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  1. @Steve Hunnisett I was amazed that you get such good frame rates - and then I got to the sentence where you say you have little or no add-on scenery! That's the answer! Alpilotx meshes, or ortho, and complex airports - well, they add a lot of load on the system. Quite why the PT-19 is giving you trouble is tricky, but it is down to the coding, which is probably different to Carenado's or Thranda's, etc. I found that with the TorqueSim Cirrus, and that was explained to me then. Now, with the new iMac, those problems are gone. You say you will run your current iMac for a good w
  2. @Steve Hunnisett As an afterthought, and you may well be doing this already, run the screen resolution at 1920x1080 (it seems to default to 2560x1440, not the 5K setting), and even 1280x720 when you are just doing a longer stretch on autopilot - no good in the PT19! 1920x1080 is acceptable. Turn off HDR and anti-aliasing. Also, use planes which have lower resolution liveries available. You can also reduce the size of 4K liveries by reducing them to 2048x2048 in Photoshop. Unfortunately, the 2015 iMacs were still on Thunderbolt 2, as the newer ones, with Thunderbolt 3, can run an eGPU.
  3. @Steve Hunnisett Steve, you are really going to struggle with that 2GB graphics card. I was having a hard time with a late 2015 27" with the fastest i7, 32GB ram and the 4GB 395 Radeon. X-Plane 11 would often have the fan running flat out, with processor core temperatures spiking to 100°C quite often..... With a lot of ortho or Orbx (and even the Alpilot mesh and little else), frame rates could beat 30 fps, but a slide show could happen, and 25 fps or slightly less was common. I often used X-Plane 10, as it ran cooler and quicker, even with the ortho, etc. The planes are a bit less dema
  4. Maybe cut the textures down a notch??? Also, knock the reflections back, and (perhaps) the hdr. After all, in VR, do you really care about the textures, reflections, etc.? You are already looking at lower resolution displays, and spending most of your time in the cockpit - like a real pilot :-) If you can get around 30fps, that's faster than a movie, so should be acceptable. In 2D, if you see 60+ fps, that's probably about as good a it's likely to get, particularly if you wind the settings up. You do, after all, have a great rig! Or are you going to go for the $1500 3090 (none
  5. @giaco Oh. As you said you had the same issue, I thought you were also on a Mac! I'm amazed that your very highly specified PC is only seeing 30 fps. However, you are in VR, and that's not an option on Macs yet. I'm sure that the VR setup slows things down - doesn't it? @Cameron Yes. I also think it's a GPU issue, mainly. It's largely the amount of VRAM, but will also be a driver issue. I'm now (at last) running a 2020 iMac (27"), with the Radeon Pro 5700 XT 16GB graphics card, and all my slide-show issues have gone! It will run Coop's Cirrus at 60 fps in Metal, and the PT-19 i
  6. Thanks for the explanation on how you wanted to simulate the braking system. It is a bit awkward trying to slide the lever, when (quite often) it is not in sight - but now I know how things work, I'll set up a view. Also, to be frank, it's no big deal to accept using "v" to stop the plane from running away! I agree that it's better to show how things actually were/are, and not allow "v" or "b" to incorrectly move the lever. Once one understands the logic, it's fine. Your manual did not address brakes - well, not that I could see. At the end of the day, we use brakes when taxiing,
  7. Steve and giaco - how old are your iMacs, and what CPUs and GPUs (VRAM especially) and RAM have you got? When I read the specs., I'll relate my experiences.
  8. Thank you for the info. that you will give us a PT19B! As I said above, I am perfectly happy to tinker with and just bimble around in the original version, because there are no distractions! However, I would like to do some online work in this wonderful plane, now and again, which is why I asked for the facility. No chance of doing 1941 on PE - don't worry
  9. I also can't seem to see quite what the parking brake actually does - if it is, indeed, a parking brake. The slider with, "emer brake" written on it, seems to move the toe brakes, but is not linked to either the "v" or "b" key commands - and I seem to need to use those. My toe brakes (or the keys I allotted to them) work perfectly as differential brakes or just for stopping! The control lock does work, but the joystick can still waggle the control stick completely out of the red "stop", but then it jumps back into the stop. You can see the ailerons and elevators waggle and snap back
  10. Actually, I guess to really make it legal, you also would need an ELT. A landing light would be good, and anti-collision light (although, as this built before 1996, you could get away with not having one!). If you are flying around farmland, away from major areas, you don't need ADS-B either. This plane is such fun to fly and manage. Without any extras, I guess I can be happy pretending it's 1940, and fly around the countryside
  11. Hi Yes, I know the originals didn't have any electrics, and it's fine to fly without them in the "country" areas. I'd love to fly VFR in PilotEdge, so would need a radio and transponder. Nordo in Socal is not a good idea........ I note the restored plane, seen in a few YouTube videos, has had a retro fit of some old radios, etc. - and even a starter! I don't care about the starter, as it's fun doing it the original way, but it would be nice to be able to have an option to "fit" a battery, alternator (or generator) and a basic comms radio and transponder. All of this to be as
  12. OK Cameron. I'm really mystified by this, because I had no problem either till rc3, but no matter. What is a pity is that my SMP will only be used by me in OpenGL. Unfortunately, other weather plugins seem to be Windows only. I may eventually see what is happening, but we all have such a mixture of plugins and scenery, etc. that it's a minefield! I will have a go to see if it's RW, or maybe XPNOAA weather interacting badly with SMP in Metal. No problem in OpenGL. I'll mess about tomorrow. For most of the time, I get good performance in OpenGL, but there are times when the frame
  13. Are there any plans to get SMP working in Metal on the Mac? Just disabling it in rc2 seemed OK, but I think it is now preventing me loading up anything in 11.50 final - although it might well be another plugin, and nothing to do with SMP at all. I see you mentioned Xjet above. Is that a known issue? To run metal, I've moved a load of plugins out, but working out which one is the culprit is so tedious, because XP takes forever to load each time So, for metal, I run with minimal plugins, which is a bit annoying but, as life is now in the Covid world, perhaps the least of my worries
  14. @airfighter Sorry, I didn't seee your post till today. I actually did see the autopilot video lately, because I had fallen foul of a similar a/p in another plane. This prompted me to double check on what I was doing! In the RW, so many of the old bangers I flew had inoperative autopilots, so a lot of my experience has been in sims. Of course, most of the newer planes, in X-Plane, have more modern A/Ps, and the latest digital ones are even better. RW, I fly (mostly) in G1000 equipped planes with, occasionally KAP140s, but mostly with GFC700 autopilots. So, once I realised what I was
  15. I didn't keep that log file. When I get a chance, I'll try and duplicate the events! Any thoughts on my wish-list?
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