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  1. Hi, Could we get a maintenance feature whereby we can call maint to fix parts of the aircraft or service bottles, etc.? A bit like we already do with the de-ice truck?
  2. Get a faster hard disk or more memory. I fly over high-res ortho (I have terrabytes of the stuff). The hard disk is non-stop over those areas but XPL never hiccups.
  3. If you look carefully she isn't making the rated thrust. There is quirk with this aircraft in that if you fly too slowly in cold temps, the FADEC believes the air density is higher than it is, so reduces thrust. The problem is the air is not that dense, so it is no longer producing the *required* thrust. Consequently, you decelerate, which causes it to further reduce thrust. By flying faster, you increase TAT, which makes the FADEC think it is warmer, and so it increases thrust on the engine enabling it to maintain higher speeds at higher altitudes. I found it better to climb at
  4. Hi, I didn't say the landing lights didn't work. I was very specific: the NOSE lights do not illuminate the ground. My XPL settings are maxed.
  5. With a flight plan entered, ensure you entered a cruise altitude in the PERF page (PERF x 2, LSK1L). Check the flight plan shows climb (increasing crossing altitudes to cruise) and that the altitude selector is set above the current aircraft altitude. Press VNAV on the FCP, then press FLC, then in the FMS press PERF x 2 and select "RESUME xxx". VNAV will now control the speed as per the VNAV speed schedule.
  6. EGT


    You can only select it. If you select it, FMS VNAV will control the speed. If you want manual control of speed, just select a different speed with the speed selector knob on the AP control panel.
  7. There may be a broader issue with chart display. Even the FAA charts do not work at the moment. It appears it is something to do with SSL certificate handling in the sim.
  8. Hi, I noticed earlier that switching on the nose landing lights doesn't actually illuminate the ground? Is this WIP?
  9. EGT


    VNAV button remains lit when valid. All vertical modes become VNAV modes with exception of VPATH which auto-arms at ToD. FLC = VFLC (follows VNAV profile in either climb or descent) ALTS = VALTV (respects crossing restrictions regardless of set altitude) VPATH = auto-armed at ToD and will commence descent if altitude selector is lower that present altitude (double chord sound at path intercept) Ensure the option (PERF x 2) is set for "ENABLE ADVISORY VNAV". It will draw the vertical diamond on the PFD when the vertical path is near. Also ensure to "RESUME VNAV SPEED" (
  10. This is a known issue. Toto himself spotted it in a stream when he was trying to demo stuff.
  11. Hi, I was flying the RNAV RNP Z RW19 approach into Teterborough this evening (KTEB) when during approach the sim started freezing. Concurrent with this, the aircraft had extremely low fuel quantity (200 lbs) and the APU fuel pump fault light (in the left switch) started flickering (which was odd as it was NOT running) generating an associated CAS message. Simultaneously, the FMS seemed to be struggling with the idea of whether it had a VNAV PTH or not. It did, and was descending between 6000 ft (manual constraint on the STAR) and 3000 ft (altitude constraint on the approach). I
  12. Hi, When loading a saved aircraft state, the left EGT is zero. Also, the engine EGT is always zero, regardless of outside air temperature (before start). It does not reflect current conditions.
  13. Was it precipitating? e.g. snow or freezing rain? I have seen it during such conditions.
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