to do with the license ID X-A sent me? Is this a ticket for an audition ? (something different than the automatic respon
  5. Hello, I just purchased the Saab 340 and can't activate it. X-Plane 11.20b4 & Win10 (latest) Attached is the GizmoLog a screenshot of what it looks like in the sim. Looking in the forums I couldn't find any similar issues. Also can't click anything on the Gizmo menus (due to activation I guess?) Here's what I tried so far: Installed FlyWithLua (Normally I don't have it either) Updated Gizmo from here (found it on their FB page) https://www.dropbox.com/s/aa01uo781dihgf0/Gizmo64.plugin- Contacted LES on FB and they sent me here
  6. While I wait for my support ticket to be addressed, can anyone shed some light on why I am receiving Machine ID Locked activation error in XP10 but the same products in XP11 on the same machine continue to activate OK. Is it an outdated Gizmo version in XP10? Is it the Windows 10 Creator's Update?
  7. Hi, I stumbled upon some "weird" behaviour on the RTE page (1 and 2) which can result in a Gizmo soft crash. To reproduce soft crash: Load IXEG 737 in Ready To Fly. Select RTE page (1/2 or 2/2... it happens on both pages). Enter any text into the scratchpad and line select 6L. Gizmo crash... see attached GizmoLog.txt. What's interesting about this is if you now have a look in your IXEG coroutes folder you will find a file called "text you've entered above".fpl. If you already had a route file in this folder, let's say EGLLEHAM.fpl and you entered "EGLLEHAM"
  8. Hello the Team Being flying uphill, when I clicked on the "VERT SYNC" button on the pilot's yoke (at the right off the yoke), a Gizmo window opened announcing an error : "error: 2218.243: Run(xp): main: [string "JGX.1.Saab.00.lua.aes"]:19547: attempt to call global 'initASIbug' (a nil value)" Then the autopilot did not work, as all of the various autopilot selection (above the center panel). When I deactivated and reactivated the autopilot, it remained OFF and a new Gizmo error was generated : "error: 2453.911: Run(cmd): AP_engage_disengage_OnHold: [string "JGX.1.Sa
  9. When you select your global airport, every single airport has an image that looks like this (attached). Where are these stored? Where can I access overview images that are this simple (no annotations, only two colors, etc) if not on X-Plane? Cheers
  10. Dear I purchased the 737 IXEG clasic. I congratulate you on the achievement, but on every flight I encounter many problems start reporting them. First when the landing occurs just at the time of touch, a window opens. I close it immediately to continue the flight. On another flight, when handling the FMC to schedule an approach, new windows open, which sent them and make inoperative the FMC and must conclude the flight. Thank you send me a solution regards
  11. Hi friends, I am here to talk about how projects like Xslingload and Xtrident did a plugin to put objects in scenery dynamically and hook them to lift as an slung load in helicopters.... I am trying to do this and I don't know how to connect an object as a slung-load without click on weight and balance menu, I want to do every task by script... it is another question, I want to use Gizmo in my entire project, for now I have a upgrade project to make BK117 more interesting then it is now. I have a electrical, hydraulic and fuel system completely remodeled, I made some blade slap sound ef
  12. Hello, Route LPMA to LXGB -select SID -enter waypoints -select RW27(LXGB)= Soft Crash Airac 1608 P.S. NAV data maybe the culprit: on the other aircraft, there was no choice of RW at all, just a STAR. Many thanks, Dainius Psitulskis GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  13. Hi, until today I've had no problems like this. But now the following error occurs after loading the plane: How can I solve this? My system: Windows 10 Pro Version 1511, build 10586.494 X-Plane 10.45 And off course: I did not make any change in the X-Plane config or installation. Part of FlywithLua_debug.txt: (..) [000833] FlyWithLua: User switched to a new airport (or changed the plane). Script files have to be reloaded. [000834] FlyWithLua Info: Load exit file. [000835] FlyWithLua Info: Lua engine (re)started. LUA_RUN = 4, SDK_VERSION = 210, XPLANE
  14. Hi, until today I've had no problems like this. But now the following error occurs after loading the plane: How can I solve this? Bye, Christian
