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  1. Ah yes - got it. Cheers. Its a huge file - what is the most efficient way to read it for a certain airport?
  2. I am aware that apt.dat files create the understood layouts of airports - but can only find this file for a small group of airports by aerosoft. Where can I access layout data (taxi ways, etc) for any given airport? The data must be somewhere as on 'select airport' page, there seems to be the correct layout of pretty much all airports. I want to be able to iterate through this taxi data of any airport in a lua script.. Cheers for any guidence.
  3. is there an apt.dat file for all airports? How can I read it from a init.ua gizmo script?
  4. So the C++ SDK could not even do this? I see - im guessing it is very much local data of the 777 system. My options are hugely limited. I am very much relying on the response from flightfactor customer service...meanwhile...what would you do!
  5. also, regarding the fmc api in gizmo, how would i go about using it? how does getDisplayed work? It sounds pretty hopeful....
  6. I wish there was something more clear for this. Maybe I should consider using UFMC then as at least it gives something - even if a mess. Oh well. Thanks
  7. Yes - good point - I was thinking about using the 777 cdu network feature to request data from their but that seems hugely tedious ... I guess I'll just have to contact support then. Cheers.
  8. When you say an FMC api, do you mean something that has already been provided by VMAX 777 that I don't know about? And regarding their docs, as far as I can find, they only supply flight operations manuals, checklists, etc- but nothing for the developer. many thanks!
  9. With the VMAX 777, there is an advanced FMC. When choosing an approach STAR on the FMC dep/arr page, it gives a long list of STARS. My gizmo program knows which one to select, but has no way of telling which FMC key corresponds to the correct STAR. Essentially, It cannot select the correct STAR because it does not know where it is displayed on the screen of FMC. So, how can I get the FMC screen text? So that then I can loop through, do a search, etc. I have checked all datarefs, and there are only ones for pressing FMC buttons, etc. ...if this is not possible...what are my options? Cheers
  10. Was checking datarefs, and there is not one for origin airport. After selecting location, how can you get the airport name / ICAO?
  11. There isn't a problem in code - as it does not let me in datarefeditor either (and code manages to change others just fine). So i guess a dead end here...? Thanks for the help regardless.
  12. Yes - that must be it. Even though, If i adjust it via the menu, it does work. Surely there is something i am missing...?
  13. So, I have just tried out the datarefeditor and have got some more hints. In all normal aircraft, i can change the fuel tank weight values. But not in the 777. After some more testing in the shell, etc, there is clearly something unsetting my dataref and putting it back to the orignal value...even though I can adjust the weight and fuel normally in the menu. Any work around or possible reasons?
  14. When i output the dataref, it does show as changed. but when i then look in the flight systems and menu, it hasn't. Do i need to make a custom one like yours? Did you try changing the dataref that ive been trying or do you mean the ones you have?
  15. From what I can see, you seem to be updating custom fuel datarefs? How do these end up corresponding to the actual aircrafts weight and fuel? Cheers for the help.
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