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  1. Aside from mouse sliding on the knob, is there a keyboard activation?
  2. That did the trick! I totally missed the maintenance menu. Thanks for the prompt support. R
  3. I've been super satisfied flying the SR22 Entegra since my purchase earlier in 2021. A few weeks back I ran into an issue that I need help solving. On the initial flight set up, I will be on the end of a runway with the engine running. As I program my 430 and do a preflight check, the engine stalls. I can restart it but only can apply a small amount of throttle or it will stall out. I uninstalled the airplane and reinstalled it with no change in behavior. I do not have this behavior in the TN SR22! I reset all the fuel and failures. I tried looking for any obvious errors on my part but I have not been able to get the normal aspirated SR22 off the ground. Any thoughts? Roland
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