  15. Hi, until today I've had no problems like this. But now the following error occurs after loading the plane: How can I solve this? Bye, Christian
  16. Since the 1.06 and 1.07 hotfix, I have not been able to fly any route I edit in the fmc because the sim will freeze up. I don't want to say it is a gizmo problem but it sounds like it. I can provide my complete log file if you like but the hotfix code in in there because I did a complete reinstall of the aircraft because of all of these problems in the last 2 weeks. Even after complete reinstall I still have the same problem. Here is part of my logfile errors: G64: 717.611: deployment.key contents:(062c01aa48d7774119bcddd6c28ace33) 0:11:37.162 E/PLG: The plugin Gizmo64 called th
  17. Hello, An attempt to enter coroute causes soft crash every time. I use SIMBRIEF .FPL file. Is this simbrief file incompatible? Thanks, Dan EGCCEGLL.fpl GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  18. *Solved* Hi I'm trying to map the FD switches to the Goflight MCP pro I can't use the custom command toggle as it is a physical on/off switch as in the real aircraft sent it: ixeg/733/MCP/mcp_plt_fd_act it looks like a 0 will turn the switch off and a 1 will turn the switch on. It works for a few cycles then xplane crashes. Any ideas? edit: Tested again, I think it's something to do with Gizmo a console window popup has the following: 690.634 Callback_Dref_Hooked_setDataf: mcp_plt_fd_act_OnWrite: 6.3910641622945e-312 Log.txt GizmoLog.
  19. log.txt: 0:00:27.200 E/PLG: The plugin Gizmo64 called the SDK function XPLMSetGraphicsState from outside of a drawing callback. This is illegal! This plugin needs to be fixed. This happends first after installing lua... but after deactivation lua, error stll is present. Any suggestion?
  20. Hi all, i'm back with a stupid question: I would like to use my script file for every aircraft I open inside X-Plane, like SMP. Is there a way to place the script file in a folder for the entire X-Plane and not for single aircraft? Thank you in advance for any help!
  21. I was flying KATL to KLGA last night . Everything was going great until T/D. Since VNAV does not calculate decent path correctly I had use speed brakes to maintain correct decent profile, on top of that kids playing in the room = miss approach. That's fine I can turn around and try again but as soon as you enter new STAR GIZMO FMS crash , again and again and fms is dead. So i hit reload and its back to working state, after that I was able to enter STAR. No my issues didn't end here, Glide Scope stopped working! This is super annoying when FMS crashes and it never ever happened to me with othe
  22. Hi all, I'm a new developer that is trying to learn Gizmo and Lua, but I already have a lot of questions. 1) When i would output some logging infos i use the command logging.debug( message ) but the debug message goes in the "debug" window and not in the X-Plane Log.txt file, is there a way to log in the main log.txt file? 2) When I use the command gfx.drawString( string, OPT_x,OPT_y ) inside the function: function OnDraw_Windows() it runs correctly, but when I use it inside another function it display nothing, how to use it? 3) I saw t
  23. Hi! I'm having a problem with the update process of the IXEG 737 via the gizmo plugin. I've loaded the plane and used the hotfix code in gizmo to start the download but it stops. Sometimes at the beginning (requesting hotfix manifest) sometimes it arrives slowly at the 20th files and then it stops for hours. (I left the sim open for 1h30min and it arrived at the 8th file) Can someone help me? I already asked to IXEG but they didn't know how to help. I have already tried to reinstall the aircraft and disabling all the plugins that I have except gizmo. I have
  24. Hey! Gizmo seems to crash when you enter a new Cruise Lvl in the CRZ page on the FMS. First the plane wanted to Descend (I guess because the next waipoint was still at FL230) and when I hit VS mode to climb Gizmo crashed. Log is attached. LG Florian GizmoLog.txt
  25. Hi there, i am getting this crash when calling the Takeoff REF 2/2 - page. It crashes because it seemes to miss the origin runway? If the bug is already known, just skipp this. Thanks
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