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  1. @foxtrotYou are asking in the wrong forum. X-Aviation do not sell this PC-12!
  2. Thanks Ben. I sort of wondered whether that would be the explanation! As I get older, it's more unusual to be a "newbie" in anything
  3. Apparently, I joined in early 2014, and have around 160 posts, an excellent reputation and 3 badges. However, I am classified as a "Newbie" (1/14 of the ranks) still..........? Hardly a serious matter, but what on earth would I need to do to progress? Just noticed I got another badge for starting a conversation (this one). I must have initiated several others over the years.
  4. Looks fantastic. Should it be OK on an Intel iMac with the AMD Radeon Pro 5700 XT 16 GB card, or will it fry the Mac ?
  5. You are going to be struggling a bit with a 4GB video card in a Macbook. I managed in XP10 with a 4GB card in an iMac, but found it was not great in XP11 - although it was still in OpenGL then. XP11 ran very hot, and I guess your MacBook CPU (and GPU) will be running hot, and the fans will be blowing away! With your airliners, you are spending most of your time up in the flight levels (probably around 30,000' or so), whereas a lot of your time in the TBM will be lower, where scenery will have much more of an impact. You may well be getting thermal throttling. Have you looked at the core temperatures?
  6. Wow! Although not mentioned, the flickering of the GNS430s is gone, and one or both now pop out or back flawlessly, which I found a problem before. Also, on my iMac, it doesn't seem to be hammering my CPU like before. The core temperatures seem to be lower. Wonderful. I hope Coop and co. can do these fixes to the SR20 Entegras too. Thanks a million!
  7. I don't think I have another developer's plane doing this. I don't remember seeing it before. It doesn't happen with your Mooneys or the Islander either. Anyway, I have the 2020 iMac with the AMD Radeon Pro 5700 XT 16 GB. Sent log.txt by PM. Then, again, to your own support system!
  8. Hi. Not to repeat myself, but see the post in the SR22 section. Thanks. New iMac on Catalina.
  9. On an iMac. When I pop out either GPS to 2D, the two screens in the console 430s start flickering or flashing - sometimes a lot, sometimes occasionally. The Avidyne screens are fine, and nothing else in the cockpit is wrong. It happens in all four variations of the SR22 and both of the SR20s I also get the occasional CTD when opening any of the Cirruses from another plane, but not when starting from fresh - but that happened also on the G1000 versions.
  10. Hi Every time I buy or update any of X-Aviation products, Gizmo is downloaded, extracted and installed. Now, if it's a newer version than the one currently installed, then it's worth doing. However, if it is just deleting/overwriting an existing up-to-date version, this is a waste of bandwidth, and adds to hard drive wear and tear. In these days of SSD storage, however, there is the additional concern of the lifetime of the drive. It is said that they can accept between 3,000 to 10,000 writes to the same address, although algorithms spread out where stuff gets written to. My iMac is all solid state. Apple storage is expensive, and not easy to replace, without a tear down Surely, it is not too difficult to check whether Gizmo is already installed, and if it is and is the latest version, just skip it. If either condition is not met, then install as required. In the last few days, I have re-installed Gizmo four times....... You all may well laugh at me, as being a stupid old f--t, but thinking of these things keeps the brain going during these crazy times......... A bit tongue in cheek, but not totally pointless. Stay safe.
  11. They look amazing, Coop. I have a little RW time with an Avidyne equipped plane in my logbook, and I think their logic and ease of use take a lot of beating. Looking forward to tomorrow :-)
  12. My suspicion would be that, as this is a very old product - originally written for X-Plane 9, I think - the installer is still 32-bit, which Big Sur won't run, even on an Intel Mac. Rosetta 2 just won't deal with it on the M1. As the sales of this are probably very small, maybe Cameron forgot (or didn't bother) to redo the installer in 64 bit. Of course, that's just a guess, and there may be another reason altogether!
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