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  1. Thanks Cameron. I'd figured that out immediately, and done it. What I was asking was "did the message advise Mac users to definitely choose volumetric?" However, as I did the 5.0.1 update, the message popped up and, this time, I read it properly Take care.
  2. Hi While installing (and, yes, I will run in OpenGL when I want to use Skymaxx Pro!), there was a message about volumetric clouds on Macs, but I can't remember whether it said we must check those on - or was it off? I flicked though the manual, but can't seem to find anything relating to that. An answer here will just save running the installation and authentication again Thanks.
  3. Just saw your solution in the "release" thread, so will delete the uninstaller. The joys of Apple :-)
  4. Hi I will be buying SMP v5 (even though I usually use XP11 in Metal - but occasionally will use OpenGL - and I've always kept SMP up to date), so I thougt I'd download RWC1.2 today. It threw up an error when it didn't find SMP in my plugin folder (as I move it out when I'm not using it), so I corrected that - and put RWC 1.1 back into plugins too. I tried installing again, but got this error twice! Any ideas? (2020 iMac running Catalina 10.15.7). Regards.
  5. Hi Cameron, Now runing X-P only in Metal. Have the 16GB 5700XT in my iMac, and everything runs at around 60 fps most of the time (many others think it seems, somwehow, to be "capped" at that!). I also disable Turbo Boost, and that keeps the GPU and CPU at sensible temperatures, with no noticable frame hit. So my fan is not roaring away, and I can run it at a steady 1500 rpm if I want, but the default Mac fan control rarely rises above the usual 1200 - sometimes it goes to 1300, or so. I'd rather keep everything much cooler, as it will prolong the life of the machine. So, if you
  6. @Goran Sounds like a plan
  7. Hi Ben, So as not to cross post, I have replied with logs in the original thread. Regards.
  8. This is now stranger. I put in the latest Gizmo from Ben's website, and everything seemed OK. I didn't have to renew any licenses. I ran the Pocket Rocket to see if it was OK, then loaded up the TBM. No trouble! All seemed perfectly normal. So, I came out of X-Plane and had another try, and got the TBM loaded up immediately, working OK but the console message popped up on its own, as per the screen shot. I tried again, and this time, the TBM crashed X-Plane. In all these cases, even when there was no crash, I got the Apple message that X-Plane had quit unexpectedly...... U
  9. Hi Goran, I was not quite sure whether to post under Ben's GIzmo forum or here, because it appeared that the crash was a clash with v20 - but, if you have not had any other complaint on this, maybe it is just a particular problem with me. However, it's also possible that many others are still on v18 of Gizmo, without either realising it, or not taking the option to try the v20 beta when buying or updating a newer product, when Cameron has added the beta option. I'll substitute the v20 beta again later, and submit the logs (if it's a problem once more - you never know, it may just wo
  10. Sorry Ben. I thought maybe Goran would know why v20 (or the option to use it) wasn't in the installer, as in most of the newer installations. I even, later, had a few further problems with the plane, in that it would seemingly load OK, but the "Crash Bar" would not stay up, there was no way I could access the Gizmo option bar from the right of the screen (it wasn't there at all), and all view keys - the arrow keys and the numeric pad - would not work! Thinking this might be an activation problem, I immediately loaded another of my X-Aviation fleet, to see that it (the just loaded) was activ
  11. Hi. On an iMac, running Catalina. X-Plane 11.51. Tried to run the TBM today (and I hadn't for a while), and it crashed X-Plane virtually as soon as the plane opened. Undaunted, I rebooted. Same. So, I re-installed (v1.1.12), and it worked just fine. However, I noticed that the installer had replaced my beta of Gizmo 20 with the older version (18?). I replaced the Gizmo with v20 and it crashed the TBM. BTW, that beta has given me no trouble with the SR20, 22, and numerous other X-Aviation planes! BTW, the TBM also crashed in OpenGL with the beta of Gizmo, so it isn't just a Met
  12. This is going to be a problem, as the current release of Navigraph's data (AIRAC 2014), which was released on December 31st., is the last time they will release data in the 11.41 format. Of course, Laminar is now only updating their released data in the 11.50+ format, and they assume that vendors have had time to adjust their models to accept that. I presume Hot Start will have a fix for this, but I am not sure whether other designers have the same problem. I am now using the 11.50 data (as from the day of the latest release), but haven't yet had to "fly" any ILS approaches in X-Pla
  13. Recently got a new Intel iMac, and have kept it on the Catalina OS it was delivered with. I put Big Sur on my laptop, but that doesn't have any difficult programs on it, so nothing untoward would be noticed. X-Plane runs nicely on the iMac, as does everything else I have, so I'm going to wait a bit before pulling the trigger on Big Sur. What is undoubtedly going to be amazing is the next generation of desktops with M? chips in them - but Apple did say it won't be for a while, and I couldn't just wait. I also wanted to have Boot Camp, but there would not seem to be any indication that som
  14. @Lon No. Shut down properly. Also, tried recharging the battery to no avail! @Coop I'll let you know. So far so good, so I'll leave things alone ;-)
  15. Just because I'm an awkward b--ger, I "cleaned" my airframe and renewed it. Then, closed XP. The next day, I opened up XP and reselected the SR20 (or resumed the flight - whichever), and switched on the batteries and avionics. Nothing......... screens remained blank. Pressed fuel boost, but heard nothing. Tried starter. Nope..... Looked at the menu. No starter type highlighted, and I couldn't select anything. The chocks, etc, did work. There were no figures of any kind in the Hobbs windows. So, I just re-installed from scratch, and all was well - it would be.
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