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  1. Ah indeed that fixed the issue! Thank you very much for your help
  2. Two further details: I have re-cycled both DCUs and still cannot hear anything but the chimes when testing. Furthermore I can hear all spoken warnings fine when testing "AURAL WARN" 1 and 2. Thank you for your help
  3. I have also realised that I am missing the AP and ATS disengage sounds. Maybe this narrows my problems down a bit
  4. I have been missing the aural messages for the past 2 flights and cannot work out how to get them back. DCU1 and DCU2 are on, all XP audio sliders are on. E.g.: the "FIRE DETECT WARN & FAIL" displays all desired messages in the CAS, but the "JETPIPE OVERHEAT" message cannot be heard. The aural messages have worked on previous flights and I must have accidentally deactived them without realising. I would be really thankful for you input
  5. I am seeing exactly the same problems as @EGT (wonderful description btw). It seems to have improved by setting the experimental flight mode to ON, however on short final with Landign Flaps the acf becomes very instable. (Also no FSEconomy or any of that kind installed. Fresh XP 11.50 B13 with the latest TBM version...
  6. Hello again! I seem to experience 2 problems after turnoarounds. 1) When trying to take off after a stay on ground I receive a Takeoff config warning. I dont know whether this is my fault, because I work through the same checklists as on the first takeoff of the day. 2) The FMC won't let me set the new CRZ LVL in the PERF page, always responding with UNABLE CRZ LVL. The flight would have totally been able to be conducted at FL360, however the FMC wouldn't allow a value above FL240. A few minutes after takeoff with LVL CHG it is possible to set the FL to 350 and VNAV can be engaged... I have the slight feeling that these two issues arent due to bugs but to my handling. I would love to get instructed on how to fix these problems! Best regards, Florian Chiari GizmoLog.txt
  7. Hey! Gizmo seems to crash when you enter a new Cruise Lvl in the CRZ page on the FMS. First the plane wanted to Descend (I guess because the next waipoint was still at FL230) and when I hit VS mode to climb Gizmo crashed. Log is attached. LG Florian GizmoLog.txt
  8. Indeed a new Jet2 operation out of Vienna, besides Manchester of course. Very nice routes with full Austria Vatsim ATC every Wednesday Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  9. You are aware that there is a link to these videos in the manuals that are delivered with this product, right? Just click on the youtube link on the first page of the documents and you will be redirected to the video on the IXEG channel. I have no idea why You are criticizing a lack of transparency when these videos are available for all customers...just the ability to read correctly is an advantage Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  10. Just tested it and removed every addon. The GroundHandling Plugin from JARDesign was the problem. I just have the version that came with the A330 so I dont know if there is a problem with the full version, too. Now everything workes fine! Good night, Flo.
  11. Hello fellow X-Plane simmers! I seem to get no altitude callouts at all. Generally there seems to be a Problem with my Audio, for example if I test the Overspeed Warning I get no clacker.. I wonder if anyone else is experiencing this problem or if I just made a mistake in my setup. Thanks in advance!
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